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Default Hall of Fame Inductee Number 7: Haim Saban

Haim Saban is the seventh inductee into the PRO Hall of fame. He is going in the Crew Wing. Haim Saban is one of the most important figures in the creation of Power Rangers. As he is the original and current owner of the franchise itself. While he was never really involved creatively. Power Rangers wouldn't exist without him as a backer.

Haim Saban got his start in the business by selling music to kids shows worldwide. Often making deals where he was paid by owning the rights to the song. Which helped him make a lot of money down the road in licensing fees. A lot of these songs we're composed by long time associate Shulky Levy.

Saban was able to grow this enterprise into a hugely successfull bisness. To the point where Saban Entertainment began to produce children's shows of his own. Saban always smartly made sure his name was usually in the title of all his shows.

While on a business trip in Japan, Saban discovered a show called Super Sentai. He came to the inclusion that he could produce a cheap and effective children's show.... By using the footage of the show and shooting scenes with Amercian actors to splice together. Saban bought the rights to use the footage.

But it took several years to find a network that would take Power Rangers. In the early ninities Fox Kids gave the show a chance. Power Rangers went on to become a huge hit in its first season. While most of the creative decisions we're done by the production team. ... Saban was the public face of the show at this point. And the guy paying the bills.

Saban used Power Rangers to enhance his relationship with Fox Kids and provided a lot of programming form them. Even buying into the network and becoming a partner. Also co-owning the Family Channel with Fox. The Family Channel deal ended up being a bad one for Saban however. But Saban had control of Fox Kids by this point.

Even when Power Rangers toy sales and ratings falling Saban kept the show going in the later years. But Kid Vid was changing and Saban knew he had to sell the Family Channel. In one of the best deals ever.... Saban/Fox sold Fox Family to Disney for a billion dollars. To do this, Saban had to sell Saban Entertianment. Fox Kids was shut down. And now Power Rangers was under the control of Disney. Soon moved over to ABC and its cable networks.

Saban continued to be active in politis. As he was always a supporter of Isreal. As well as a backer of the democratic party. Saban later bought Univison, a Spanish Network.

In recent years, Saban put together a new company called Saban Brands. When Power Rangers was cancelled by Disneym he was able to buy the franchise back for 43 million. Saban Brands announced the return of Power Rangers on Nickelodeon in 2011. So Saban saved the franchise once again.

Even though he isn't a writer and only a producer in name in a lot of aspects. One can not deny that Power Rangers wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Saban. Since he came up with the idea for the show and owned it for 10 years. By selling it to Disney, it kept Power Rangers on the air for several more years. Saban helped Power Rangers return when he bought it back from Disney. So Saban diffinitly is deserving of being a part of our first class.
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