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Default Re: Sporix Unleashed Episode Discussion

Its interesting how they are slowly building up the villains. Since Void Knight added Mucus to his forces and debuted his base. I was expecting him to turn the Sporaic's egg into another soldier but it makes sense it is some type of fuel for his machine.

It is Kind of odd that episode one went out of the way to make it clear Power Rangers are well known ...And the Park Ranger suddenly doesn't believe in aliens. . Ollie and Amiella didn't even think it was wierd when Void Knight suddenly appeared in episode 1. I do see where he wouldn't trust Amiela. At least it was pretty clear that the town wasn't shocked to see Rangers. Plus a monster attack would have shown the threat was real.

The comedy didn't do much for me. But I know thats for the target audience. And the Fart joke was in the Sentai. It is odd Hartford is still making Robots after what happened with Mack. But I get it was supposed to be a fun continuity nod.

I like the dynamic between the team. The Red Ranger is a good leader/mentor. I like that Ollie and Amiela are slowly learning how to be Rangers. Especially with them being thrown into the toles so quickly. Zyoto wondering about Dinosuars was funny.

Ollie's mom is a good character but it does seem odd to have her around if she isn't part of the Ranger Stuff. Its going to be annoying having Ollie having to constantly hide being a Ranger. Then again its only episode 2.

The new Zord looked cool.
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