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Default Re: Destination Dinohenge Episode Discussion

Originally Posted by PRangerX View Post
The episode was pretty slow at first but got interesting by the end. Its hard to really get a feel for the show. But it seems like they put us right in to the adventure and are explaning it as they go. They gave us some good exposition at the end.

Its not that unbelievable that Ollie and Amiela would blindly accept being Power Rangers since they are widely known by this point. One of the problems the older series had was that they always acted like Power Rangers never exisited for outside the team up. That has obviously changed in recent years.

I like that they worked in the Morphing Masters. The battle wasn't that great but was really justthere to introduce the new Rangers and show off their new powers. It was a backdoor to get to the exposition. I give them credit for setting up their characters. The whole episode really told us all we needed to know about Ollie and Amiela. We only got to see Ollie for five minutes and learned his entire backstory.

I would say setting up the characters and backstory was handled well and now they can really expand on the action and future of the story. It will be interesting to learn just who Void Knight is and how he got his armor.
I'm with you with how it made sense they weren't shocked at being Rangers. Its nice to see. Obviously Beast Morphers showed that Power Rangers are well known. They even referenced teams we knew were AUs.

I remember back in the Lightspeed /Galaxy team up when the Secretary told Hannah that monsters didn't exist. When we knew monsters had been around for years at that point. I am glad the show no longer ignores this.
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