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Default Promoting You're Website

Promoting a website is an important part of getting you're name out there. It helps if you wait for you're site to be more complete. At least having something meaningful up. But it doesn't have to neccessarly be complete. It just helps to make a good first impression.

Just make sure you don't overdo things. Don't spam or post links to you're sites in inapropriate places. People get turned off when someone tries to overpromote their sites. Most PR boards have advertisement forums. Thats a good place to place links to you're site. A great way to get word of you're site out is to email other pr webmasters to link to you. A lot of pages have link sections. A great way to pay them back is to link to them in you're link section. Just be piolite and take no for an answer. Try to get you're link up at as many PR websites as possible. You're site should be automatically picked up by search engines within a week or two. With the sites searchability improving over time, with their proper work. You can also submit you're site to search engines, but they usually get picked up afterwhile.

When you're website is more complete... Submitting it to a directory can really help. The Dmoz dictory is a good place to start. Since the pages on that directory are used for other directories, namely google. Yahoo also has a directory worth submitting you're site too.

You can also email or contact friends that are interested in PR. Just don't overdo it. You don't want people to think you are spaming them.
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