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Default Starting a good free Message Board

Not everyone has the money to start a vbulletin or invisionboard. But some people may want to have a board on their own webhost account.. Since free forums on shared forums are hard to succeed in our fandom. There are some free forum options that you can put on you'te own webhost account.

Mybb is a great option. As it is similar to vbulletin but completely free to install. There are also plenty of themes and styles that you can customize. Phpbb is another good forum to use. That has similar features. If you decide to go to Vbulletin later on. Most of these free boards can be imported over.
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Default Re: Starting a good free Message Board

For PowerBoards we started with proboards.com but moved to forum-motion and had our existing domain name for free with dot.tk so that everything is free. That's a way I got around paying for things. We only have 7 members since the fall so paying for a site with only 7 members? Not financially responsible in my books. So we'll see how PowerBoards.tk grows (or maybe it won't anymore - I don't know). The most frustrating this is how to grow it even though I have submitted the url to Google, Yahoo, Bing, other message boards (like this one) and we have a Google +, Facebook, and youtbe account. I don't know what else to do.
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