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Default Re: The Official Creepypasta Thread

My Root Cellar

My name is Curtis Winslow I’m 41 years old. I have a wife name Linda who’s the same age as me, and we have a daughter Katie who’s 13. Until recently I was working as a carpenter in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, that was at least until it happened. An event I’m not even sure I believe .

It started five years ago when we were living in your typical two story, yellow, town house in a tiny neighborhood at the edge of town, It had all the usual things, a kitchen, living room, a dining room all that stuff but there was one thing about it that was always just a little off.

Down in our basement right next to the storage area was an area that had been blocked off with a bunch of boards. At first for the longest time we thought that it just led to a part of the basement that hadn’t been finished.

But then we started running out of room in our storage area, so I began slowly but surely remove every board. And when I was done we found a small white door that had been locked. Linda asked, “What do you think it could be?”.

Katie suggested “Maybe it’s a gateway to a magical world”. I chuckled and said, “Or probably just were whoever lived here before us wanted to hide stuff he didn’t want people to know about”. Katie asked, “Like what daddy?”

I replied, “Oh guns, magazines stuff you probably shouldn’t look at”. I then found our crowbar and then removed the lock on the door, and when we opened it we saw nothing but darkness and dirt. “Huh so it’s a root cellar” Linda said.

I replied still skeptical “Why would somebody go through all this trouble just to hide a root cellar from everybody?”. Linda said, “Maybe there’s something in there they didn’t want anyone to know about”. I joked “Like what rotten turnips?”

The next few days everything was normal until one day I was at home with Katie when I realized I didn’t know where she was. I called out to her “Katie, Katie where are you”. I looked all over the house from top to bottom, and when I couldn’t find her in the first or second stories I looked in the basement.

When I got there, I found Katie right outside the root cellar, but she wasn’t scared or hurt. It looked like she got back from a movie or an amusement park and had the time of her life. I said, “There you are Katie what were you doing?”, and Katie replied, “I was playing in the root cellar, and I was right dad it is a gateway to a magical world”.

“Well next time tell me or mom before you play in it, I was worried about you” I replied “I’m sorry” she said. “That’s okay I think you mom’s just about home, come on we’ll all get ready for dinner”, and we got upstairs.

The next day Linda took Katie to her job at the craft store, so I had the house to myself. I got bored and checked out the basement to see if there was something to do, and I saw the root cellar. For some reason I was drawn to it, so I went inside.

At first it looked like nothing but then when I got to what I thought was the end that’s when I thought I saw the end of the root cellar open to reveal a cave, and I went inside. After a while I saw a light and followed it. When I got out I heard the most beautiful singing in the air.

I looked around, and realized I was in a forest, with a bright blue sunny sky, lush green trees, and sapphire blue streams and lakes. As if it didn’t already look like a fairy tale enough they were little people with wings flying singing beautiful music and making other beautiful sounds.

I saw what looked like mermaids swimming and playing merrily in the streams singing more beautiful music. I saw little gnomes making little houses out mushrooms, and old fruit, and vegetables. It was as if I had died and gone to heaven or at least a Saturday morning cartoon.

Then I saw them all look at me and say, “Come Curtis, come play with us”. “Stay here and you won’t have to worry about anything ever again”. I thought about it just staying here in this strange but wondrous place but then even far into this weird place I thought I heard Linda, and Katie come home.

I said regretfully “Sorry everyone I have to leave maybe me, or Katie will come back next time”, and I walked back to cave, and went out the root cellar. I thought to myself “No way that didn’t happen did it?” But I just shrugged it off and went back upstairs.

I want to say that was my only trip to that strange world, but I’d be lying. One time while we were watching a movie I randomly said, “Oh hey I think I left something in the basement”, and walked off to go to the root cellar, and go to that strange, and wonderful dimension it led to.

Once again, all the little tiny fairies, and gnomes were once again playing to their songs, and asking me to join with them. We danced and sang for what felt like forever. But soon I grew tired and wanted to rest.

Then the fairies, and gnomes told me “Hey Curtis we’re going to have a feast soon one we only have every 100 human years” I replied “Huh that sounds good” they replied “It will be, and we want to invite Katie with you we just love children at our feasts”.

I thought about it and said, “I don’t know I’ll have to ask her, but I still go”. The fairies, and gnomes started singing and dancing again” and I remembered “Oh right Katie, and Linda”, and I left for the cave while behind me the fairies, and gnomes sang “Come back soon Curtis, everyone comes back”.

I didn’t think about what they said or what I agreed to until one day when me, and Katie were alone again Katie kept bugging me to say “Daddy, daddy it’s time to go to where the fairies are for the big feast”

I shrugged her off and said “Hang on sweetie in a minute” thinking she was just playing pretend. But she ran off to the basement. After five minutes of not hearing her I called out “Katie, Katie, Katie” I remembered what she said and went to the basement.

After I couldn’t find her there I looked in the root cellar, and when I got to the magical forest where the fairies lived I saw her playing merrily with the fairies, and gnomes. She looked at me and cried out “There you are daddy”.

The gnomes, and fairies looked at us and said, “You folks are just in time for the feast”. Then they brought out all sorts of plates, and pots, and utensils, and we all at the delicious meat they had served us. We ate until our belies burst.

When we were finally full I asked, “That was delicious what was that stuff”. Then the fairies looked at us and said “Us, silly”. I asked worriedly “Wait what?”. And they all pointed to where a pig faced goblin was scrapping the flesh of a leprechaun’s stomach with a knife while saying with a French accent “Hold still you little imp so I can get to work on my cutlets”.

While the leprechaun who acted more like he was being tickled then disemboweled simply laughed “Aye I would if you could actually hold that thing worth a flog”. I almost puked right than and there but then the fairies, and gnomes looked at me, and said “Okay Curtis you, and Katie ate us so now we get to eat you”.

Me, and Katie screamed “WAIT, WHAT”, and like that all of them sprouted fangs like somebody had shoved garbage disposals in their mouths. Then their teeth started spinning around, and they started coming towards us with the intent to devour us. I screamed “Hurry Katie let’s get the hell out of here”.

We ran and ran as fast as we could while the fairies, and gnomes screamed out “Come back here, you can’t escape, we will taste your delicious flesh”. One of them tried to jump at us but I took off my belt, and whipped it, and they screamed “Iron, Iron they have iron”.

The fairies, and gnomes then ran away as fast as they could. But before they left they cursed out “You may have escaped but they’ll be others we’ll always have food to feast on as long you humans are around”. We then found the cave and went back to the basement.

When we got back we locked the door and boarded it back up. I then looked to Katie, and said “Okay Katie I know me, and mom tell you not to lie most of the time but this time I need you tell mom that when we were in the basement we found a pack of wild animals or a dead body in the root cellar, and that’s why were freaked out, and blocked it off’.

Katie asked, “But why dad?”. I told her “Because I don’t think mommy would believe us, I don’t think anyone would believe us I’m not even sure daddy believes us right now”. Katie agreed, and that was the story we told Linda when she came home.

Nothing strange happened to us afterwards, and eventually we got jobs in Rochester, and moved there but something still bugged me about that old house. At some point I got curious about and did research on it.

The house we used to live later became infamous when it was the site of a rash of disappearances. Not just after we left but before it as well. The worst part was that most of the people who disappeared in our old house with the root cellar were children.
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Default Re: The Official Creepypasta Thread

Chicken Yard Sinkholes

My grandpa Nathan who lived in Twin Falls Idaho passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 90. Before we moved to Texas, I used to visit him and my Grandma Ellen every weekend, and I would help him on his farm, and he would tell me stories about how life was before I was born. A lot of them were sad, others were happy, but one to this very day still terrifies me.

My parents told me my grandpa was making it up to scare me but I’m still not sure. He said it started back either in the late 50’s or early 60’s when my dad Allen was a little kid. My grandpa, and my grandma had decided to start raising chickens for eggs, and meat on their farm.

So, they bought some lumber, and some fencing, and after a few weeks had made chicken house with a fence surrounding a small area around the chicken house. They bought some chicken food, some hay, and some baskets, and they bought six chickens: Loraine, Mitzi, Sharon,
Barbara, Carla, and Julie.

At first everything was okay but then one day while working in the chicken yard my dad, and my grandpa saw what looked like holes in the ground off in the distance. My dad asked, “What do you think made them Pa?” “Eh probably just gophers” my grandpa shrugged. But my grandma was skeptical “At this time of the year?”. My grandpa assured her “Well we’ll put up some traps just in case”.

Over the next few weeks however they started noticing that the holes were getting closer in a strange spiral pattern around the farm, and the holes that already existed started getting bigger. So, my grandpa started buying chemicals, and repellents, and sprayed them in the area between the holes but the holes kept getting closer.

Then one night my dad started complaining about hearing strange chirping noises and seeing strange lights outside. My grandpa thought maybe it was just fireflies, and crickets but when he went out to look for them, he didn’t see a thing but that didn’t stop him from buying some bug zappers just in case.

A few days later though that’s when it really got weird, we heard one of the chickens clucking for help at the top of its lungs. So, my Grandpa got his shotgun, and ran to the chicken house as fast as he could but when he got there it was too late, and Mitzi had already been eaten. Worse whatever did it was thorough leaving behind only the bones, some blood, and some feathers.

My grandparents, and my dad held a makeshift grave for her, and after a makeshift funeral my dad, and my grandpa
stayed up all night after dinner to watch for whatever ate Mitzi, some time between 10, and 11:30 they heard the chirps, and ran to the chicken house.

When they got there my dad, andmy grandpa couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They weren’t sure what it was other than it was green, flat, seemed to have a segmented body with round marble like purple eyes around its body, and had either tentacles or vines sticking out.

They weren’t sure what it was if it was supposed to be a plant or an animal. All they knew right now was that right now it was trying to eat Loraine. Well eat wasn’t exactly the right word. It was more like the thing was melting Loraine and trying to suck up her slop through it's tentacles.

My grandpa tried to fight of the strange creature but wrapped one its tentacles around his leg. My grandpa let out a scream of pain and fired his shotgun at the thing causing it to let go of him and run back down it’s hole.

When they got back inside my dad asked, “What do you think that thing was Pa”. “Hell, if I know” my grandpa replied “something mutated by those a-bomb test, maybe a Martian, or maybe something that was always there but just now came to surface for whatever reason but all I do know
is we gotta do something about that thing before it eats our chicken, and who knows what else".

Just then they started hearing the chirps again, but this time they got louder, and to my father, and grandfather’s horror they looked outside, and saw a whole pack of the strange creatures burrowing out of the ground and heading towards the house.

My dad, and grandad ran upstairs as fast as they could to wake up my Grandma. “What in God’s name is going on?” My grandma complained. “No time to explain just get the hell out of here “ my grandpa retorted, and the three of ran back down the stars to the back door.

To their horror the pack of strange beings was closing in on them as they backed away into the kitchen, just then my grandma accidentally knocked into a cupboard and knocked off a jar of vinegar. when the vinegar dropped on one of the creatures it shrieked in pain and looked like it was being melted by acid.

My dad, and my grandparents saw this, and grabbed the remaining jars of vinegar, and threw them at the things scaring off each last one of them away. when the strange animals or plants went away my grandma asked, “What do we do now?”. My grandpa shrugged “I don’t know we can’t just tell the cops they’d never believe this”.

They next morning my dad, and mygrandparents bought as much vinegar as they could afford. They even sold some of the things they had bought earlier to get some more. Then they started pouring down the holes, and my dad and grandparents never heard or saw of those strange lifeforms ever again.

I want to say that was the end of all of this but after looking into this story for myself I found stories of farms either having animals go missing or turn up dead with strange holes around their farms, and houses.
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Default Re: The Official Creepypasta Thread


Ever since I was a kid, I was a fan of Cartoon Network. The best days of my life were when I would come home from school on Fridays and watch all the Cartoon Cartoon shows like Courage the Cowardly dog, Billy and Mandy, and Ben 10.

I stopped watching around when I was a teenager, I told myself it was because I was getting to old to watch that kind of stuff. But I think it was also because that was around the time, they started having that whole live action phase they were going through.

Remember that? when they had stuff like Unnatural History, and Tower Prep, and all those reality game shows, and crap. Yeah most of it sucked but I remember one good thing came out of it, and it was called Argooville.

Now you probably don’t remember that in fact until recently I forgot about it myself mostly because it was hard to watch in the sense that it was only aired very early in the morning, and Cartoon Network didn’t have on the streaming section of their site or on on-demand. In fact, part of the reason I even saw it in the first place was by recording it on my DVR back in the day.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. The show itself was about a boy named Johnny Sparks who one day moved to a town called Argooville. At first it seemed like your average ordinary small town were nothing happened but
to Johnny’s horror the town was home to the titular Argoos.

I’m trying to think of how to describe them, the best way I can is that they looked like a person’s top of on top of a giant human head with a bunch of eyes all through out their bodies. Remember Eustace DeMonic’s monster form from Rampage World Tour? Think something like that if his bottom half was just a giant head, and he had eyes all over him.

I remember there were about four in all there was Dr. Arg who was the main villain who looked like a stereotypical mad scientist. There was Scuzz who was the dumbest one who was the comic relief, and looked like a balding man.

Glump who was the big bully strong man type, and finally there was Glooria who was the token female one who looked like a stereotypical blond woman who would act like she was nice but was just as mean and evil as the other Argoos.

I don’t remember if the Argoos used to be humans or if they were always mutants or aliens or whatever they were but I remember the creepiest thing about them was that in every episode they would grab somebody, and the person would just melt, and sink into their body. Sometimes that would just eat them but other times the person would be incorporated into the Argoo, and they would get bigger, and have more eyes.

I don’t remember much about the actual plots of the episodes other than they generally followed some kind of formula of Johnny, and his friends trying to either stop the Argoos or warn the rest of the world about them, with the Argoos themselves having some evil plan that often times would only get foiled either by Johnny, and his friends or the Argoos getting into fights over
who should control the town ending with none of them winning.

The show itself lasted for about 13 episodes but I don’t think it ever had a proper conclusion I know there was a cliffhanger where it looked like Johnny was about to be absorbed by Dr. Arg but that was it. and afterwards I think even I forgot about it.

That was until a few nights ago. It started off normally when I was watching tv when all of a sudden they started showing the first episode of Argooville. Then when they got to the part where Johnny moved to Argoovile, and the Argoos showed up for the first time it stopped being a show, and I was actually there in Argoovile myself, and it was real life.

I remember being freaked out the entire time because I knew best case scenario I would probably die or worst case I’d probably be assimilated by one of the Argoos. In fact I think the only reason that didn’t happen was because they saw use for me as a minion to do mundane things for them but I knew that still meant I was on borrowed time.

I don’t remember how it ended. Maybe I snuck into one of their labs and overloaded one of their machines or maybe I just took Johnny with me, and just got the hell out of Dodge while I could but I remember Johnny being upset with me that we had pretty much left every one else there to whatever horrible fates awaited them but for me I was glad I was out of there.

The rest of my dreams that night weren’t exactly good, walking through a dark street at night with all sorts of animals on the ground, getting in trouble with my dad, doing badly in school but I remember even then being glad that they were just real world anxieties that I was as far away from that place as I could get that even in my dreams that was just a tv show or dream.

When I woke up though I couldn’t get that dream out of my head, so I searched everywhere. I searched Youtube, and KissCartoon but couldn’t find anything. I searched Ebay and asked about it on all the various message boards I go to, and Tumblr.

So please I just want to know. Does anyone else remember Argoovile? Do you remember the episodes? Does anyone have them? Please I must see it for myself I know I saw it. Has anyone else had any weird dreams about
too. I just need to know that it’s real that it’s not just something I imagined.
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