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Default Building a Power Rangers Database site from scratch

Building a Power Rangers Database site can seem overwhelming. Some options are to just go season by season ( which would result in a pretty big database over time). But for the purpose of this thread... I am talking if you actually want to build a database for ever Power Rangers season.

The first thing to remember is not to panic. Also remember that you have plenty of time, so you don't have to feel rushed. You're not going to have everything done right away. And thats okay. First off , you need to plan what you're site is going to be. For the purpose of this article, lets say it is going to have a database for every season, and an episode guide for every episode.

I'd suggest starting with a free service if you are new to making websites. But eventually build to using a paying service. Where you will eventually have a domain and use ads to subsidize the costs.

You're going to need a website builder. For novices, I'd recommend Nvu. Its a free software that you can use. It works like Netscape Composure used to. And should be usable to anyone that has used Microsoft Office. A free FTP Program like FTP Commander would come in handy.

Unless you have the means or a good plan for a great layout, start out with a basic layout at first. Even if its just black text on a white background. You can always go back and make a better layout when the backbone of you're content is completed. Especially if you use a php include code.

The best place to start is to create the section for the current season first. Which would be Samurai. You can update the Samurai database and episode guide as the season airs. After doing this you can create another section for another season of the show. It doesn't matter what order you go. MMPR will probably be the toughest since there is so much stuff to cover. Just go step by step and complete each section. Slowly but surely you will get you're databse done. Use the same philosphy with the episode guide.

Power Rangers sites like Power Rangers Central and Naks Power Rangers are good places to go to use as guides where you get confused. Epecially when it comes to the episode guide ( rewatching episodes is another option , of course that make it more time consuming). Never outright plagerize someone else's work.

Adding pictures to you're site could really help as a companion to you're content. The best way to get pictures is to download PR episodes and screencap them. Getting them off PR DVDs or episodes you recorded yourself would be better. But require the right cpu equitment. At some point you can look to build a great layout , once you're content is more close to completion. You could even find someone to build you're layout for you.

Don't become overly concerned with site promotion in the beginning. But having a link section and trading the links with other webmasters can help. Also promote you're site in the ad sections of PR boards. Submit you're site to directories. They will accept you when you have enough content. Partnering with a powerful Message Board would also be great.

Don't let you're site take over you're life. And try not to become too frustrated. You don't want it to feel like a job. When you are overwhelmed take a break. When you take a break, try to avoid taking the site down. As it is better just to leave the site up so you don't lose traffic. You can take a break for as long as you want and the site will still be there for you when you get back.

If you follow these steps or adapt them into you're own system, you should have a pretty comprehensive database for Power Rangers. Even if it takes a year or two to get the site you want. Perhaps even longer. As long as it is fun.

Extra Note: When you do you're content, be sure to proofread. Getting a peer to look at you're work would also help. Since they can catch mistakes that you may have missed.
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Default Re: Building a Power Rangers Database site from scratch

Good advice.
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Default Re: Building a Power Rangers Database site from scratch

Thanks. If anyone has any advice ( either in an existing thread or a new website making topic), don't be afraid to post it.
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