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Default Power Rangers Online Fandom Awards

This Fandom Awards mainly apply to 2010 and unless otherwise stated.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This Award goes to a fan that has contributed greatly to the fandom. And/or has left a lasting impact on the fandom.

The Winner is: Ray Calderon, Founder of Power Rangers Central and Rangerboard.

Due to all he has done to mold the modern fandom and all his hard work... This award shall always be known as the Calderon Award. Named after its first winner.

Story of the Year-A story that has effected Power Rangers the most throughout the year.

The Winner is: Saban buying back Power Rangers and bringing it to Nickelodeon.

One can say that 2010 was a strange year for Power Rangers. But the top story has to be Saban buying back the franchise and announced its return on Nickelodeon.

Webmaster of the Year- To the webmasters whose hard work and dedication has most stood out

The winner is: Micheal Bastian /Gerald Conde Webmasters of Power Rangers Central, SuperSentai.com and the Toku Hero network.

Micheal and Gerald are a team when it comes to there sites. So they both deserve to share this award. No fans work harder to provide free content to the fandom. PRC and Supersentai.com are still clearly the best sites of there genre.

Website of the Year: The number one website in the fandom

And the Winner is : Power Rangers Central

Power Rangers Central is far and above any Power Rangers website and has been for years. It is the consensus number 1 site in the fandom.

Message Board of the Year: To the number one Message Board in the fandom.

And the Winner is: Rangerboard

Rangerboard has been the leader in Power Rangers Message Boards for over a decade. And this year was no different

Message Board Owner Of The Year: Message Board owner that most stood out in 2010.

And the Winner is: Decade

Decade took over Rangerboard in 2010. A job that many people couldn't do. Decade helped to make sure that Rangerboard would be around for years to come. And has made sure that it hasn't lost a beat in the post Ray Calderon era of ownership.
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