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Default Don't be too fixated on you're layout in the beginning

Don't be too fixated on the layout of you're website early on. That doesn't mean that layout isn't important and that you shouldn't put any effort into it. The problem lies when you become so into making a great layout that it effects you're content.

This is especially true with PR Database sites ( the show has so many seasons so it takes a long time to write about the show's past episodes and storylines). I've seen webmasters that have a good idea for a site that let themselves become derailed trying to find the perfect layout. They waste time that could have been used to slowly build up some real content. They ended up with half finished sites with a layout and no substance. Many of which we're sites that we're given up on in frustration.

Once you have a lot of the content that you are going to need , you can always create a better layout later on. The best option is to use a php include code. Since it allows you to edit the layout all at once. But it can be done the normal page by page way. Just more tedious if you have a big site.

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