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PR Natural Instinct
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Lightbulb Power Rangers Natural Instinct

An evil Voice, "Due to all the time power grid being messed with. They actually fuel me. I meant us. Now is our turn to take revenge on those hairless apes. After today we'll eat the Grudancians and the Earthlings!"

On Earth Billy Cranston saw a strange ship with this sign on it.

Also, Billy know which alien this is due to Alpha 5 & 6 mention them. These aliens are called, Grudancians. They only talk throw Dancing. Gru'Dawe and he is looking for a leader. He wants Billy to become the Red Wolf. Himself as Pink Fox.

Gru'Dawe: Billy Cranston, I need help fighting a new threat to the earth and the universe. Villains name are: Elmac, Keerlam, Rabez, Wollub, Ogat, and Fe'firga. They also known as the Prepradotor Dynasty. I'm the last of the Grudancians. They eat all rest of the Grudancians.

Billy: What do we called ourselves now?

Gru'Dawe: Power Rangers Natural Instinct! Let's go Natural Instinct!

They saw a ship with this logo:

The Henchmen of the Prepradotor Dynasty known as the Dynasrs. They are.
Billy and Gru'Dawe fighting them.

Cara Heidi, Kelly McDen, Carissa Marie, and Jordan Boarden were driving by and saw Billy and Gru'Dawe fighting weird creatures. So they got out of their vehicles and started fighting the dynasrs.

Suddenly the Dynasrs back off and retreated. The humans and the Grudancian saw the seventh strongest and powerful in the Universe. The monster is able to change form from any animal or creatures she come across. She could absorbed metals. She look like a mixture of all the animals from Earth.

Next thing Cara Heidi, Kelly McDen, Carissa Marie, Jordan Boarden, Billy and Gru'Dawe find themselves in area. Platypus look creature but has the body of a woman. She said, "My name is Hedas. I couldn't find any Teenagers with Attitude anymore. So The Universe needs help and you 6 are the new Power Rangers called Natural Instinct! Here are your morphers. Billy since you been a ranger once. I'm making you the Leader of this Power Rangers. Go!"

They fought off and killed monster. When Cara Heidi, Kelly McDen, Carissa Marie, and Jordan Boarden went back to their homes. They find out that their kids are missing.

That ends the first Episode.

(any suggestions for the story and 1 more male and 3 females names please for these Jackal, Dingo, Hyena, and Dhole rangers.

Cara Heidi (Hairstylist and Councilor) Green Hyena
Kelly McDen (Principal's wife ) Blue Dingo
Carissa Marie (Pastor's wife) Yellow Dhole
Jordan Boarden (A Bus driver's husband) Black Jackal Ranger

sidenote: bad rangers: Lion (Male), Tiger (Female), Cheetah (Female), Leopard (Male), Jaguar (Male), and Lynx (Female) as rangers to combat against the PRNI Rangers. Those teenagers are the children of the Canine rangers.

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Default Re: Power Rangers Natural Instinct

I can't wait to read the next chapter.
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