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Default Re: Power Rangers Legacy

Chapter 11: Storm of the Seventh

A few days after the defeat the Chovas, the team was in the Garage early morning before school, looking at Eve who was currently in a cell like room with laser bars to prevent her from leaving. She had been confined there after the battle, even though Jake would step inside to talk to her every so often. "What do we do with her?" asked Zeke, giving a look of slight contempt at the young woman who had her head lowered so her eyes hit the floor. "We can't just keep her in there, she's been calm since she was brought in." Diane said, leaning back slightly to call over to T.K "Where's Jake? He's the one who should decides what happens." "He's at school, trying to convince your teacher to allow her to join your class." the tech assistant said non-nonchalantly, eyes glued to her computer screen. "He's what?" asked Spike, looking at the others in a bewildered manner.

"We can't just keep her locked in there, Spike. Like it or not, she's a Ranger, and Jake's sister. She deserves a chance." said Vanessa in a slightly stern tone. "Vanessa's right. His sister, his decision. He's our leader so we'll have to trust his judgment." said Jerome, leaning closer to the door. "Eve? We know it wasn't your choice in attacking us. We don't blame you. Come on guys, let's get to class." the five grabbed their backpacks and headed out, T.K looking over her computer monitor to address the woman. "You know, you're welcome to come out of there anytime." "I don't deserve to leave here. Not after what I did to my brother and his friends." Eve whispered back.

At Blue Bay High, Mrs. Peabody stood in front of the room with a folder in her hands, looking slightly nervous. "Class, today's lesson is what many consider to be controversial, and a dark chapter in humanity's past. The images you see may disturb you, even anger or frighten you. I apologize in advance." the teacher said, opening the folder and taking out a piece of paper; on it was a black symbol in a white circle and a red background. Handing the piece of paper to the closest student to her, they would pass the paper back along the rows, each student observing it silently before passing it on to another classmate.

"Can anyone tell me what this is?" she asked. The class was silent for a moment, until one student slowly raised there hand. "Yes, Steve?" "It's a Swastika, the symbol that the Nazi's used as their symbol of power during World War Two."

"Correct. Originally used as the Buddhist symbol symbol of hope and eternity, the Nazi Party used it as a flag created by the leader of the party, Hitler. He has been quoted saying in his book that the flag represented the honor of the country's empire. However, his ideals were skewed, blaming no only the Jewish people, but also those who were handicapped, homosexual, non-Aryan, etc. Millions of people died in the concentration camps and in the war." Mrs. Peabody turned on a projector, hitting the screen she had pulled down to show slides of victims of the Second World War, still lecturing.

Vanessa heard a strange sound, turning to see Diane shaking, trying to control her breathing. "Hermana, Que Pasa?" she whispered to her friend in a worried tone. Gulping, Diane stood up and bolted for the door, rushing out of the classroom and running to her locker, breathing hard.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she spun around in a fighting stance, only to see Jake who had his hands up. "Whoa there, Diane! What's wrong?" "J-Jake? Why aren't you in class?" she asked, opening her locker door and leaning her head against it. "I could ask you the same thing. What's wrong?" "I had to get out of the classroom, the subject was making me panic. Why weren't you there?" "I was talking to Principal Mendez about getting Eve into our class. Had to tell she'd been home schooled and wanted to try a public one. She'll be in the room across from Mrs. Peabody's. Now, what was the subject that got you all worked up?" he asked as the bell rang, classes letting out for switching.

Letting out a deep breath, she looked up into his eyes which held concern for his friend. "Nazi Germany during World War Two." "Not a fan of war pictures?" "No, its not that its-" "Aww poor Diane Pai! Scared of a few slides and she bolts out of the room in fear." said a voice behind the pink wearing teen, rolling her eyes as she turned to face Kathy. "Look, my problem is none of your business." "Well, looks like switch period, let's go, Di." Jake said, walking past the two women until Kathy spoke "Please! You're so fearful I bet you're too afraid to ask anyone out to the Winter Dance!"

"Oh yeah? I bet Jake and I could out dance you and your caveman of a boyfriend!" Jake froze and slowly turned around with a terrified expression, rapidly shaking his head at Diane, with Kathy saying "Fine, we'll see which couple is the better dancer at the Winter Dance. Be ready to taste defeat." She then stormed off, Jake face palming with a loud groan. "What's wrong?" Diane asked as she shut her locker. "Diane, I can't dance!" "You'll have to learn then." she said with a smirk, walking past the Eltarian who looked on with a panicked expression.

On the Tul'Van ship, Luven stood in front of two shadowed warriors, smiling to himself. "One an old ally who we thought lost in the last war. Another the perfect robot to take advantage of the Pink Ranger's fear. Go to the Earth and start your attack, in the name of the Emperor!" The two warriors vanished in two bursts of light, Luven glancing over to the data files. "This shall become our greatest strength.."

At the Garage, Jake stood in front of Eve's cell, leaning against the wall. "You don't have to stay cooped up in there all the time." "Your friends don't trust me, and I don't blame them. I nearly destroyed the Pink and Yellow Rangers, nearly destroyed you! How could you allow me freedom when I don't deserve it?" "Because deep down I know you want to redeem yourself; you cannot allow your past to haunt you! Eve you were a Ranger once, and still are. We cant risk you using your old Proto Morpher, but we-" He was cut off by the alarms going off, T.K poking her head over her computer monitor. "We got two attackers over by the museum with a large group of Nokbots." "Call the others, I'll meet them there." He looked back to his sister, who sat back down on her cot. Shaking his head, Jake ran past T.K, the two giving each other an understanding look before he vanished into then air.

Crystal Harbor museum of History was under attack by a large group of the Nokbot robots, who where breaking into different cases and grabbing what they could. "Grab what you can for our Emporer, he deserves only the finest jewels!" said a mechanical voice, the six teenagers running through the main doors and confronting the robots. "Put the stuff down and one one will get hurt!" Spike said with the robots dropping said items all over the floor.

"Hey, it actually worked!" he said in surprise, only for a black clad warrior to jump out of the shadows and strike him with a kick to the chest. "Or not..." Spike grunted as he stood up, the attack folding its arms behind its back. Standing in front of the six Rangers was a metal robot, dressed in the outfit of the Nazi officer; a black and silver hat, a long coat that was closed, black boots and gloves.

"You have -got- to be kidding me!" Zeke said in both shock and slight disgust. "Who would want to make that?" asked Vanessa, Jerome held up his Morpher, asking "Ready?" Zeke, Vanessa, Spike, and Jake held theirs up, but Diane was shaking where she stood. "N-no, you aren't real. You died a long time ago before I was born!" she said in fear, slowly backing up. "What's wrong with her?" asked Spike. Jerome gently grabbed her arm and spoke. "Di, listen. I don't know whats got you spooked, but we're here for you. You have us to back you up." "Right..You're right." Diane held up her Morpher slowly, still shaking slightly as the group yelled out "Legacy Power, Activate!"

"You will not win. Adolon Mk 2 declares victory absolute!" "Hyaa!" The six warriors went into action; Legacy Blue, Green, and Pink went after the Nokbots while Red, Yellow, and Ghost Ranger went for Adolon Mk 2, the black clad warrior robot was fast, but also had power behind his hits as it grabbed Red by the throat and choke slammed him into a nearby case then snapped a straight kick into Ghost, knocking him into a wall. "Hya! Ha!" Legacy Blue left the small number of robots up to Green and Pink to join up with yellow, the two going for a windmill kick maneuver that Adolon Mk 2 blocked, grabbing Blue and power bombing him to the ground. "Hang on guys!" Pink yelled after finishing off the last of the Nokbots with Green's help, Adolon Mk 2 sending Yellow back with a punch to her Solar Plexus.

"They're getting creamed out there.." T.K said, looking at the computer. Standing up, she walked over to the cell and turned off the bars, grabbing Eve by the arm and pulling her over to the computer. "Look." she spoke, Eve looking away from the screen, only for T.K to yell at her "I said LOOK!" Eve slowly looked at the screen, seeing the six warriors try their best to hold off the robot, only to be sent back. "You can help them.." T.K said. "How?"

Back at the museum, Ghost Ranger and Legacy Red got back up and went into their fighting stances when Red noticed Pink was frozen still with fear. "Diane, what's wrong?" "My Great Great Grandmother." "What do you mean?" asked Ghost. Another voice spoke out from the shadows, saying "It is quite simple. When she looks at the robot, she sees her ancestor who fought alongside what you Humans refer to as Nazi's." Stepping out from his hiding place was a six armed, well armored alien with six broadswords on his back. "No way..." said Ghost in shock.

"Zachex?! I defeated him.. a long time ago." Eve said, fists clenching. "How can I help them?" she asked, T.K walked past her and over towards the vault, pulling out a device with a black strap; the device was silver with black buttons on it, with the numbers three, four, five, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen on it. "This will be your Legacy Morpher." Eve took the device and strapped it to her wrist, the device turning into a silver black and white bracelet. "With this, you will have the ability to turn into any of the Ranger-Like Allies. Eve, this is your story, make the new chapter a good one." T.K said, hitting a few buttons on her keyboard and teleporting Eve to the battle in a black light.

"Victory -is- absolute!" Adolon Mk 2 declared, making its way over to Legacy Pink, who was still terrified to move. Pulling its fists back, Adolon Mk. 2 sent it forward, only for another challenger to appear before him in a burst of black energy, the fist caught in her hand. "You want to harm my brother and and his friends; That is unforgivable."

Eve pushed the fist back and began to attack, using a street brawling style of fighting, bending her leg over her head and kicking him in the face with the Scorpion kick. Turning to Legacy Pink, she extended her hand, the Ranger hesitantly taking it, a warm feeling going through her. "You cannot allow your past to haunt you." Eve said, turning to face the two monsters as the Rangers stood up behind her, she bringing her Morpher up and hitting the largest button on the bottom, yelling "Legacy Power, Activate!" A black energy field powered up around her body; Casually striking the field with the back of her fist, she turned into the shattered glass like energy, the Legacy Suit forming on her body. Her suit was metallic black and white, gold chest armor and shoulder pads with a silver crown.

"A seventh Ranger?!" Zachex roared, the team members glowing their respective colors. When Legacy Pink looked upon Adolon Mk2, she no longer saw her ancestor, but the robot enemy.

"Legacy Red!" "Legacy Blue!" Legacy Pink!" Legacy Green!" Legacy Yellow!" "Ghost Ranger!" "Phantom Legacy Ranger!" "POWERS OF THE PAST TO PROTECT OUR FUTURE! POWER RANGERS LEGACY!" T.K's voice came in through Phantom's Morpher, speaking. "Eve, I forgot to tell you something important! Since you and Jake are siblings, you can temporarily take on the Sixth Ranger powers for approximately five minutes, give it a shot!" The two looked at each other, their helmets going transparent. "Please, brother. Let me start this chapter off right." The others would nod their heads in approval as they grabbed each others hands, a green energy shooting through Phantom's body. "You show them what a Ranger can really do, sis."

Legacy Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Phantom stood beside each other, the first five spinning their watch hands to 11:00 and calling together "Legacy Transcendence!" Phantom hit her main button twice and yelled out "Legacy Transcendence!" "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!" The Six Transcended into the three Wind Ninja, two Thunder Ninja, and Green Samurai Rangers! In order of Red, Yellow, Blue, Crimson, Navy, and Green, they did the roll call of the old guard; "Power of Air!" "Power of Earth!" "Power of Water! "Power of Thunder!" "Samurai Power!"

"Adolon, deal with these fools!" Zachex ordered, turning from the team and walking to the shadows, vanishing. "I will win.." Adolon Mk 2 said, slamming its boot into the ground with enough force it caused a small tremor. "No, you won't." spoke Phantom Green Samurai, the other Rangers pulling out their swords and staffs, a traditional shoji dropping down and showing only the shadows of the combatants as they all struck the robot over and over, calling out "Ninja Shadow Battle!" The robot went flying out of the museum, rolling back onto its feet and starting to spin around like a top, its arms becoming blades as it yelled "Sturm un Drang!" spinning into the other rangers and hitting them all into the air. Ghost Ranger came running out of the museum with an energized flying kick to its back back, sending in tumbling head over heels.

"Let's put them together!" commanded Legacy Ninja Red, the five members pulling out their weapons. "Hawk Blaster!" "Sonic Fin!" "Lion Hammer!" "Crimson Blaster!" "Navy Antler!" The five combined the weapons into the Thunderstorm Cannon, holding it as a team. "Ready, aim!" Red yelled, everyone calling out "Fire!" The Thunderstorm Cannon fired its shot, nailing Adolon Mk2 dead center and knocking him over.

"Alright, that's more like it!" said Legacy Blue, the team powering down, only to hear their opponent get back up, sparks shooting out everywhere. "I refuse to fall so easily!" Phantom Samurai Green stepped forward, spinning the visor of her helmet around and removing the weighted vest while yelling "Super Samurai Mode!" , unsheathing the sword at her side, the two charged one another, with she vanishing and, yelling during the attack, would slash her sword at Adolon, as a complete blur, before sending the blade through his chest via his back. "Defeat is absolute." she said, taking the sword out of the robot and powering down to her civilian form, which now consisted of a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt. dark blue jeans and a pair of black boots. Right before Adolon Mk2 exploded, she turned away from it, looking truly awesome.

"Fire the Revive Lasers!" Zachex commanded, the beams shooting down to earth and hitting Adolon Mk 2's scrapped body, growing it to massive height. "Eve, that was awesome, now it's time to let me handle things!" Ghost Ranger said, spinning his Morphers hands to 11:00, calling out "Legacy Transcendence! Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!" "Time to take this fight to the heights!" Legacy Pink said the five of them summoning their Zords to form the Legacy Megazord. "Samurai Star Chopper!" Legacy Samurai summoned the Zord, the Ninja Storm Megazord theme playing in the background as he jumped into it, transforming it into the Samurai Star Megazord.

Adolon Mk2 jumped into the air and came crashing down with a double boot slam onto the Samurai Star Megazord, blurring to grab the Legacy Megzord and suplex the robot over its back. "Didn't think he'd be this powerful!" Legacy Red spoke, the team getting the robot upright.

"I say we finish him off with a one-two combo!" Legacy Samurai said into sword sheath, amplifying his voice after getting the robot off of the ground. "Agreed! Team, time show this guy the power of the Storm!" The team spun their Morphers once more, saying "Megazord Transcendence! Serpent Saber!" The Stingray Ax turned into the Storm Megazord's weapon, the robot gaining two copies of itself. "Power Disc Number Ten! Locked and dropped!" said Legacy Samurai, a golden sphere appearing before him and opening up to reveal a Bee on a giant chord. "Ninja Storm Legacy Shadow Slash!" "Bee Spinner!" The two robots sent out their attacks, nailing Adolon Mk2 until it blew up on a fireball.

Back at the Garage, the team surrounded Eve, Jake having a put a hand onto her back. "Today, you proved yourself to the others that you wish to fight for the side of good." Jerome said. "We are more then proud to have you as a member of this team, Eve." said Vanessa, giving a smile. "If it wasn't for you helping in that fight, I may have never gotten over my fear." Diane spoke up, Spike and Zeke would nod their heads in approval, then Eve turned to hug her brother tightly. "Thank you for giving me this chance." she said. With a grin, Jerome held out his hand flat, Zeke putting his on top of it, Diane doing the same, followed by Vanessa, Spike, Eve, and Jake."T.K, get over here." Zeke said, their tech assistant sheepishly smiling and placing her hand on the pile. "Earth's protectors, friends forever." Jerome said, the group breaking the hand stack with a cheer.

The next day, Diane stood at the front of the classroom with a piece of paper, taking a deep breath. "Good morning, fellow students. Most of you here have known me since Freshman year. Some of you I've only met recently. The other day, Mrs. Peabody did a lecture on Nazis during World War Two. I had a panic attack due to something I've kept secret for a long time; As most of you know, I am part Chinese...my other half is German. My first name is really Wilhelmina, the same name as my Great Great Grandmother." Diane took a deep breath, continuing. "She was one of Hitler's biggest supporters, and this brought shame to my family when we found out. I was so disgusted by this that I felt like my family, way back then, was responsible for those atrocities."

She stopped speaking, reaching up to wipe away a tear that started to form. Glancing over to the classroom across from them, she saw Eve smiling at her, nodding."But I learned from a friend I made recently, that you cannot let your past haunt you. You have to move forward with your life and not be afraid of what was, only focus on what can be. I will ask that you still call me Diane, but I will also say that I'm no longer afraid. Thank you."

The class broke into applause from her speech, Diane sitting down in her chair and smiling at her friends.

-To Be Continued-
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Default Re: Power Rangers Legacy

Chapter 12: Thunderstruck

"Alright Young Padawan, time to teach you how to dance!" Zeke said, having rearranged his furniture in his living room, standing in front of Jake in his blue and silver pajamas. Jake looked around at the furniture in a suspicious manner before removing his jacket and tossing it onto a nearby couch. "How is this going to help me?" "Ever seen The Next Karate Kid? Mr. Miyagi did the same thing to teach his student to dance." "Look man, I don't know about this." "Hey, you wanna impress Diane right? She wants to beat Kathy and Brett at the dance, so..." Zeke stepped forward and grabbed Jake's hands, placing them onto his own hips. "Usually, the man places his hands here, and since Diane is a few inches shorter then you are, she'll wrap her arms around your neck, or you can both hold hands while you dance, like this." Zeke then made their hands grasp. "The music will be nice and slow for some dances, but energetic for others. What you two do is all about the rhythm." "How do you know all of this?" "Crystal Harbor Dance Dance Revolution champion twice in a row!".

The doorbell then rang, Zeke going to peek out his front window, letting out a slightly terrified gasp. "It's Vanessa! I cant let her see me like this or she'll- stop laughing, man!" he said, rushing past Jake who was chuckling to himself. "Stall her, I need to get dressed!" Zeke then dashed up the stairs like a madman, Jake opening the door to let the young woman in; she was styling a plaid yellow and black shirt, shorts that showed off her legs, and boots. "Hola, mi amigo!" she said cheerily, poking her head into the door. "May I come in?" "Sure, Zeke's upstairs."

Vanessa followed Jake inside, noting how the furniture was rearranged. "Oh dear, he's been trying to teach you to dance, hasn't he?" "How do you know that?" "He told me yesterday after class. Let's just say that while his intentions are good, he's not a woman." Footsteps came running down the stairs, Zeke having a towel over his head and toothbrush in hand. "Hey Vaness-ahh!" he went tumbling down the stairs, landing sprawled beside a chair. "Zeke! You okay?" she asked, kneeling beside him. Lifting the towel off his face, he grinned goofily, saying "Morning!"

"So, how has Eve been doing with adjusting?" asked Zeke, the three of them having put the furniture back to normal and made their way to the tuxedo rental store. "She's been doing alright, Spike took her to the mall for some shopping, hope he's doing okay."

At the mall, Spike was carrying multiple bags over his arms, a pile of shoe boxes covering his field of vision. Eve picked out a sparkly tank top from a rack, holding it up to her and then looking at Spike. "Thoughts?" she asked, the man trying to lean his head past the shoe boxes, only to have to turn around and lean his head back to look upside down. "It's nice on you, but uh, can we go back to the Garage? My arms are hurting." "One more store." she said, walking past him and paying for the top, placing the bag on top of the shoes boxes, earning a frustrated groan from her comrade.

Opening the door to the tuxedo rental store, the three teens stepped in to see Jerome getting measured by one of the sales clerks. "Hey guys!" he said with a smile. "J-Man! What are you doing here?" asked Zeke as he sat down in a nearby chair, Vanessa sitting beside him. "Lisa Turner asked me to the Winter Dance, and I wanted to look snazzy for it." he said, stepping off of the small box. "You guys goin' too?" he asked as he sat down. "Considering Di roped me into a dance competition between her and Kathy, I have no choice." said Jake, stepping up to the measuring box, tossing his jacket to Jerome who caught it. "What about you, Zeke?" "Nah, I'm not going." "Why not?" asked Vanessa. "It's girl ask guy and no ones asked me since last month. The dance itself is in two weeks, no ones going to want to go with me, so Spike and I are going to do a movie mara-hoii!" he was yanked out of his chair by Jake, the two entering a dressing room and sliding the curtain shut.

"What is wrong with you?" Jake whispered. "What do you mean?" "Dude, how can you not tell? Vanessa has been eying you since she came to your house this morning." "Really?" "I heard her and Diane talking, they wanna make it a double date. If I have to go, so do you!" "I don't know- I mean I've never really been on a-" "Zeke, will you go to the Winter Dance with me?" Vanessa asked, sliding the curtain over, the two men looking at her with a deer in the headlights look as Jerome laughed behind her.

On the Tul'Van ship, Zachex studied the Rangers with disgust. "The humans wish to play dress up, hmm? I'll give them a fright so scary, they'll jump out of their clothes!" Hitting a console button, he called down to the lab. "Luven! We need something to battle the rangers on their own terms!" "I have an idea, General Zachex. I'm sending Copybot to Earth immediately." Luven turned to his latest creation. "Infiltrate their headquarters and take back what belongs to the Empire." "Understood." Copybot beamed down to Earth after ward.

"Hey guys, hows it going?" Eve asked, entering the tuxedo rental and Spike walking in behind her, collapsing from all the bags and boxes. "Having fun?" Zeke asked him, Spike merely raising a thumbs up while still on the floor. "What did you buy?" asked Jake, looking over the bags. "Clothes, shoes, stuff." Eve said, getting onto the measurement box. "Wait a sec, what are you doing?" asked her brother, she holding her arms out so the store associate could take her measurements. "I'm going to the dance with you and your friends. I know I only just started attending the school, but I do have someone in mind" "That being?" "My business." she replied with a smirk.

A bell rang as the door to the Pai Antiques and Trinkets opened and closed, a middle aged man entering. The young raven haired woman at the cash register looked up from a book she had been reading due to slow business that day. "Welcome to Pai Antiques! How may I help you today?" "Do you happen to have anything from the Roman Empire? I'm a collector of items from that time. "I can check the listing in the back, hold on just a sec." When Diane started moving, the man's eyes glowed slightly. A few moments later she exited the backroom with a clipboard in her hands. "Okay, we have a necklace that you may...Like?" she asked in a confused manner, as the man had vanished from the store. Outside, the man turned into a copy of Diane, laughing evilly.

At the Garage, T.K was microwaving some lasagna she had cooked earlier that day, sitting down at her desk when she heard a noise behind her. Spinning around in her chair, she saw Diane standing behind her with a smile. "Oh, hey Diane. You startled me. I thought you were working today?" she said with a small laugh, turning back around to eat her food and type at her computer. "I finished up and came here." said the copy Diane. "I've been working on a way to harness the power of past Megazords more efficiently. If possible we may be able to- ghhhh!" T.K was knocked out by a small taser rod the copy of Diane had picked up, grabbing the woman and dragging her over to the vault, pressing her thumb against it and dropping her to the floor when it opened. "The Emperor will be thankful for this..." she said, turning into Copybot and grabbing the Black Proto Morpher, vanishing.

After the six teenagers left the Tuxedo Rental store, their watches would start to beep, Jerome answering his "Whats up T.K?" "Guys, I need help, I've been attacked at the Garage!" They all traded looks of alarm. "We'll be there immediately!" Jake said into his own watch, Spike trying to grab his own but unable too. "Here, Spike." said Zeke as he hit a button, doing the same to his own as they vanished from sight.

When they arrived, they rushed over to their tech assistant who was sitting up on the floor, Spike dumping the bags and boxes onto a table and joining them. "T.K, what happened to you?" asked Vanessa. "Where's Diane?" T.K asked, rubbing her head as Jerome and Jake helped her up, walking her over to her chair. "She should be closing up the shop any minute now, why?" inquired Zeke. "She was here, when I was eating...then I blacked out..The vault!" Eve ran over toward it, eyes going wide in horror, turning to the others. "The Proto Morpher is gone!"

Diane closed the door to her shop when her watch went off, bringing it up as Spike's voice came up. "Diane, get over to the Garage now!" "On my way." she answered, doing a quick look around before vanishing. When she arrived, she noticed everyone was looking at her suspiciously. "Whats wrong guys?" she asked, Jerome slowly approaching her. "Someone broke into the vault and took the Proto Morpher. She said you attacked her." "It wasn't me, I've been at the shop all day." "Come to think of it..The Diane I spoke too didn't even say anything." said T.K, rubbing her neck with a wince. "I can prove its the real deal." said Zeke as he approached the Pink Ranger. "So Chun-Li, how have you been doing?" he asked, only to be thwapped upside the head by her. "Yup, its Di."

Back on the Tul'Van ship, Copybot handed the Morpher over to Luven, who studied it closely before putting it onto a flat surface, putting codes into his computer right away. "You have done well, Copybot, now it is time to attack the Rangers! Are you ready?" asked Zachex. "Yes, I will make the Emperor proud!" the robot said, vanishing as Zachex spoke to Luven. "You are sure this will work?" "I am sure." "Good, begin the procedure!"

At the Garage, alarms started to go off, the seven Rangers looking at the screen to see Copybot attacking the city. "Looks like we got a job to do." Eve said, the teens all standing side by side. "Ready?" Jerome asked, holding up his watch. "Ready!" they all replied, calling out as a team "Legacy Power, Activate!"

The seven Rangers jumped into the air while letting out various kiyahs, standing in front of Copybot with clenched fists. "Your attacks on the innocent stop here!" yelled Legacy Red. "Ah, so glad you can join me, Pink Ranger." Copybot quickly turned into the middle aged man from earlier, then back to his real look. "Thanks to you we now have the Black Phantom Morpher back!" "What do you want with it?!" asked Phantom Legacy, starting to charge, only to be held back by Ghost. "That is for his Excellency to decide. For now, you are all mine, Rangers!" "hyaaaa!" The seven of them ran forward, Copybot holding its hand out and holding up Blue's Shot Blaster, firing at them. "No way, he can use our weapons!?" Legacy Pink yelled in shock.

"That's not all. Let's see...Ahh, this one will do." Still holding the blaster, Copybot changed forms once more, only this time it turned into a black and red colored robot with a sword and shield. "Much better!" "What in the world is that?" asked Legacy Green. "That is Zeltrax, enemy of the Dino Thunder Rangers." Legacy Blue said, fingers twitching. "Then lets fight fire with fire!" Yellow declared as she, Red, Blue, Ghost, and Green stood beside each other, spinning their watch hands to 12:00 and yelling "Legacy Transcendence! Dino Thunder, Power Up, HA!" "I'll go Mighty Morphin!" Pink said, spinning her own watch hands to 1:00, saying "Legacy Transcendence! It's Morphin Time!" "Time to really test out this baby." Phantom Legacy hit the button labeled 4, calling out

"Power of Auric the Conqueror!"

Legacy Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Ghost had changed into the Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White Dino Thunder Rangers. Legacy Pink changed into the Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, and Phantom turned into Auric, ally of the Zeo Rangers. "Tyranno!" "Tricera!" "Ptera!" "Brachio!" "Drago!" "Pink Ranger!" "Auric The Conqueror!"

The seven once again charged at Copy Zeltrax, the forces clashing. "Brachio Staff, Wind Strike!" Legacy Black DT Ranger yelled, slamming the weapon into the ground and sending forth a blast of air. "Drago Sword!" Legacy White DT Ranger rushed past Copy Zeltrax with multiple slashes, finishing his attack with a barrage of energy arrows. "Take this!" Legacy Auric yelled, clashing his sword against the Zeltrax copy's own sword. "You can't win this fight!" the monster declared, kicking Legacy Auric away as Legacy DT Red, Blue, and Yellow went on the offensive "Tyranno Staff!" "Tricera Shield!" "Ptera Grips!" The three struck Copybot hard enough to turn him to normal, with the Pink Ranger jumping into her air and firing off her Power Bow with a "hyaa!". The enemy flipped back and turned into the main enemy of the Dino Thunder Rangers: Mesogog. "This thing means business!" said Legacy Auric, the main five standing together and calling out in unison;

"Super Dino Mode!" Their arms and legs grew spikes with Lego DT Yellow also gaining wings under her arms, and Legacy DT White growing blades atop of his fists. Copybot-Mesogog let out a loud roar and charged at them all seven Rangers charging forward and trying to keep him from moving in a group tackle, only for it to swipe at them with its claws and send them back. "Looks like I win afterall." it said In Mesogog's voice, only for Legacy RT Red to stand up and rush at it, sending it down to the ground with a tackle. Next Legacy DT Yellow and Blue grabbed it by the arms and dragged their enemy across the ground, tossing it into the air for Legacy DT Black and White to slam a kick and blade punch at it.

Copybot fell down and turned to normal once more, growling before it stood up and charged the rangers, yelling. "Put em together!" Legacy DT Red commanded, the five of the Dino Thunder Rangers combining their weapons into the Z-Rex Blaster: Super Mode and firing the shot off, the rangers all returning to their base suits before the blast struck Copybot, causing him to explode.

"Fire the Revive Lasers!" Zachex demanded, the beams shooting at Copybots body and growing him. "Legacy Megazord, Activate!" The Legacy Rangers called, with Ghost taking his Phantoms hand, transferring a white and black energy. "Time for you to see what its like to pilot a Megazord." he said to her. "Thanks, Jake!" she said, hitting her main Morpher button twice and calling out "Legacy Transcendence! White Ranger, Dino Power!"

The five Legacy Rangers boarded their Legacy Megazord, with Eve summoning the Drago and Stegozords, combining them into the Dino Stegozord. Both robots brought up their weapons and charged Copybot, who turned himself into a copy of the Legacy Megazord, attacking with its own version of the Stingray Ax, kicking it away and tackling Eve's megazord onto the ground, swiping at it over and over. "T.K, he's copied our Megazord!" Legacy Red spoke into his watch "Hang on just a sec, Jerome, I was working on an algorithm before I was knocked out earlier. If this works, you can change the Legacy Megazord into past Megazords for a short burst, but its a one shot deal. Once time runs out, the Zords have to recharge."

"We'll give it a shot! You heard the lady, guys!" he said, the others agreeing and called out "Megazord Transcendence! THUNDERSAURUS MEGAZORD!" The Legacy Megazord transcended into the Dino Rangers Megazord, leaping high into the air and spinning the drill arm. "Eve, now!" "You got it!" she responded, firing off the Stega Stinger attack from the front as the Thundersaurus Drill impaled Copybot from above, annihilating the monster into dust. "And that's how you do things Dino Thunder style!" Ghost Ranger said back on the ground, cheering.

Back at the Garage, the team stood around, T.K going through footage of the battle. "It doesn't make sense, how could Copybot turn into the enemies of the past without Transcending?" she asked aloud, Diane sitting beside her and saying "Maybe they've found their own way?" "I'm more worried about what they want with the Proto Morpher." said Jake in a weary tone.

"I'll be back in a moment, going to grab something" Eve said while walking towards the spare room she stayed in. "So Spike, going to the Winter Dance?" asked Vanessa, the young man shaking his head."Please, I'd end up hanging out at the punch bowl the entire time." The others gave a slight laugh until Eve finally came out with a box, handing it to Spike. "A gift from me to you." she said, the Green Ranger slowly opening the box and tilting his head in slight confusion.

"What's in it?" asked Zeke, then he saw Spike pull out a full dark green tuxedo. "What is this?" he asked Eve in a baffled tone. "You are going to the Winter Dance with me." she said in a matter of fact tone, the others exchanging shocked looks. "Well, that leaves one final thing to do." said Vanessa, looking at Zeke, who gulped. "Okay, I'll go with you to the dance." "Oh that's not what I meant." she said, grinning. "What then?" he asked confused. "You have to ask my Madre if you can take me." "Oh maann..." Zeke said, blushing with a face palm, the others giving a laughing.

-To Be Continued-
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Chapter 13: Legacy Blue's S.P.D Emergency

"Dear Dad, it's me, Zeke. I hope things are going well for you where you are. School has been quite an experience this year; I've made a few new friends and we hang out all the time. I've also started doing some volunteer work to help people who are in need. I miss you every day and can't wait for the day you come back. I am sure Mom misses you as well. I better get to class, got a Chemistry test today. Love, your Son, Zeke Simmons."

Zeke walked out to his mailbox and slid the letter into it, raising the flag before his bus pulled up to the curb, he getting onto it and sitting next to Jerome. "Morning Zeke, ready for the test?" asked his friend and fellow Ranger with his head buried in a Chemistry text book. "You know it, crammed so hard last night I was seeing the periodic table in my sleep! How is your Mother doing?" "Slowly but surely she's getting better. Princess Shayla's sacred water really is helping her." "Awesome, man. I wrote a letter to my Dad this morning." "How long til you see him again?" "Hopefully before Christmas."

"General Zachex! The experiment is finished, please come down to the lab immediately!" Luven's voice said over the intercom, the General bowing before the shrouded Emperor and making his way to the lab, standing before a large tube as Luven finished typing on his computer. "I hope you did not summon me here for a possible failure." Zachex said with his six arms crossed, Luven hitting a button and the tube opening, light fog billowing out of it with a woosh sound, stepping out of it would be a very familiar helmeted warrior, wearing the Proto Morpher on its wrist. "All of the combat data from the previous fights with the rangers will make all of their previous Transcends obsolete. And it lacks the defects of the previous user." "Excellent work, Luven, now we shall see if the Rangers can fight against it."

At the Garage, Eve and T.K were going over the schematics for some new transportation that the tech assistant was designing for the team. "These bikes are going to help them get from place to place quicker. Think I should add in a turbo booster?" T.K asked, clicking on one of the bike designs, it going from wire frame to red colored. "I think we should be more worried about them being able to drive." Eve said in a slight deadpan voice, grabbing her back pack and heading to the entrance. "I need to get to school, I'll come by as soon as I get out." "Alright, have fun!" T.K waved to her friend as she kept going over the designs. "Hmm.. Maybe some flame patterns."

Later at the computer lab, Zeke and Spike were sitting and writing up essays on the history of Crystal Harbor, when Zeke plugged in a small flash drive, code scrolling across the computer screen until a small box popped up, he hitting a few keys to open it, a small chat box opening up labeled 'Crystal Harbor Penn.' Soon he was starting a conversation, glancing over his shoulder to make sure the teacher wasn't looking.

"Dad, you there?" "Zeke, what are you doing? I told you not to hack into this place!" "I'm sorry, I'm just missing you and snail mail takes too long!" "I miss you too, Son, but you need to be cautious. I gotta go, time for the computer is up. You stay safe, alright?" "Alright, Dad...I'm sorry." "Don't be, I love you." "I love you-" The conversation was shut off before he could finish, Mr. Simmons having terminated it. With a sigh, Zeke pulled out the flash drive and saved his paper, walking out of the computer lab and to the cafeteria

Sitting down at one of the tables, Zeke halfheartedly ate his food, poking at it with the plastic spork. "You miss him, don't you?" asked Spike, sitting down across from him with two plates of food, digging into one as soon as he sat down. "Huh?" "I saw you in comp lab earlier, you were talking to your dad, right? How did he...?" he started to ask but stopped, eating some meat loaf. "Dad got caught hacking into the Crystal Harbor National Bank. He'd been going from bank to bank to put funds into the accounts of the needy, and for me." "Like an internet Robin Hood?" "Sort of. Spike, do you know what its like to live on your own? To be poor for most of your life?" "No and no.."

"Dad was sent to jail two years ago during my Freshman year, I've been keeping the house clean and trying to keep up on other responsibilities with the funds he got transferred over." "What about your mom?" Spike asked with a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "She.." Zeke looked down at the table, dropping the spork and running his hands through his hair. "She died giving birth to me." It was Spike's turn to drop his spork, whispering "I"m so sorry..". "Dad made me promise not to do any hacking until he got back. He taught me everything he knew as I was growing up."

As the two friends were walking to their next class, their watches would go off, and from out of nowhere Eve pulled them into an empty class room where Jerome, Vanessa, Diane, and Jake were. "What's going on?" asked Zeke, Vanessa putting a finger to her lips to indicate silence as T.K spoke to them. "Rangers, we have a serious problem. Remember how Copybot stole the Proto Morpher a few days ago?" "Yeah, we were wondering what they wanted with it." said Jake into his watch, Eve looking at him worriedly. "There's a new signature based on the energy readings of Black Phantom Ranger, and its attacking the steel mill. When you're ready, I'll be sending something your way" "We're on it, T.K." Jerome replied, looking at the others. "You heard the lady, let's go."

The Rangers were Morphed outside of the school, when seven shiny colored bikes appeared like blocks of data before them. They were sleek, smooth, with different colored frames and windshield designs. "These are your new Legacy Cycles. You can use them to get from place to place faster." "Awesome! Thanks T.K!" Legacy Pink said, the Rangers getting onto their bikes and riding to the steel mill.

Once they arrived, they noticed large groups of Nokbots gathering large amounts of steel and putting it onto a large bedded truck, "What could they want with all that steel?" asked Legacy Yellow, the Rangers getting off their bikes and approaching the robots. "Hey you! Drop the steel and leave!" Legacy Green yelled, the Nokbots looking at one another, then running toward the heroes, the seven splitting up to do battle with them. They were holding their own until a blast hit them from above, a warrior in the Black Phantom Ranger suit leaping down to meet their foes.

"At last we meet, Power Rangers!" the copy said, looking the warriors over, then snapping her fingers. A monster covered in wires and computer monitor for a head appeared beside her. "Meet Hack'n'Slash! He shall keep you occupied while I finish the job Zachex sent me here for. Deal with them." The copy said, turning to walk away as the monster attacked the Rangers. "She's mine." Phantom Legacy declared, rushing past Hack'n'Slash to chase Black Phantom. The six Rangers brought out their weapons, rushing at the monster, whose wires would entwine to become a large sword. "You Rangers are in for a world of hurt!" it declared.

Black Phantom had made her way into the steel mill, Phantom Legacy hot on her trail until she was at a dead end. Turning around, she faced Phantom Legacy. "Well well, the original vs the new model. You may have used the Black Phantom powers once, but you're still weak. I'm faster then you, smarter then you, and stronger then you." "We'll see, won't we?" Phantom replied, the two running at each other and leaping into the air, connecting a flying kick with each other. Landing, Black Phantom spun her Morpher calling out "Dark Transcendence!" and turning into an Orange Head fighter. "Two can play that game. Power of Blue Senturion!" Phantom Legacy said, hitting the button labeled 5 on her Morpher and transforming into the robotic cop.

The Legacy Rangers and the Ghost Ranger were having a tough time against Hack'N'Slash the monster having wrapped its chords around the rangers and sending a pulse of energy at them, sending them to their knees. "Guys, time to Transcend!" Legacy Red stood up and spun his Morpher's watch hands to hit 10:03, the other doing the same, and calling out "Legacy Transcendence! S.P.D , Emergency!" The six warriors Transcended into the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Shadow Space Patrol Delta Rangers! Legacy SPD Red pulled out the two Delta Blasters and ran forward, shooting as fast as his fingers could pull the trigger. Legacy S.P.D Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink brandished their Delta Max Strikers, with Legacy Shadow unsheathing the Shadow Saber, all of them running at Hack'n'Slash to continue their attack.

Inside the Steel Mill, the Black Phantom Orange Head and Legacy Blue Senturion were going trading blows with both fists and weapons. "Senturion Synergizer: Blast mode!" Legacy Blue Senturion pulled out her signal light colored gun, blasting at Black Phantom Orange Head, was hit in the chest and fell down, turning to normal, but quickly flipped up and grabbed a steel beam, knocking the robot cop over a conveyer belt, turning back to her base form. "Nice try, goody good! Thanks for the steel!" the Black Phantom Ranger yelled, running to the truck and once reaching it, the contents and the new enemy vanished.

"Shadow Saber, power up!" The hilt of the sword opened, the blade glowing with a light blue flame, Legacy Shadow Ranger running up towards Hack'nSlash as Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow each fired off a charged shot from their weapons, the rainbow colored bullets slamming into the monster, causing it to stumble backwards. The last thing it saw before blowing up was the Shadow Saber slicing it in half. "Where's Eve?" asked Ghost Ranger, the six of them powering down to their base forms, when they heard coughing, seeing Phantom Legacy stumble out of the building, the others running over to her. "You okay?" asked Legacy Pink. "I'll be fine, but they got away with the steel." she responded.

"Grrr! Fire the Revive Lasers!" Zachex ordered, a Nokbot hitting the button and reviving Hack'n'Slash with the beam. "Legacy Megazord, Power Up!" Legacy Red ordered, the robot coming together and the main five sitting in the piloting area. "Legacy Axe Chain Swing!" Legacy Green called out, swinging the Stingray Ax on a chain, only for Hack'N'Slash to fire off multiple wires from its body, connecting it to the Legacy Megazord, the systems slowly shutting down and then booting up, the robot moving on its own. "What's going on?!" yelled Legacy Yellow. "We've lost control of the Megazord! Nothing's responding!" Legacy Pink said. "Hahahaha! My name is 'Hack'n'Slash for a reason, you pathetic punks! Now your Megazord is under my control!" "What do we do, Jerome?" asked Green. "Abandon the Megazord, at least for now! Return to the Garage immediately!" The five Rangers jumped out of the giant robot, joining Ghost and Phantom ground side, teleporting back to base.

"T.K! How do we get the Megazord back?" Diane asked, having removed her helmet, the other doing the same and placing them onto various tables, T.K typing on the keyboard but letting out a frustrated grunt. "That thing has completely hacked the controls, I can't even initiate an override from here!" "We still need to keep Hack'n'Slash busy while we find a workaround." Jerome said, looking at Eve. "Are you feelin well enough to hold it off until we regain control?" "You know it. Jake, give me both of your hands." she said, holding out her hand towards her brother. "Alright..." Hesitantly, Jake put both of his hands on Eve's single hand, a burst of blue, white, yellow, as well as a burst of silver, blue and gold went through the two siblings, Eve stepping back and grabbing her helmet. "Good luck, sis." Jake said, she smiling at them before teleporting back to the battle field.

"While she's doing that, we need to find a way to out hack the monster. I hate to say this, but I am no expert in the matter." said T.K sighing. "I am.." Zeke said, stepping forward and pulling out his flash drive. "Could I sit there?" he asked T.K, who stood up. "Work your magic, Zeke. We're counting on you." said Jerome as the Legacy Blue Ranger sat down, inserting the flash drive.

Back on the Battlefield, Eve hit the main button on her Morpher twice and called out "Legacy Transcendence! Omega Nova fusion!" Phantom Legacy fused the suits of S.P.D Omega and Nova Rangers, summoning the OmegaMax Cycle, leaping into it and driving right for Hack'n'Slash, firing the lasers of the Zord. "I'm coming for you!" she yelled, only for the controlled Legacy Megazord to step in front of the monster and jump on top of it, punching and slashing at the vehicle repeatedly, Phantom Omega Nova grunting as she tried to stay in control.

"She won't last long with that assault, Zeke, how close are you?" asked Spike "Almost there.." the hacker replied, eyes scanning through the code until a line came up, fingers flying over the keyboard and slamming the enter key down. "Got it!" he yelled, the code streams freezing and turning green before going to normal. "Yes! Alright Zeke!" Diane cheered, hugging him, Jerome clapping him on the back. "Good job, Zeke, now let's go get our Megazord back." Jake said, grabbing his helmet, the others doing the same before vanishing back to the fight.

"Ahhhhh!" The OmegaMax Cycle spun in a circle, throwing the Legacy Megazord off and revving up, ramming into Hack'n'Slash to know him down. When the five Legacy Rangers entered their robot, Ghost Ranger leapt into the Zord his sister was piloting, she turning to base state and he helping her out of the seat. "You did well, sis, now let me take over." "Its all yours." she said, Ghost spinnng his watch hands to 10:03 and calling out "Legacy Transcendence! Omega Ranger!" changing into the warrior from the future. "Hey guys, feel like combining?" He asked, the Legacy Rangers standing their Megazord upright, with Legacy Red saying "Oh heck yeah! You guys ready?" "Ready!" his teammates replied, all calling out "Megazord Transcendence Burst! DELTA SQUAD MEGAZORD!"

The Legacy Megazord transformed into the S.P.D Delta Squad Megazord, with Legacy Omega turning his zord into the OmegaMax Megazord. "Start combining sequence now!" Both Megazords combined into one: The Deltamax Megazord. Hack'N'Slash started to attack with another cable launch, only to receive a flying punch from the robot, followed by four more that sent it flying back, the monster exploding with all seven Rangers saying "Shut down!"

Back on the Tul'Van ship, Black Phantom Ranger and Zachex stood in a large room, Nokbots hurrying about every which way as construction sounds could be heard. "While Hack'N'Slash failed to stop the Rangers, we succeeded in obtaining the steel we needed. Phase one of our plan is complete." said Zachex ominously, an evil smile on his face.

Later that day at Crystal Harbor Penitentiary, Mr. Simmons received a letter in his cell, addressed from Zeke. Opening the envelope, he read it with a smile on his face, a tear coming to his eye. "I'll be home soon, Son. I'll be home soon.."

-To Be Continued-
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Chapter 14: Mystic Winter

The Blue Bay High Winter Dance had finally arrived, the school was decked out in a lovely white and blue themed decor. Students from all grades were in the gymnasium, while music played from the surround speakers; they were chatting with friends and giving looks around to see others dressed up in suits or dresses.

The doorbell to the Trejo house rang, the front door was opened by Ms. Trejo, who looked Zeke over; the young man was wearing a royal blue suit with his hair combed down instead of the usual spiked look he went for; a pink carnation was pinned to his breast pocket. The mother seemed impressed, until she saw his shoes; he was wearing his tennis shoes, a blush coming to his face. "Buenas noches, ma'am. I'm sorry about my shoes, I couldn't find anything that fit me." Ms. Trejo gave a small chuckle, calling to her daughter. "Vanessa! él está aquí!" "Uno momento!" she called from her room. Vanessa was nervous, but after giving herself one more glance in the mirror, she made her way downstairs, Zeke's jaw nearly dropping from what he saw; The young lady wore a lovely yellow dress, her hair done up in a bun, brown eyes sparkling with the makeup she had applied. Once she reached the bottom of the staircase, she blushed slightly, waving.

"Hola." she said, Zeke having to take a moment to find something to say, "Hi.". The two shared a laugh, linking arm in arm and heading out the door. "Have her back by eleven, young man." Ms. Trejo said behind them, Zeke turning to give her a respectful nod. "Jerome texted me right before I got to your place. He, Lisa Turner, Diane, and Spike are at the school." Zeke said while he and Vanessa made their way to the school. "What about Jake and Eve?" she asked, he shrugging. "Not sure, but he better not chicken out now."

"T.K, are you sure you don't want to go with us?" Jake asked, sliding on a dark gray jacket over his black button up shirt, looking over to his close friend who was setting up a small table with different foods and drinks. "While I appreciate your offer to join in the festivities, I'll have to decline." She paused a moment, opening up a bag and emptying it onto the couch, revealing a few DVDs and boxes of candy. "I'm not a student at your school, nor do I dance well." she said. "Yeah well I had to learn how to dance!" Jake retorted.

"Only because Diane wishes to beat Kathy. But I think a slow dance would work well in your favor." Eve said, coming out of her room in a black dress with white trimming, her hair slightly teased. Seeing Jake fumble with his silver tie, she giggled, walking over to him. "Here..You look handsome, big brother." she spoke while adjusting the tie, he smiling and saying "You look lovely. Spike is gonna flip when he sees you." "Get going you two! You're going to be late if you don't get a move on." "She's right." Eve said, walking over to her Legacy Cycle and climbing onto it, Jake hopping on behind her and putting on a helmet. T.K looked at them in slight horror as Eve revved the bike up, running at them while yelling "You can't just take those for-!" The bike sped off out of the Garage, leaving her behind and finishing "Leisurely rides.."

At the school gym, Jerome, Lisa, Diane and Spike were sitting at a table, drinking glasses of fruit punch when the leader noticed Zeke and Vanessa enter, waving them over. "J-Man, you look stylin!" Zeke said to his friend, who wore a Carmine Red tuxedo. "Hey you two, looking like a cute couple!" Diane said, standing up and hugging her friend, Zeke rubbing his neck when Diane noticed his shoes. "Couldn't find any nice ones?" Jerome asked with a sly grin, Lisa giggling. "Wonder where Eve is.." Spike said, leaning back in his chair in his green suit nervously. "She'll be here, she did kinda force you to be her date after all." Diane said, looking over her own pink and pearl colored dress, gulping. "I just hope Jake likes how I look.."

"So, the humans enjoy dancing?" asked Zachex, watching the school via the main monitor, Luven and Black Phantom Ranger standing beside him. "This is also what they call the Season of Unity. For some reason, Winter causes them all to become more friendly with one another, its supposedly magical." said the scientist. "Magical? Let's show them what the magic of chaos can cause!" the General said, Black Phantom Ranger vanishing down to Earth.

The sound of a bike engine caught the attention of the teenagers, heading to the source of the noise via the back gym door, they would stop once Jake and Eve entered, Diane hugging the younger sister gently before getting Jake into a headlock. "You're late, mister!" "Blame her, she wanted to take the scenic route!" Spike cleared his throat, holding up a white rose to Eve. "I-I didn't know what type of flowers you like and was worried about the color, that you wouldn't-" she put a finger against his lips, taking the flower and placing it into her hair with a smile. "It's beautiful Spike, thank you." The green suited teenager let out a sigh of relief, when an obnoxious voice came up behind them. "About time your date showed up, Pai, I can't wait to show the whole school how pitiful you two are on the dance floor!." Diane marched up to Kathy, still holding Jake in a headlock while glaring at her. "You're going down, you need to learn some humility."

Before the two girls could argue any further, a loud roar went off outside the building. "What was that?!" Lisa asked, the group of teens heading out the back entrance to see some cars lit on fire. "What could have caused this?" asked Vanessa, Spike looking up in the air, pointing. "That." The others looked up to see a blue, red, and gold creature flying about with a purple armored rider atop of it. "Is that a dragon?" Zeke asked in disbelief. "Lisa, go hide!" Jerome told his date, she shaking her head. "What about you?" "We're going to find help, now please get to safety!" After hesitating, she nodded her head and ran back into the gym. The dragon swooped down in the direction of the teens, breathing a jet of fire at them as they dove out of the way.

"Ready?" Jerome asked, holding his Morpher up, Diane glaring at the beast. "Oh yeah, no one ruins my date!" she said as she, Vanessa, Spike, Zeke, Eve, and Jake held up their Morphers, calling out "Legacy Power, Activate!" and Morphing into their respective Ranger outfit. The Dragon came for another attack, the rider leaping off and kneeling in a crouch before the heroes; purple armored and wielding a sword in one hand, a shield in the other. "Rangers, it is time for you to taste defeat at my hands once and for all. The Emperor will bare witness to your destruction!" "It's gotta be Black Phantom Ranger, but who are they fighting as?" asked Phantom Legacy.

"Fireheart, attack!" Fireheart, the Dragon let out a mighty roar, flying towards the Rangers, grabbing Legacy Yellow in one of its mighty claws and taking flying. "Ahhhh! Help me!" she yelled back down at the others. "Vanessa!" Legacy Blue yelled, reaching his hand out towards her. "Fireheart? That's the Dragon of the Mystic Rangers! Then that must be..." Legacy Green looked over at the purple armored warrior, whose shield opened up to reveal a red eye, shooting a blast of energy at the group, sending them flying to the ground. "Gh...Hang on Vanessa! Red Legacy Battleizer!" Legacy Red transformed into his Battilizer armor, sprouting the wings and taking flight after Fireheart. "Koragg, the Knight Wolf, that's who you are!" Legacy Blue declared, getting up along with the others. "Let's Transcend and beat them at their own game!" Legacy Pink said, three Legacy Rangers spinning their watch hands to 10:04, and calling out "Legacy Transcendence!" Only this time...Nothing happened.

"What's going on? Why aren't we Transcending?" Green ask confusedly, Black Phantom Koragg laughing and charging them with a sword attack. "This is too easy! With Fireheart under our control, you'll never be able to win!" Legacy Red chased Fireheart through the air, the beast still clutching Legacy Yellow in its talon. "Phoenix Shot!" Red yelled, firing his arrow attack at the dragon, who let our a roar and released Yellow, who Red caught and flew down to the ground with her, turning back into his base Ranger suit.

"You think it will be that simple? Think again!" Black Phantom Koragg held its hand into the air, Fireheart's neck glowing with a black symbol as it opened its maw, a large fireball, ready to fire it on the rangers, but when it did, a blizzard would begin to swirl around the combatants, shooting up towards the fireball and engulfing it, the fireball turning into a patch of snow on the ground. "What?" asked Black Phantom Koragg, turning to see a female standing on a nearby hill in white robe, with long blonde hair and gray eyes. "You've got nerve posing as the former enemy of the Mystic Rangers. You've even more nerve for kidnapping Fireheart and using him for evil!" the woman leaped down, landing in front of the Rangers, turning to address them.

"If you wish to harness the powers of the Mystic Force, you will aid me in returning Fireheart to the side of good." "Who are you?" asked Legacy Yellow. "My name is Clare Langtree, former apprentice of Udonna, and current White Mystic Ranger." She turned to face Black Phantom, pulling out a wand with a white star on top of it, calling out "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" Clare's body was covered by a seal of magic, transforming into a Power Ranger. "Flurry of snow, White Mystic Ranger!"

"Red, Blue, and Pink, join me in removing the spell from Fireheart! The rest of you, do battle with this imposter." Legacy Red, Blue, and Pink joined White Mystic Ranger's side as Legacy Green, Yellow, Ghost Ranger and Phantom Legacy Ranger charged at Black Phantom Koragg, who summoned a spell circle and, laughing, the four warriors and the enemy would vanish. "They'll be fine as long as they can hold off against him...Now, let us work on Fireheart!"

In the Dark World, the Koragg copy sent another shield blast at Ghost Ranger, who leaped over it to deliver a flying kick, the Black Phantom Koragg bringing the shield up to throw him back. Legacy Green charged forward with his Stingray Katana, bringing it against the sword the Wolf Knight wielded with a loud 'clang!' Phantom Legacy rushed when he was distracted, tackling him from the waist, the two combatants sprawling to the ground.

"Storm of Snow!" White Mystic Ranger called, holding her wand to the sky, dark clouds forming with a blizzard quickly falling from it. Legacy Pink was lifted up by the swirling air and levitated towards Fireheart, who was firing a burst of flame at Legacy Blue who was taking pot shots from cover. Landing atop the Dragon, Pink held up her Spark Staff above her head, the storm clouds sending out a lightning strike that connected with the staff, sending a shock of electricity through the beast, Fireheart letting out a roar of pain. "We've almost got him tired out, Zeke can you get eyes on that spell seal?" asked Legacy Red, Blue setting up his Shot Blaster into Sniper Mode. "I'll see what I can do."

Back in the Dark World, Black Phantom Koragg slammed its shield into Phantom Legacy after getting back up, with Legacy Yellow summoning her Wolf Fang Daggers and rushing forward, the two locking weapons. "We have to get that shield out if its grasp, or else we cant win!" Phantom Legacy said, with Green glancing at Ghost, saying "I may have an idea.." After Koragg Phantom kicked Yellow away and began to charge up another shield blast, it felt a tap to its shoulders. Turning, Ghost Ranger appeared from being invisible, punching the enemy straight in the face, Legacy Green and Yellow grabbing its arm to pry the shield away. "Haaaaaaa! YAHHH!" Phantom Legacy came flying forward with a powered up kick to its chest, sending it flying into a portal, the Rangers returning to their own world.

After another lightning strike hit Fireheart, Legacy Blue fired a sniper shot at the Dragon's neck area, nailing the spell seal and sending the dragon plummeting towards the ground. Once Legacy Pink lost her grasp, White Mystic Ranger created a 'bed' of snow for her to land on, allowing her to gently land on her feet. Fireheart landed with a loud thud, Legacy Red powered up his sword, slashing the seal off of its neck and into thin air. Just as they finished, Black Phantom Koragg and the Rangers came flying out of a black seal, landing nearby. "Guys, you okay?" Blue asked his team, helping Yellow up who hugged him. "It's good to be back, mi amigo!"she said, Red helping up Green, and Pink helping Ghost and Phantom.

Slowly, Fireheart stood proudly before the team, sending out a stream of fire that formed the Seal of Galwit Mysto Ranger. "Congratulations, Rangers. You've released Fireheart from his curse, and have unlocked the powers of the Mystic Force." White Mystic Ranger said. "Let's show that Koragg wanna be how the Rangers use magic!" said Legacy Red, the team spinning their watch hands to 10:04 and calling out "Legacy Transcendence! Magical Source, Mystic Force!" "Power of Wolf Warrior!" yelled out Phantom Legacy, hitting the 14 button on her Morpher. "Fierce as Fire! Red Mystic Ranger!" "Fluid as the Sea! Blue Mystic Ranger!" "Fast like Lightning! Yellow Mystic Ranger!" "Strong as a Tree! Green Mystic Ranger!" "Ever changing as the Wind! Pink Mystic Ranger!" "Power of the Sun! Solaris Knight!" "Burning heart of fire! Wolf Warrior!"

"You may have broken my spell on Fireheart, but you will not beat me!" Black Phantom Koragg yelled, glowing with a black aura, the Legacy Mystic Rangers brought out their Magi Staffs and transformed them. "Attack!" Legacy Mystic Red commanded, the eight Rangers charged at their enemy. Legacy Mystic Red attacked with a Magi Staff Sword, Green brought down his Magi Staff Axe, Yellow firing off a crossbow bolt from her staff. Blue, Pink and White combined their wands to send forward a freezing rain within a tornado blast. Solaris Knight fired off the Laser Lamp multiple times while Legacy Wolf Warrior sent forth a flame from her sword, the attacks hitting Black Phantom Koragg one after the other, sending their enemy flying back and reverting them to their base state. Getting up with a growl, the clone vanished, the seven Rangers reverting to their base states.

"Rangers, you've done well in this battle. I am proud that you are protecting this planet with honor. You are more then worthy to harness the Mystic Ranger powers. Come, we shouldn't power down here," said White Mystic Ranger. "How come? Green asked, only to turn around and see all the students at the Winter Dance had witnessed the battle through the windows of the gym, clapping and cheering for their heroes, Lisa standing at the back door with a small group, smiling. "Let's go, Rangers!" Legacy Red commanded, the eight of them running up the hills and powering down to their outfits for the dance. "Clare, what happened to Udonna? I thought she was the White Mystic Ranger." Zeke asked in slight confusion. "She passed the wisdom of Magic and her powers onto me after the war against The Master. Currently she is devoting her time to her son, Nick, and husband Leanbow. It was an honor to fight beside you. Please, return to your dance and enjoy the night." Clare said to them, climbing upon Firehearts back and flying off back to Briarwood.

Later at the dance, Diane was standing outside looking somewhat depressed. "Hey." a voice said behind her, she turning to see Jake, hands in his pockets. "I'm sorry your competition with Kathy was ruined." "That doesn't matter now, what matters is the school and students are safe.." "Diane, I know this is going to be weird but, would you like to dance with me?" Jake asked a little awkwardly, the young woman gave a smile. "Out here?" "Sure, why not?". Giving a laugh, the two would partner up with Diane wrapping her arms around the young mans neck, his hands on her waist. Anywhere by Evanescence playing from inside the gym, when suddenly it would suddenly start to snow. "Guess we have Clare's blessing," Diane said jokingly. "Looks like Winter really is here now, huh?" he asked her as they kept moving to the song, Diane leaning up to gently kiss Jake on the lips, his face turning beet red, but slowly returned the gesture.

-To Be Continued-

-In memory of Peta Rutter, the true Mystic Mother-
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Default Re: Power Rangers Legacy

Chapter 15: Always A Ranger

"We've succeeded in acquiring our second phase of materials for the project." a Nokbot said to Zachex, who waved the robot away while turning to Luven. "Our time to strike at the Rangers is upon us. Black Phantom is ready?" "The augmentations haven't been fully tested, but they will suffice," Luven said hitting a few buttons on a console, Black Phantom Ranger's tube opening up to reveal the clone was outfitted with an outer silver armor, its body glowing a dark black, laughing.

At the Garage, the team was standing around Jake and Eve at a round table, a small cake in front of them with two candles lit. "In honor of you two being reunited for two months,and to celebrate our time together as a team, we have a gift." T.K said, pulling out a black and gray box, sliding it toward them. Glancing to her brother, Eve opened the box and saw two new leather jackets for them, one saying 'Family', the other saying 'Peace.'

"They're beautiful! What do the back words mean?" Eve asked, trying on the second one. "They have two meanings. Family is for you two becoming one again. It also stands for us as a team becoming our own family." said Vanessa. "Peace has the meaning of us protecting the planet, as well as you finding your own after everything that's happened." Jerome spoke up, with Jake trying on the other jacket. "Thank you, everyone." he said, hugging everyone in a big group hug when the alarms started to go off. T.K ran over to her desk and brought up the video feed showing Black Phantom Ranger destroying a train station.

"There are people trapped in that station, they need your help!" she said urgently. "Wait, is that armor its wearing?" Zeke inquired, head tilted. "Armor or not, we have a job to do." spoke Diane, the Rangers lining up and holding up their Morphers. "Ready?" Jerome asked, the six them answering "Ready!" "Legacy Power, Activate!" They all yelled together, Morphing into the Legacy, Ghost, and Phantom Legacy Rangers. Getting onto their Legacy Cycles, the seven warriors sped out of the Garage and to the train station.

"Hahahaha! Run little humans, there's nowhere safe for you to hide now!" Black Phantom Ranger howled in laughter, aiming a charged up blast in its hand at a civilian child, when Legacy Red jumped in front of the child, holding up his sword to block the blast, struggling to keep it from sending him back. With a grunt of effort, he swung his sword, sending the blast over him the the child so that it landed in the nearby parking lot, exploding.

"Don't worry, you're safe now. We're going to get you out of here." Legacy Green and Blue lifted some debris off a civilian's legs, tossing it aside and helping them up. "Diane, Eve, go check the other rooms for people!" Red ordered as he, Yellow, and Ghost stood their ground against Black Phantom, Legacy Pink and Phantom Legacy rushing off towards the other rooms of the station.

"You will soon feel the true power of the Black Phantom Ranger! You're first, 'brother!'" The clone ran forward in Ghost Ranger's direction, it's silver armor glowing before striking him full force in the chest with a punch, the ranger flying back and powering down." "Jake!" Red yelled, kneeling beside his friend as Yellow charged at their enemy, trading punches and kicks with Black Phantom, managing to strike it in the side with a snap kick. However, the clone grabbed her leg and, armor glowing once more, sent Yellow rolling back towards Jake with a double kick, she powering down as well.

After getting the civilians to safety, Legacy Blue, Green, Pink and Phantom Legacy ran back to stand beside Red, noticing Jake and Vanessa nearby. "What did you do to my brother?!" Phantom Legacy demanded, starting to charge forward, only for Red to hold her back "That armor its wearing is somehow forcing them to power down. We have to be careful." "Careful? You won't have the chance!" Black Phantom's armor glowed again, running at the Rangers who went on the defense, trying their best to block the clones attacks. However, their enemy managed to hit Green and Blue in chest with a double punch, both of them flying back and powering down besides Jake and Vanessa, grunting.

"You cannot win!" Black Phantom grabbed Legacy Pink's Spark Staff, pulling her closer to land a bicycle kick against her torso, the final kick sending her back and powering her down. Red and Phantom Legacy attacked, with Red powering up his Legacy Saber and going for a thrusting stab while Phantom Legacy slammed her fists into her clones backside to send them into the sword; there was a pause, Red looking up, eyes widening when he saw his opponent had caught the blade, tightening its grip on it until the sword shattered. Black Phantom went on the attack, punching Legacy Red over and over grunting while laughing. To finish the attack, the clone upper-cutted Red and then kicked him back to his comrades.

"Agh!" Jerome cried out in pain, Black Phantom Ranger approaching the downed team, its armor glowing brighter then before. "Now, to finish you!" " I don't think so!" Legacy Phantom yelled as she landed in front of the others, entering her fighting stance. "Once I am rid of you, there will be only one true Phantom Ranger!" "Hyaa!" Phantom Legacy started to attack, only for T.K's voice to stop her. "Eve, stop! I'm teleporting you all back to the Garage now!" All seven warriors vanished from the train station and ended up at the Garage, Eve powering down manually and going to help Vanessa, Spike and Jerome while T.K aided Jake, Diane, and Zeke.

"What happened out there?" T.K asked, helping them sit down in the chairs at the table. "Black Phantom's armor did something to us." Diane said, wincing, "As soon as they made contact, I felt my energy fade almost instantly." Jake spoke, sitting up slowly. "I want to know why we were powered down so easily with one strike." Zeke said, sitting at the computer and bringing up video feed of the last battle, Spike and Vanessa watching it behind him. "Wait, rewind it a little bit.." Vanessa said, Zeke rewinding the video to when she was struck; yellow energy waves had left her body on the moment of impact. "Jerome, try to Morph." said Spike, looking up from the computer. Jerome stood up and spun his watch face, calling out "Legacy Power, Activate!", however instead of transforming, sparks shot out of his Morpher, the others yelping and leaning away.

"I was afraid of this." T.K said, looking from one Ranger to the other. "What?" asked Jerome, looking at his watch. "The armor Black Phantom Ranger was wearing amplified its powers, and was able to sever your ties to the Morphing Grid." "You mean we're powerless?!" Jake asked in shock.

"With the exception of Eve, yes. I can't send you out to fight the Empire's forces without your powers, it would only endanger you." Diane stood up from her chair, fists clenched. "I will fight, even if it means having a ninety-nine percent chance of failure!" "She's right, we're still Power Rangers, even without our powers!" Spike said. "We never give up, no matter what." Vanessa added. Jake smiled to himself, saying, "I knew there was a reason I picked you all to be apart of this." After a moment of thinking, T.K gave them a nod of solidarity, speaking up. "I may know a person who could help you. He created a team of Rangers back in 2007 with his own technology." "Where does he live?" Zeke asked, spinning in the chair to look at her. "San Angeles. Pack your bags, guys, you're going on a trip."

The seven Rangers had traveled to San Angeles by bus for two days, T.K having stayed behind to try and find a way to neutralize Black Phantom's armor. After the bus dropped them off at the bus station, the teenagers made the long trek on foot to the location of T.K's acquaintance. "Whoa, is that a mansion?" asked Zeke, the Rangers spotting the large mansion, starting to run up towards it when a large blast sent them all to the ground.

"You thought you could run from us? You have nowhere to go that is safe!" Black Phantom Ranger walked out of a smokey haze, a group of Nokbots with them. "They actually followed us!?" Vanessa said in slight disbelief, the team standing up, tossing their bags down and getting ready to fight. "You plan to fight without your powers? You're more foolish then I thought!" "Powers or no powers, we'll still fight you to protect our planet!" Jerome declared, the six powerless Rangers running at the Nokbots, Eve Morphing into the Phantom Legacy Ranger and charging Black Phantom Ranger.

"Hya!" "Wachaa!" "Hahaha!" The teenagers attacked the Nokbots with the own personal style of martial arts, calling out kiyahs as they fought. Phantom Legacy and Black Phantom charged one another, with Black Phantom summoning the Stingray Katana, "It has our powers and weapons!?" Spike asked in surprise, the clone going to attack the teenagers before Phantom Legacy hit the button labeled '3' on her Morpher, calling out "Power of Ninjor!" and transforming into the ninja ally of the Mighty Morphin Rangers.

The two slammed blades together, Phantom Ninjor becoming a blur and striking Black Phantom from behind as the last of the Nokbots went down. "Worthless piles of bolts!" Black Phantom growled, holding out their ot her hand to summon the Legacy Red Saber, crossing both blades and sending a lightning blast at the seven warriors, the non-powered six getting blown back, Phantom Ninjor getting the brunt of the attack and falling to her knees, powering down to her base state. "Time to end this.." Black Phantom said, slowly walking up to Phantom Legacy and ready to strike, until a few blasts from a weapon hit it, causing the clone to stumble back.

"You want to fight? Fight us!" said a Red and white clad warrior, joined by a Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and Silver warrior standing side by side. "Wait, is that..?" Diane asked, looking at the group standing at the mansion gate. "It is!" Zeke said in amazement. The Red Ranger snapped his fingers, saying "Kick into Overdrive! Red Ranger!" "Kick into Overdrive! Black Ranger!" "Kick into Overdrive! Blue Ranger!" "Kick into Overdrive, Yellow Ranger!" "Kick into Overdrive, Pink Ranger!"

"Kick into Overdrive! Mercury Ranger!" The six rangers called out in unison "Call to adventure! Power Rangers Operation Overdrive!" "More Rangers to deal with?! I'll take you on as well!" Black Phantom Ranger charged up the hill towards the Overdrive Rangers, summoning Legacy Blue's Shot Blaster.

"Vortex Blaster!" Overdrive Blue leaped into the air, firing a burst of air from his weapon to force the attacker back, as Overdrive Pink fired a burst of water from her Drive Geyser. Next Overdrive Black summoned his hammer, slamming it into the ground and sending a small quake at Black Phantom Ranger, yelling "Drive Slammer!" Overdrive Yellow slammed her Drive Claws together, sending powerful rocks at the attacking enemy, with Red and Mercury running up to them with the Drive Detector and Drive Lance to slash at Black Phantom, sending the clone back past the Legacy Rangers onto the ground. "This is not over!" it said, vanishing.

On the Tul'Van ship, Black Phantom Ranger stood before Zachex, who gave a look of approval t his warrior. "You've done well. When next you do battle, I shall join, and it will be their last!"

Slowly standing up, and Eve powering down, the seven rangers grabbed their bags and approached the six warriors, who would power down to their civilian clothing. "You're the Overdrive Rangers?" Zeke asked, trying not to fanboy. "Yup! I'm Mack Hartford, Overdrive Red Ranger. This is Will Aston, Dax Lo, Rose Ortiz Ronny Robinson, and Tyzonn." "It's an honor to meet you!" said Jerome, shaking the other Red Rangers hand. "The honor is ours, how can we help you?" asked Rose, the Overdrive team leading the Legacy team into the mansion. "We're actually here to see Mr. Hartford, our friend said he could help us with our problem." Jake said, entering the house and giving a look around. "Wow, there's a lot of antiques in here, my folks would flip!" Diane said in awe. "What sort of problem do you have?" Tyzonn asked, looking at the team curiously.

"That enemy you helped us with outside? It took our powers away." Spike said, the six of them holding up their Morphers. "We lost our connection to the Grid." said Vanessa, the Overdrive Rangers giving a look of slight fear to one another. "A familiar situation experienced by a new team." said a voice behind the team, Andrew Hartford walking out of his study to greet the team. "T.K phoned ahead and told me to expect your arrival. I'm Andrew Hartford, mentor and creator of the Overdrive Rangers." He shook the hands of the seven warriors. "I'm Jerome Johnson, these are my friends, Zeke Simmons, Diane Pai, Spike Skullovitch, Vanessa Trejo, Jake, and Eve." "I can help repair your connection, but it'll take some time. Spencer, could you please prepare some refreshments for our guests?" Andrew asked the butler who had been packing the bags of the Overdrive Rangers, setting them down on the floor. "Right away, sir."

"So Mack, how come the team's together again? In the Archives it said you all went your separate ways after defeating Flurious." Zeke asked, sitting on the couch with Dax and Mack, Ronny playing a game of pool nearby. "Dad discovered a new artifact that is going to require the Overdrive team. You could think of it as a family reunion." Mack said. "Yeah, a family of different people who fight evil and have powers!" Dax said, laughing. "Dax, that doesn't even make sense!" Ronny called from the game room.

Down in the base area of the Hartford Mansion, Jake, Eve,and Jerome were scanning their Morphers, Andrew standing at a nearby console and typing into it. "Remind me to thank Mr. Park for teaching me about this sort of thing." "Who?" Eve asked, glancing to her brother. "A former Ranger." Jake said, glancing over to the console screen. "Okay, I have some good news, and some very, very bad news." Andrew said, sitting down and bringing over a screen on a desk via a touch pad type interface. Hitting a button, his voice would go into a PA system throughout the house. "Everyone, please come down to the base room, I have something you all need to hear."

With all thirteen Rangers gathered, Andrew took the screen he had created and blew it up for everyone to see. "The good news is, I can re-energize your Morphers with some of my tech, however, it'll be for a very brief time." "Whats the bad news?" Tyzonn asked, eyes glowing in wonder. "The bad news is, T.K sent me some data from the previous battles. The armor that Ranger clone is wearing? It's from a small piece of the Corona Aurora." "Wait a sec, Dad. I thought the Crown of the Gods was sealed away by the Sentinel Knight after we beat Flurious?" Mack said. "It was, however, a small piece of it chipped off during the battle. I am assuming that the enemy our new friends are battling found it and...well." Andrew looked over to the Legacy team, taking a deep breath. "If you want your powers back for good? You have to destroy that armor." Jerome looked to his team members, who nodded at him with determined looks. "We'll do what we can, Mr. Hartford." he said. "We'll back you up! Been a while since we had a good fight." Will proclaimed, the Overdrive Rangers smiling. "Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger." Mack said, placing a hand on Jerome's shoulder. After the Legacy Rangers got their Morphers energized, they began to follow the Overdrive team out, Andrew looking over some more paperwork and calling out "Eve? Could we talk for a moment?" Her friends glanced at her, but she sent them on her way and walked back over to Mr. Hartford, who looked worried.

Outside the Mansion, Black Phantom Ranger appeared along Zachex, the General crossing his six arms over his chest. The two Ranger teams stood side by side. "Okay guys, we have a small window of time to get our powers back. Let's make it count!" Jake said, everyone agreeing.

"Let's do it!" Mack said, spinning his Drive Tracker on his opened palm, his team spinning the wheels of their Trackers along their arm, Tyzonn hitting a button on his own Tracker, all of them yelling "Overdrive, Accelerate!" "Legacy Power, Activate!" The seven Rangers transformed, as did the Overdrive team, all standing side by side. Zachex drew his six broadswords, pointing at the heroes and yelling, "Attack!" as Nokbots appeared, the robots rushing towards the Rangers, the teams bringing out their weapons and charging forward.

Overdrive Blue and Legacy Blue took aim at a small group of Nokbots, blasting them with the Drive Defender and Shot Blaster, knocking a few of them down. Overdrive and Legacy Pink took on another group of Nokbots; Legacy Pink slammed her staff into the ground and used it as a pole, kicking some of the robots away as Overdrive Pink shot the rest of them down with her Drive Geyser. "OO Zip Shooter!" Overdrive Black sent a zip line into a nearby wall, leaping off a higher part of the mansion and flipping into the air, summoning his Drive Slammer and bringing it down on another group of Nokbots. Once airborne, Legacy Green jumped up, and, with quick movements of his Stingray Katana, slashed them into scrap metal. Legacy and Overdrive Yellow double teamed the last group, with both taking turns attacking the robots with both the Drive Claws and the Wolf Fang Daggers, leaping over one another to attack the robots.

"Hyaaaaaaaa!" The two Red Rangers charged at Zachex , Drive Lance and Legacy Saber clutched tightly, the six armed warrior bringing all six sword down to block their attacks, Legacy Red powering up his blade to go for a powered up strike; Zachex used three arms to slash away the sword wave, using his other three to send Overdrive Red skidding back. "Defender Vest!" Overdrive Red called out, summoning the silver vest as well as the Drill Blaster. "Jerome, distract him and I'll go for the shot!" "Right!" Legacy Red acknowledged, charging once more.

Ghost, Phantom Legacy,and Mercury Ranger were doing their best against Black Phantom Ranger, who had summoned the Stingray Katana and Red Legacy Saber, Mercury using his Drive Detector in blast mood to shoot at their opponent, only for it to be reversed at him, sending him flying.

"Jake, your time is almost up, we have to hurry!" "I know!" the sibling Rangers went in for a combo attack; Phantom Legacy going for a drill kick while Ghost used his One Hundred Ghost Strikes at their stomach. Black Phantom's armor glowed brightly, sending the two flying back. "Spiral Shot!" Overdrive Red yelled, only for Zachex to bring all six swords up absorbing the blast into the blades, smirking. "Thanks for the energy, Ranger!"

"Guys, we gotta work together to take out these two! You with me?" asked Legacy Red, who had dove out of the way of Mack's blast, only to see it fail. The Legacy team stood together, calling out "Legacy Battleizer Mode!" The five warriors transformed, all charging at Zachex with a mighty yell, only for the General to concentrate the gathered energy in his sword into a sphere, calling out "Nova Blade!" To the Rangers' horror, the sphere hit them all dead on, powering down both teams, who lay on the ground in pain.

Black Phantom Ranger slammed its fist into Ghosts helmet, sending the Ranger flying back and powering down, his time having run out. "This is too easy!" Black Phantom declared, making its way over to Zachex, who was powering up another Nova Blade. Phantom Legacy stood stock still, flashing back to the conversation she and Andrew had earlier.

"T.K sent me some more info; that clone of yours is more then just a suit and Morpher." "What do you mean, Mr. Hartford?" "Think of it like a coin; You're heads, they are tails. One cant survive without the other due to you both being linked to the Morphing Grid...If Black Phantom falls...So will you." he had said, running his hands through his hair. "I'm sorry, Eve. I wish there was an easier way to say this."

Turning to face her friends, Eve removed her helmet, hair blowing in the wind as she hit the buttons on her Morpher, tossing the helmet to the ground. "Eve, what are you doing?!" Jake asked, getting up and grabbing her arm. "Jake, this is what I have to do. To ensure Earth's survival, your survival, the people of the planet..My friends. This is my redemption..This is my love for you and the Rangers."

Swiftly she punched her older brother in the stomach, causing him to sink to his knees. The other Rangers of both teams stood and headed for her, however she hit the main button on her Morpher, a shield surrounding them all, her battle aura starting to overflow around her body. Turning to face Black Phantom and Zachex, she walked forward, saying "Goodbye, my friends. I'll be with you in the final battle." "EVE! STOP!" Diane screamed as she banged against the shield, Zeke trying his best to punch through it.

The two forces began to approach one another, as Eve walked, memories began to play in her mind. 'You're going with me to the Winter Dance.' 'I got you this flower, I wasn't sure if you'd like it..' 'We're proud to have you on our team, Eve.' 'It means peace; you have found yours.' She began to run, at Black Phantom and Zachex, the three warriors letting out a mighty yell, a tear dripping from her eye when a pulse of black energy shot out in all directions as the forces collided. When the energy faded, colored energies returned to the Rangers' watch Morphers, the shield vanishing.

Jake ran over to where the three collided, Eve was laying on the ground in her gifted jacket, white shirt and blue jeans, her face dirty. "Eve? Eve come on, wake up." he said, cradling her in his arms. Slowly her eyes opened, a soft smile coming across her lips as the others gathered around the siblings. Her voice was barely a whisper, saying "Once a Ranger..Always..A...Ranger.." "No, no no no no no! You cant do this to me! I just got you back into my life!" Jake's voice was low, angry but full of sadness, clutching her tightly. Slowly, his sisters body faded, turning into a sparkling light, her Morpher was all that was left in his hands. Diane crouched beside him, hugging him as Vanessa sobbed into Spike's shoulder, Jerome and Zeke standing beside their allies who silently cried. Jake finally broke down, heavy sobs escaping him as he said in a whisper "Come back..Please come back...COME BACK!!!" he yelling the plead to the sky, clutching her Morpher to his chest.

-To Be Continued-
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Default Re: Power Rangers Legacy

Chapter 16: Unleash the Fury

After the Legacy Ranger had said their goodbyes to their Overdrive comrades, they caught a bus back to Crystal Harbor, Jake being quiet the entire time while still clutching Eve's Morpher in his hands. "What's going to happen now?" Zeke asked Jerome towards the back of the bus. The two sitting away from the others. "I'm not sure, man. With Black Phantom Ranger out of the picture, a great enemy has fallen..But we lost a great ally in order to achieve that. I'm more worried now about Zachex." "How so? Didn't Eve..?" "We don't know for sure, there was no evidence to prove one way or the other." Zeke lowered his head slightly, speaking into the Morpher. "T.K, we're heading home. Meet you back at the Garage."

After the two day trip back home, the six warriors entered the Garage through the main door, sitting down at the table where the half eaten celebration cake sat. "Well, what should we do?" Spike asked, looking at the cake as though he wanted to eat it, but couldn't bring himself too. T.K sat at her desk, hands folded into each other with her chin resting on top, unsure of what to say."We go home and rest up. It's been a very long four days for all of us." said Diane, who looked over to their Sixth Ranger worriedly. "Si, we need to be on top of our game, you know?" Vanessa said, trying to smile. "Alright then, let's go and catch some shut eye." said Jerome, the Rangers picking up their travel bags and heading towards the door, Zeke turning to see Jake standing in place. "Hey Jake, you coming with us?" he asked. Their friend stood there, shaking his head slowly, Jerome gently nudging Zeke to leave him be. After they left, T.K stood up from her chair and silently hugged her long time ally, who began to cry once more, she rubbing his back and whispering "I'm so sorry.." before taking Eve's Morpher out of his hand with gentleness, and took it over to the vault, setting it in and shutting the door. "Come on, get some sleep." she said to him. "I can't, not tired. I'm gonna go...For a walk, or something. I'll be back soon." "Jake.." she wanted to approach him, but he turned and started to walk away, turning invisible.

Near the battleground at the Hartford Mansion, a fist punched out of the dirt, followed by two more with a yell coming from underground. Luven and a small group of Nokbots teleported to the ground, grabbing the hands and pulling a half destroyed Zachex out of the ground. "Take him to the lab, we're going to save him." Luven said, all of them vanishing back to the Tul'Van ship.

Back at Crystal Harbor, Jake sat inside of a Jungle Karma Pizza, halfheartedly eating a slice of pizza that a woman with glasses and a homely look about her had served. "How does it taste? Its our newest product; Kilimanjaro Kick Spice." "Like regret and bad decisions." Jake replied, putting the pizza down and sighing. "One moment, I'll go grab my boss." she said nervously, running back into the kitchen. "Hey, we got a customer who is unhappy with the new idea." The man in a white and black chefs outfit looked up over at Fran, eyebrows raised. "I'll talk to them." he said, walking out of the kitchen and over to the young man. "A clouded mind can only be cleared with sunny wisdom." the chef said, sitting across from Jake.

"I'm Robert James, owner of JKP, but please call me RJ." "Jake." "Fran told me there was something you didn't like about the pizza?" "No the pizza's fine, I'm..I'm just.." "Something is obviously troubling you. Come with me." RJ stood up from the table and lead Jake past the kitchen and upstairs to his dojo.

T.K looked at the vault door for a few minutes, deep in thought as Diane came into the Garage. "Hey." she said, wrapping an arm around T.K's waist in a hug. "Diane, I thought you were going to spend the day resting?" "I tried, but couldn't sleep. I'm worried about him, you know?" "I think its safe to say we all are, he just lost his only family.." T.K walked to the vault and opened it up, removing the Phantom Legacy Morpher. "But she isn't gone forever. I have an idea and I want your help on it." she said, the Pink Ranger looking at her curiously.

Back on the Tul'Van ship, Luven was taking metallic tools off a nearby tray, Zachex yelling in pain as he was operated on by the scitenist. "Forgive me, General, but this was the only way in which we could save you." Zachex let out another pained yell, echoing across the ship.

"Welcome to my dojo, Jake. Up here I trained three very special people in the art of Pai Zhuq. The art of combat that harnesses the animal spirit from deep within. Looking at you, I see the same as back then. I see within you the kindred spirit of a Wolf, but the spirit is covered by clouded energies. What is it that saddens you?" "RJ, I lost my sister two days ago in a fight against an enemy my team and I have been fighting for a while." RJ gave Jake a look of understanding. "I almost lost my Father to the forces of Dai Shi when I was the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger...I know it isn't the same, but I sympathize." "Thank you RJ.." "Now, remove your jacket and stand on the mat." "Wait, why?" "Martial arts is more then just self defense. It can also enable one to experience feelings of joy when they achieve their desired goal." Jake took his jacket off and placed it onto a nearby chair, standing on the mat in front of RJ. "The lesson begins." RJ said, the two going for a strike on each other.

Zeke sat in front of his computer, trying to focus on the game he had been playing since he had returned home. Sighing, he threw his headset onto the desk and grabbed his phone, dialing a number. "Hey J-Man, you busy?" "Not at the moment, tried sleeping but couldn't do it. You?" Nah, I can't relax either. Wanna meet at the Garage?" "Sure, we could see if he's doing okay, maybe try to cheer him up." "My thoughts exactly. See you there."

Vanessa was at the arcade, sitting at a table while drinking a soda with the machines giving off beeping noises, but had her eyes glued to the table, until she felt a tab on her shoulder. "Hey 'Nessa. Having problems resting too?" Spike sat down beside her, offering a small smile. "I couldn't go home right away, it just didn't feel right, you know?" "Yeah, I know. I haven't heard from Jake since we got back, guess he's knocked out or something." Spike's phone rang, he answering it. "Hello?" "Spike, you seen seen or heard from Vanessa?" Diane asked on the other end. "I'm sitting right beside her, want me to put her on?" "Yes!" Glancing over to his friend, Spike handed Vanessa her phone. "Si? Oh, Diane! I turned my phone off when we got back, didn't want to be bothered too much. Meet at the Garage? Si! We'll be there in a moment." Vanessa hung up the phone and handed it back to Spike. "Come on, T.K has an idea and wants us all there."

"The Wolf technique is all about focusing your inner strength through blows involving your fists, elbows, knees and feet, very similar to the martial art known at Muay Thai. By channeling your Wolf Spirit, your emotions are brought forward into your attacks." RJ explained to his new friend, the two going through a kata together in the formers dojo. They had been practicing nonstop for over two hours, Jake learning new techniques and learning the wisdom of the Pai Zhuq master. Bowing to one another, the two men shook hands, Jake grabbing his jacket and putting it on. "Thank you for everything, RJ. I am starting to feel a bit happier thanks to the training." "No problem! If you ever feel like you need more training, or a good slice of pizza, feel free to stop by."

When he started to head downstairs, an explosion shook the building from outside, RJ looking out his window to see a delivery truck blown up. "Those were ingredients for my new ideas!" he said with wide eyes, looking to the young man in front of him. The two shared a nod, running downstairs and outside the restaurant, stopping when they saw a six armed warrior by the truck.

"No way, how did you.." Jake asked, Zachex standing tall with his left side of his body now fully mechanical. "Hahahaha! You thought your sister could destroy me so easily?! Black Phantom may have perished, but I, Zachex live on to fight!" Jake's fists shook, ready to attack, but RJ gently grabbed his shoulder, shaking his head. "Remember, your Beast Spirit cannot be clouded by sadness or raw anger. A Pai Zhuq practitioner does not fight out of anger or for revenge." RJ stepped forward and looked the six armed warrior over, pulling back his sleeve to reveal the Wolf Morpher. "Ready?" he asked Jake, who spun the face watch of his own Morpher, answering "Ready!". "Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!" "Legacy Power, Activate!" RJ and Jake transformed into their respective Ranger suits, the former saying "With the courage of a Wolf! Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger!" "Ghost Ranger, ready for battle!"

Zachex took his six swords out, glaring at the two. "I am going to destroy both of you!" he roared, running at the two with all six arms extended as Wolf Ranger and Ghost Ranger ran at the attacking General, letting out a kiyah as the two forces reached each other.

"T.K are you sure this will work?" Spike asked their tech assistant, who was putting the finishing touches on the Phantom Legacy Morphers overhaul. "Diane and I have been working on this for a few hours, theoretically, it should help him." she said, holding it out to the others. "One more thing; I need you all to put just a little of your Ranger energies into it." The five of them held their hands out toward the Morpher, small bursts of Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow energies shooting into it. "There we go, now if we could find-" the alarms started to go off, the team looking at the main screen to see Wolf and Ghost fighting Zachex. "That thing survived!?" Vanessa asked in shock. "Looks like it got upgrades too." Zeke said in a low voice. "Remember, we fight no matter what, and right now they need our help." Jerome said, the Rangers running over to their bikes, Diane grabbing the Morpher from T.K's hand and following them, all six riding off.

"Wolf Beam!" Wolf Ranger yelled out, sending out a purple colored beam from its fist, the six swords vibrating before Zachex slashed the attack into thin air, running at the Jungle Fury warrior while his swords began to power up. "Nova Blade!" he called out, readying the attack to send it in RJ's direction, only for Ghost to fly at him with an elbow strike to his face, followed by two knees and a leg sweep. With each hit, Ghost yelled out "Not! This! Time!" sending Zachex stumbling back, until Ghost's body began to glow light blue, a Wolf shooting out of his body and clamping its teeth around one of the General's arms

. "He did it.." Wolf Ranger said in a proud tone, holding his thumb and index out to form a diamond; a purple wolf shot out of his own body, tackling Zachex to the ground and biting at him. Letting out a roar, Zachex send out a wave of energy that sent the wolves away, stand ing up and, tracing a symbol of a reversed pyramid, blurred before the two warriors, slashing at Wolf Ranger with all six blades rapidly until he went flying, powering down once he landed. "RJ!" Ghost yelled, only for Zachex to say " Worry about yourself Ghost Ranger! No friends, no family to help you out! You're all alone..."

"He's not alone!" a male voice said as Zachex was blasted back by Legacy Blue's Shot Blaster, the five Legacy Rangers stopping their Legacy Cycles to a halt, Green running over to RJ to check on him as Pink pulled out the Phantom Legacy Morpher and threw it at Ghost Ranger, yelling "Jake, catch!" Ghost jumped into the air and caught it, looking at the device in his hand, gasping softly. "This is..." "T.K modified it. A gift from all of us to you; You'll never be alone no matter what, and your sister will always be by your side!"Legacy Red declared, running past Ghost with his own sword ready for battle, clashing against the six bladed warrior. "Your our leader, and always will be part of our family, mi amigo!" said Legacy Yellow as she and Pink ran forward to help Red. Blue placed a hand onto his shoulder, speaking "Your a part of the team, dude. Like it not you're stuck with us." Green brought RJ over to the cycles, walking over to Ghost. "Even though she may be gone, Eve still lives within you. Look inside.." He and Blue ran forth to help the other three, Ghost clenching his hand around the Morpher as RJ said "Those are some friends you have there. Don't let them down now"

"This one's for you, Eve.." Ghost said to himself, strapping the Phantom Legacy Morpher on his left wrist, and slamming his fists together, shouting out "GHOST LEGACY BATTLEIZER MODE!". His body glowed brightly, the suit changing drastically; his helmet took shape of the S.P.D style helmets, the visor covering the front of the face with red colors across the sides of the helmet. His arms were still gray, but the gloves turned completely black, his shoulder pads gaining a pink and yellow color, the torso area was now covered in an armor, bracers on his arms with green. His legs turned metallic as well, tinges of blue and his boots turning black. "Hya! Ha! Ghost Legacy Battleizer!" he yelled, an explosion happening behind him.

"Zachex, you will never understand what it means to have friends! I pity you!" Ghost ran forward, the others clearing the way as he slammed his fists into Zachex's torso multiple times, calling out "One Thousand Phantom Fists!" with the final punch, his Wolf Spirit once again shot out of his body, howling. "C'mon guys, he needs our help!" Legacy Pink said, everyone spinning their watches to 10:07 and calling out "Legacy Transcendence! Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"

The five Legacy Rangers Transcended into the Jungle Fury Rangers, going through their roll call. "With the strength of a Tiger! Jungle Fury Red Ranger!" "With the Stealth of a Jaguar! Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!" "With the speed of a Cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!" "With the courage of a Wolf! Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger!" "With the power of a Rhino! Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger!" The five ran forward, RJ watching them in amazement as they each slammed a fist into Zachex, a Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah, Wolf, and Rhino emerging from the hits and driving Zachex back. "This ends here!" Ghost yelled. All six Rangers joined their hands as a giant orb of energy powered up, the General letting out a battle cry and summoning another Nova Blade, sending it forward. "JUNGLE STAMPEDE!" The Beast Spirits shot out from the orb the Rangers had formed, rushing past the Nova Blade and ramming into the General, one after the other until Zachex exploded in a brilliant fireball, the six Rangers turning around and powering down to their civilian forms.

Later inside Jungle Karma Pizzeria, the Rangers were celebrating their victory over the current General, RJ serving a pizza down on the table. "Voila! Savannah S'more Pie, on the house." he said, sitting beside them and saying in a low tone. "You guys did well out there in that fight. It's good to know that there's a new team out there protecting the planet." "Thank you for helping me find my inner spirit." Jake said, looking his friends over as Diane kissed his cheek. "Thank you all for reminding me that you're all my family." "Hey bro, we're here for you, just like you're here for us." said Zeke, taking a slice of the pizza and biting into it. The other all grabbed a slice, Fran walking over to their table and smiling. "How's the pizza?" "Sooo goood." Spike said. She would smile at RJ who gave her a thumbs up, giving her a slice.

On the Tul'Van ship, a guard bowed before the Emperor, who two other guards held a screen in front of to block his appearance. "Your Excellency, Zachex has fallen. Luven has informed me of our plan reaching Phase Three...

-To Be Continued.-
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Chapter 17: Get in Gear, Legacy Yellow!

"The man looked to the lady in the green dress, adjusting his tie before making his way over to the.. the..Bat?" Ms. Trejo asked, looking over to her daughter in slight confusion. "Sound it out, Madre. You were close with the last word, keep it up!" Vanessa said to her mother, who read some more from the book in front of her; Ms. Trejo had been working on her English since the two of them finally got everything unpacked from their move. Vanessa rented books from the library and would spend two hours with her every day to help her improve. "He made his way over to the bar, saying 'you're quite a looker.'" She stopped reading, giving Vanessa a look with a bit of a smirk. "One of the romance novels?" "Si." Vanessa said with a giggle.

The doorbell rang, Vanessa getting out of her chair to answer it; Diane stood in the doorway, hugging her friend tightly with a smile. "Good morning, 'Nessy!" she said cheerfully, looking over her shoulder to see Ms. Trejo waving at her. "Buenos dias, Diane! You ready for a day at the movies?" "You know it! I've been waiting for Vampire's Embrace for months!" she said excitedly. "La hija, what is this movie rated?" Ms. Trejo asked, giving a weary look to the two girls. "PG-13, Madre!" Vanessa answered, running over to hug her mother before kissing her cheek. "We'll be back in a few hours." the young woman turned to head out with Diane, when her watch beeped. "Que fue eso?" her mom asked, Diane giving a look that said 'Oh, crap!'. "That was my new..Text tone! The guys are probably waiting for us at the theater. Gotta go!" The two girls rushed out the front door, shutting it behind them .

"What's up T.K?" Diane asked into her watch, the two walking down the sidewalk while checking to make sure they weren't being watched. "I need everyone at the Garage now! I'm getting an emergency S.O.S signal that you need to investigate." Vanessa looked over to her friend with an eyebrow raised as the two vanished into thin air. At the Garage, the guys were all leaning over their tech friend, a message coming through the computer speakers, repeating. "Venjix robots kidnapped Operator Series Yellow! Energy levels are now, request assistance!"

"Operator Series Yellow? Wait a sec, isn't that the-" Zeke started "Designation for the RPM Yellow Ranger? Yes." T.K finished, bringing up footage of Grinders carrying off an unconscious Ranger. "The video and audio come from Corinth, a domed city that exists in an alternate world. Sadly that's all Jake and I could put into the archives. When Series Red teamed up with the Samurai Rangers, he learned about the four other RPM Rangers, and just that." "So how -do- we get to Corinth?" asked Spike, T.K responding "There's been portals opening a closing at random, but one's been open for a while. By linking your energies up to the Grid that exists there, you'll be teleported to Corinth. However, there is a window of time; If you take too long, you'll be stuck there for a long while, maybe forever." The Rangers all looked at each other, giving a nod of understanding. "We're willing to do whatever it takes to help our allies." said Jerome.

The six stood side by side on a circular device, T.K hitting a few buttons on her keyboard while looking at the team. "Remember, your time in Corinth is limited. Rescue Operator Series Yellow and get back here as soon as possible." As soon as she hit enter, the machine activated, but something went horribly wrong; A spark shot out of the machine, blinding everyone. Vanessa let out a scream of absolute pain, grabbing her head as the six of theme vanished, T.K's eyes were wide in horror. "What have I done..?"

The six of them landed in a small pile in front of an opened garage door, inside was a red sports style car, a blue Hummer, and yellow motorcycle. After they untangled themselves, Diane slowly helped Vanessa up, looking at her in a concerned manner. "You okay girl?" she asked the yellow Ranger slowly backing up from the group. "Who-who are you? Where am I?!" "You gotta be kidding me.." Zeke said in disbelief. "Can you tell us your name?" asked Jerome, approaching her but she backed up, shaking her head. Jake slowly walking over to her, hands raised as to show her he meant no harm. "Hey, its alright. We're your friends, and we're here to help a fellow Ranger." "Ranger?" she asked, confused. "Let's head inside, there seems to be people here so we can try to ask for their help." said Spike.

Inside the Corinth Garage, the teenagers sat Vanessa down at a workbench, Jerome walking away with Jake as the two looked for people inside the building. "Vanessa, do you know how this happened to you?" Diane asked softly, sitting beside her. "No, I can't remember anything except a..a flash of light? Then my head started hurting." "It must have been whatever happened when we teleported here." Zeke said, arms crossed, looking over at Spike who was looking over the red car. "What are you doing?" "You have to see this car! It's beautiful!" Diane shook her head, saying "I'm Diane, you and I are best friends. This is Zeke, that's Spike. The two who walked off are Jerome and Jake. We're all your friends, and we're the protectors of the planet Earth." she said, holding out her wrist watch, and showing Vanessa her own. "We are Power Rangers."

"Hello, is anyone here?" Jerome called out, both he and Jake having made their way to a dead end, at least it looked like one; they could see a light underneath a small crack. "Let's look for a switch or something." said Jake, the two patting the nearby wall for something, when Jerome hit a nearby lose brick, pushing it in. A door slowly rose up, revealing a brightly lit room with equipment. "Guys, come here, quick!" Jerome called out, standing before a display case. The four ran from the main garage area and to the secret door. "These have got to be the RPM suits!" Zeke said, looking them over. "Wait a sec..The Yellow suit's still here!" Spike said, pointing at it, looking to the others. "Wait, if its here, who is using the RPM yellow powers?" asked Jake, a voice speaking up behind them saying "No one is. The Ranger Operator Bio-suits have not been in use for nearly four whole years."

The six teenagers spun around to see a woman of short stature, her black hair was a bit longer then it had used to be; tied in a bun and going past her cheeks slightly were two looser strands framing her face. "I do not not who you are, but you are trespassing on private property." "Wait! We're not here to hurt you or anything. We came here to help." "Explain, you have ten seconds." the woman said, reaching for a nearby violin and bow. "We received a transmission that Ranger Operator Series Yellow had been kidnapped and needed help." said Diane, Vanessa whispering to her "Whats a Series Yellow?" The woman still held her violin and bow, explaining to the group what they were at length.

"The Ranger Operator Bio Suits are a form of defense for Corinth. I created them to do battle with Venjix. After the Operators defeated him, the suits have been here in case they were ever needed again. How did you receive this transmission?" "It came through the computer system of our own Garage. We're from a world where we are are the Power Rangers." Jerome said, showing his own Morpher. "You have a Bio-Field where you come from?" she asked, slowly setting the items down. "Who are you exactly?" "We're the Legacy Rangers, and where we come from, its called the Morphing Grid.. I'm Zeke, this is Jerome, Spike, Diane, Jake, and Vanessa." "How did you end up in Corinth?" "Look, if we're going to play twenty questions, you could at least tell us your name." Diane said irritatedly. "Oh, yes. My apologies, my name is Doctor K, creator and former mentor of what you call the RPM Rangers."

"Doc, we came here via a portal that's been opening and closing, creating a link between our worlds. We have a short amount of time before they close for good. Do you have any idea what might have sent that false transmission?" Spike asked. Doctor K sat her desk, scanning the frequencies for anything that might have gone through. "Got something! An audio message coming from by the old Venjix Barricade...and video footage of.." Doctor K blinked, squinting her eyes as she watched the feed. "I can't believe this, they doctored footage from four years ago, turning a civilian into Ranger Yellow." "We can go out there and look for whoever sent it. Would it be possible to borrow the RPM powers? We aren't sure if ours will work here." Jake said, looking at Vanessa in a worried manner. "I'm afraid not, for two resons. One, the Cell Shift, Rev, and Sky Morphers were all D.N.A bonded by their original users. Two, after the Rangers defeated Venjix, Ranger Red- I mean Scott's- Cell Shift Morpher was infected with the last traces of the Venjix Virus. If it gets activated, the Bio-Field could be corrupted and destroyed. What's wrong with your friend?" Doc K asked, her scanners having read the fields of the Rangers, only to find Vanessa's was out of tune with the others. "She lost her memory when we were sent here."

"Come here, please?" Doc K asked the young woman, who slowly walked forward over to the Doctor. "It appears the short circuit of your transport device shot itself into her Morpher and caused a synaptic shutdown." Doc K said, scanning Vanessa's body with a hand held device. "Meaning...?" Diane asked. "Meaning until she gets her memories back on her own, she wont be much use to you in a fight. I'll watch after her, you have my word." Doctor K said, opening up a drawer and tossing Jerome a key. "That is the key to Flynn's Hummer you can fit five in there. Go out to the barricade and see whats going on." "So... Who's driving?" asked Jerome, a grin coming across Zeke's face.

The wasteland had grown since the defeat of Venjix; flowers and grass was growing where what use to be infinite sand and dirt, the sky had gone from scorched and red to a faint blue with slight clouds. Slowly, but surely, there world was putting itself back together. The Hummer engine roared out in the open, Zeke letting out a loud "Wooo-hoooo!" as Jerome sat in the passenger seat, clutching the handle on the upper right side, with Spike, Diane and Jake holding hands and praying their seat belts lasted the trip.

"Never again am I riding with you as driver!" Diane said as she jumped out of the car when it finally stopped at the old Venjix Barricade; dozens of laser guns, large blocks, and scrapped Grinders were now rusted. "Doctor K said the signal was emitting from around here, all we have to do is find- ahhhh!" Spike was sent flying back to the ground, blasts of red energy, robots emerging from behind the barricade blocks and making mechanical sounds. "What the heck are those?!" Jake yelled in surprise, the robots firing more shots; Zeke helped Spike get up, the five of them running to the back of the car. "Rangers, Doctor K here; the robots you see before you are leftover Grinders, you can defeat them if you're able to Morph. If research was correct, your Morphing Grid and my Bio Field should be one in the same." "We'll give it a shot!" Jerome said into his watch, looking at the other four, saying "Ready?" Spike, Diane and Jake each said, "No!" "Whaddya mean ready!?" "No, I'm not ready!" "Legacy Power, Activate!" Jerome yelled out, the others following suit and going on the offensive. "Looks like Doc K was right! Who knows how long our powers will last though?" said Legacy Pink.

Back at the RPM Base, Vanessa watched the five Rangers on the screen, Doctor K typing a few things into her computer. "Those suits look very familiar for some reason." said Vanessa, studying the battle. "Do they ring any bells? Doc K asked sincerely, looking at her. Vanessa looked down at her own watch in silence while tracing a finger over it. The young girl took a deep breath, copying what she had seen on the screen and whispered "Legacy Power, Activate." Letting out a slight pained gasp, she transformed into Legacy Yellow, looking herself over and saying in shock "I -am- a Power Ranger!" "Do you feel up to helping your friends?" "I'm not sure, do you think I-ugh!" Legacy Yellow grabbed her helmet, shutting her eyes tightly. "What's wrong?!" Doc K grabbed her hands, but Yellow slowly stood fully after a moment of panting. "I remember them! I..I don't know who I am still, not fully, but I do know they're my friends, and they need my help!"

"Ha!" Ghost Ranger went in for a leg sweep on one of the Grinders, Legacy Pink following up with a spinning knee strike to its neck area, causing the mechanical head to fly off. Legacy Green and Blue took turns shooting and slicing a few of them up, as Red sent the last few back with a few Tae Kwon Do kicks to the chest. "Alright, that takes care of that, now to find that signal." he said, the small group walking towards the Venjix Barrier. Once they reached the other side, a pig shaped robot squealed loudly, kicking over a radio and growling. "Stupid human junk! How am I supposed to get those RPM Rangers out here when I can't transmit a distress signal!" "So that thing was trying to get the Rangers of Corinth to attack them. But got us instead..." Legacy Blue said, aiming his Shot Blaster at the robot, only for a portal to appear behind him and suck him in, another opening up to drop him from the sky with an 'oof!'.

"Hahahaha! You think you could sneak up on me that easily? I am Warp Pig! You are not going to leave this world alive!" "Are you the one that opened up that portal to our world?" "Right the first time! I was trying to open one into Corinth, but I got you punks! Oh well, a Ranger is still a Ranger!" Letting out a robotic oink, Warp Pig's hooves turned into miniature cannons, shooting out a large portal that sucked all five Rangers in and sent them flying into different directions, slamming into the ground.

Back at RPM HQ, Doc K was watching the battle with Warp Pig, and seeing how the Legacy Rangers couldn't get near the robot, she began to type furiously on her keyboard, streaming through data files. "They may not be able to use the original powers, but maybe I can help them in another way."

Warp Pig sent more portals at the Rangers, sending them into the air and then slamming them into parts of the barrier, laughing. "You can't even touch me!" "Man, this stinks! We cant even get near him!" Legacy Blue said, slamming a fist into the ground. The robot was going to fire more portals, when a motorcycle revving caught his attention. Speeding towards him was Legacy Yellow on the bike owned by Summer Landsdown. "Hyaaaaaa!" Yellow leapt off the bike right as a portal was fired at her, slamming into the robot with a double booted kick, sending them back. "Vanessa!" Legacy Pink cheered, going to hug her friend. "I don't remember everything yet, but I do remember you are my friends." she said, the Rangers standing beside her as Doc K's voice came through their watches. "Rangers, I down-Morphed the data of the Ranger Series Operator Suits into your Morphers. They won't be as powerful as the original hard copies, but they'll suffice."

"Thanks, Doc! We'll put 'em to good use!" "Time to Transcend!" Legacy Yellow said, standing in front of the others who held up their watches yelling out "Legacy Transcendence! RPM, Get in Gear!" "Legacy Transcendence! Fusion-RPM Gold and Silver!" Ghost Ranger called out, combining the suits of both Rangers. The six of them posed, epic explosions going off behind them. "It doesn't matter what powers you have, I will suck you into an infinite vortex!" "You may be powerful, but you'll find out the hard way what happens when you mess with the Legacy Rangers!" said Legacy RPM Blue, summoning the Turbo Cannon and firing it, Legacy RPM Green ran forward with his Turbo Axe and brought it over his head, tripping and slamming the weapon down on the robots foot. Legacy RPM Yellow and Black went for a team attack, with Yellow firing off her Zip Charger, Black firing off a burst from her Rocket Blaster to give the car a boost, slamming into Warp Pig's stomach, causing him to squeal in pain.

"Street Saber Slash!" Legacy RPM Red yelled, rushing past the robot in a blur, slashing him with the blade, with Legacy RPM Gold/Silver firing a stream of fire and ice at him. The pig shaped robot fell onto his back, trying to get up. "Now, put them together!" Legacy RPM Red, Blue and Yellow combined the Street Saber, Turbo Cannon and Zip Charger, while Legacy RPM Black and Green combined the Rocket Blaster and Turbo Axe. "Road Blaster!" "Turbo Plasma Launcher!" "Skyshift Blazer!" Legacy Gold/Silver combined the Cloud Hatchets into one, all three weapons glowing. "No, I'm not going down like this!" Warp Pig yelled, finally getting onto its knees, the Rangers all yelling out "FIRE!" the three shots firing and hitting the robot one after another, causing it to explode.

"Doc K, thank you for the Powers. Are you sure you don't want us to give them back?" asked Jerome. "Keep them, you never know when you may need them again in your fight against this Empire you told me about. Vanessa, how do you feel?" "Better, after I powered down, the rest of my memories came back, I think using your Bio Field may have cleared up the glitch." "Zeke? Thank you for bringing back the Hummer in one piece, Flynn would've blown a gasket if anything had happened to it. Same with Summer's motorcycle." Giving the team a smile, Doc K hit a few buttons on her computer, and the team would be teleported back to their own world, this time without any issues.

Once they arrived, T.K rushed over and hugged the Yellow Ranger tightly, who returned the gesture with a smile. "Don't worry, mi amigo, you did nothing wrong." "Still, I'm sorry that happened to you. How can I make it up to you?" Vanessa turned to Diane, who gave a mischievous smile. "You could go see Vampire's Embrace with us?" "Uhhh. No." "Too late, it's been decided!" Vanessa said, grabbing T.K by the arm and dragging her along with the other Rangers, who chanted "Movie night! Movie night! Movie night!"

-To Be Continued-
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Chapter 18: Code of Honor

Luven worked about in his lab, the data files he had gotten from K'Turi were spread out on his screen, going through each of them; they held information on the older teams of Rangers, their main enemies, the henchmen who fought for them, and the monsters the Rangers had fought. "With these files, our ultimate plan will come to be, our Emperor's goal conquering this system will come to fruition! The three phases have been completed, now we need only one more item..Ahhh. What have we here?" There was a glowing data line coming from the Samurai folder. He clicked onto the folder and scrolled down to the glowing line, eyes lighting up. "So, they thought it was too powerful, hmm? We'll just have to use it and find out!"

At Blue Bay High, during the last period of the day, Mrs. Peabody was showing off slides of Japanese Samurai warriors from various periods of Japan, saying. "Although they started out of warriors, the Samurai eventually become politically involved with the Shogunate, and finally during the Meiji era were eventually made null and void due to the laws the Emperor had enforced. They followed a code of morals, called what?" she asked her students, no one speaking until Spike raised his hand. "Yes, Spike?" "The Code of Bushido. It contained seven virtues that the Samurai followed to the letter, and should they ever have brought dishonor to themselves of their Emperor, committed ritual suicide, called Seppuku." "Very good! Looks like you've been studying hard this semester, Mr. Skullovitch."

"Dude, how did you know so much about that?" asked Zeke after school had let out; he, Spike, Jake, and Vanessa had been hanging out at the library working on research papers for various classes, while Jerome and Diane headed to the Garage to help T.K fill out the RPM archives with a disk Doc K had given them before they returned from Corinth. "My Uncle Bulk trained me to become a Samurai warrior when I went to go visit him Panorama City a few years back. Thanks to him, and the Samurai Power Rangers, I became curious about the culture and ideals, so I did some big time studying." Spike said with a goofy smile.

"Glad to see you found a subject you can enjoy, mi amigo." Vanessa said with multiple books opened up on a table, writing down notes into her notebook while Jake had his face blocked by a book titled "History of Renaissance Era Italy", Zeke giving a chuckle while saying "Didn't take you for the artsy type!" Without pulling the book down, Jake grabbed one of his small erasers and chucked at his friend, who ducked. "And what are you writing about Zeke?" Vanessa asked, closing the books. "The history of Kamen Rider, of course!" She and Spike let out a slight groan, Jake laughing behind his book.

At the Crystal Harbor Mushashi Shrine, a warrior dressed in full armor made their way to a sword shaped rock, holding out their hand which clutched a small jewel that vibrated more intently the closer he got. Letting out a grunt, the warrior slammed their free hand into the rock, the substance crumbling to reveal a shining sword with a circular hand guard, the monster laughing triumphantly as it raised the blade into the air. "The Tul'Van Empire claims this sword as its arm of war!" At a certain house in Panorama City, alarms went off, a man wearing a hamaki and kinomo style top tapped his coffee table to reveal a map of Crystal Harbor, his eyes going wide at the source of the alarm. Stepping outside the house, he approached a young man training with a bamboo blade, looking up when he saw the older man approach. "Mentor Ji, what's the matter?" "Jayden, I am afraid the moment we feared has finally come. We must bring the team back together."

Jerome slid the disc out of the computer, T.K typing up the last few bits of information about the RPM Rangers, sitting back in her chair with a sigh of relief. "Boy, sure is good to have a more complete archive for whoever comes after us, you know?" "What do you mean?" asked Diane, who sat beside her, having helped take notes from the disc. "The Legacy Rangers won't be around forever. It's a sad idea to think about, yes, but once you guys beat the Tul'Van Empire, will there be anymore need for us?" "Until we know our planet is truly safe, I think the Power Rangers will always be needed, regardless of which team it is." said Jerome, who leaned against a table, arms crossed.

"Fair point, Red Ranger, at least we'll be able to rest easy once this is all over." T.K smiled at them, relaxing in her chair until the alarms started going off. "Oh, it figures!" she grumbled, sitting up straight and bringing up as visual. "We got a monster at the Mushashi Shrine by the forest, and the energy readings are going wild! Get going, I'll contact the others to meet you there."

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" asked Legacy Red, he and Pink standing side by side as the monster with the sword turned to face them. "You must be the Power Rangers! I am Ronin, seeker of weapons and guardian of the Emperor! I'll have fun using this weapon against you." "Try that against six Rangers!" Ghost Ranger said, as he, Legacy Yellow, Green, and Blue jumped through the air to land beside their friends, standing side by side." "Gladly!" Ronin charged forward with the special weapon, the Rangers running at him to attack; he slashed through them easily, the sword sending out arcs of red lightning. After they fell to the ground, he gave out a laugh. "Hahaha! If this is all you have, you'll fall to this blade easily!"

Raising the blade over his head, Ronin went for a final attack, only for six colors to blur past him, each letting out a sword slash and standing on the opposite side of the battle. The Legacy Rangers and Ronin looked over to the attackers; Six Power Rangers, wearing Samurai like attire in the colors of Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Gold. "That sword doesn't belong to you. Return it immediately or face the wrath of the Samurai Rangers!" Samurai Red declares, each Samurai Ranger removing their Spin Sword Katana and posing together. "More Rangers, this should be interesting!"

"Rangers, attack!" Red commanded, Samurai Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Gold rushing forward to do battle with Ronin, each using their own spin sword to try and strike him, however he would use a three sixty degree slash, red lightning shooting them all back. "Hang on guys, we got your back!" Legacy Blue called out, summoning his Shot Blaster to fire it at Ronin, who smacked the energy bullet out the way with the sword. "Stay back! This is our problem!" Samurai Blue said, going for another attack, Ronin slamming his blade against his own, sending him into a crouch as Samurai Red jumped through the air, spinning the disk on his hand guard to send out a lightning strike of his own.

"Aghr!" Ronin went tumbling down, rolling into a crouch and leaping high, Legacy Red and Yellow following him with their own weapons drawn, going for an attack, only for Samurai Yellow and Green to knock them away from the monster, each landing on a crouch. "We said leave, let us handle this!" Samurai Green yelled, only for Legacy Pink to slam her staff into his stomach, saying "This is our home, we'll fight to defend it!" Samurai Pink spun her disc around on her sword, yelling out "Airway!" sending forth a gust of wind at Ronin. Raising his arms to shield himself, growling. "I've had enough of this! MUSASHI DECIMATION!" he roared, multiple lightning strikes hitting all of the Rangers, sending them to the ground and he vanishing, laughing.

"We could have handled that guy! Thanks to you he got away!" Legacy Blue rushed Samurai Blue, starting to punch at him while Legacy and Samurai Yellow went at one another with their respective weapons. "This is a matter of the Samurai Rangers, we're the ones responsible for that sword!" "So are the Legacy Rangers! We can help each other!" Samurai Red and Legacy Red said to each other, circling one another with their swords ready. Clenching his fists, Legacy Green watched the two teams fight one another, before yelling out at the top of his lungs "STOP FIGHTING!" All eleven warriors froze, Legacy Green powering down to his civilian clothes, Samurai Pink slowly approaching him and powering down as well. "Spike!?" "Hello, Mia." he said slightly sheepishly, the other Samurai Rangers powering down and approaching him as well. "When did you become a Power Ranger?" asked Emily, smiling at him. "Earlier this year...Those people your fighting? Are my friends." Spike said, the Legacy Rangers and Ghost Ranger powering down, looking over each of the Samurai Rangers with slight irritation. "We should return to the house. We need to chat with our successors." Jayden said, looking down in shame.

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Thanks to your squabbling, Ronin got away with the Musashi Blade." Mentor Ji was not happy with either team at the moment, all of them sitting on the large couch in the Shiba House. "Ji, that sword is a Samurai issue and-" "Quiet, Mike! Both teams were in the wrong in that battle. You're all Rangers, you're suppose to help each other, not ego measure."

"Sir? What exactly is the Musashi Blade?" Vanessa asked, sitting beside Emily and Zeke on the couch. Jayden slowly stood, bringing out his Samuraizer and tracing a symbol for the word 'Past' A video like image played in front of them as he spoke. "The Samurai Powers are passed down from generation to generation of our families. Each new child is raised to eventually become the next Ranger in line, but there is one power that our ancestors deemed too powerful. Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary Kenjutsu practitioner was the original Samurai Ranger, but he kept this secret from all others." "How did he do that? Become a Ranger I mean?" asked Jake, leaning forward and giving his full attention.

"Using his Five Rings teachings, he was able to harness the spirit of the warrior, and used this to make his own style armor. and went to work to create a sword that would fit his dual sword style. However, the sword was too powerful to wield, and he was unable to master it before his passing. Our ancestors found the Musashi Blade and, after numerous attempts to harness it, decided to hide the blade as a rock in what would eventually become your Crystal Harbor. Ronin now has the sword, and if he unlocks its full powers? We're all in trouble." "This is why you must all work together to defeat him. If you continue to fight one another, then nothing will be accomplished." Ji said, arms crossed.

"We'll do whatever it takes to stop him, Mr. Ji." Spike said, standing up and looking at the teams. "We fight as one group, no fighting, no ego trips." "Agreed." said Jayden, looking at them all. "However, Ronin fights like a true Samurai warrior. We will train you to hone your instincts and reaction timing. We have very little time, so lets get started now." The twelve warriors made their way to the training arena, each Samurai Ranger mentoring their respective successor in combat. "Jake, where is your weapon?" Antonio asked, Jake holding up his fists, saying "These are all I ever really used unless I need something else." The young Spanish man shook his head, grabbing a small dagger and putting it into a sheath. "You're going to learn how a barracuda can have a bonita bite!"

"Zeke, have you ever used a sword?" Kevin asked, standing beside the gamer as the two did repeated strikes with bamboo blades. "My main weapon is a gun, but I have used swords when turning into other Rangers." "I see. Kenjutsu is a very well known sword school, and I think you'd do well in learning some more techniques." "Being a Samurai is not just about swords and strength of attacks. There must be a gracefulness to your techniques as well." said Mia as she, Diane, Vanessa, and Emily went through a kata with their own bamboo swords. "You must focus your breathing, search for your inner strength and let all distractions leave your mind." Emily spoke, smiling at the three.

Jayden stood beside Jerome, the two watching their team members with pride. "Those are some good friends you have there." Jerome said. "You as well, I am sorry we started off on the wrong foot. We weren't aware that a new team had been formed yet..Things had been so quiet that we thought the war was over, you know?" "No worries! Rangers stick together." The two shook hands as Mike yelled "Heads up!", the two ducking as a bamboo sword went flying past them and through a window, Spike blushing and slowly scooting back.

A little while later, All twelve Rangers stood before the Musashi Shrine, Ronin appearing in a swirl of leaves, Musashi Blade in hand. "So you've returned for your surrender? There is honor in accepting defeat." "You know nothing of honor! A real Samurai would never misuse the sword you wield! Let's show them how we follow -our- code of honor!" said Jayden, with he, Kevin, Emily, and Mia taking out their Samuraizers, tracing Kanji in the air and punching them, saying "Go Go Samurai!" while Antonio took out a cell phone, opening and saying "Samurai Morpher, Gold Power!" "Shall we?" asked Jerome, grinning at his team as they spun their watch faces around, calling out "Legacy Power, Activate!" All twelve transformed, with the Samurais' pulling out their Spin Swords and attaching a colored disk to the handle, spinning them. "Fire Smasher!" "Hydro Bow!" "Forest Spear!" "Earth Slicer!" "Sky Fan!" "Barracuda Blade!" Each sword transformed into a different weapon; Samurai Red's sword became a larger zanbato, Samurai Blue's sword turning into a large bow, Samurai Green's sword turned into a three pronged spear, Yellow's a three bladed shuriken, and Pink's a war fan.

"Red Legacy Saber!" "Shot Blaster!" "Stingray Katana!" "Wolf Fang Daggers!" "Spark Staff!" "Ghost Barracuda Blade!" All twelve warriors stood tall as Ronin snapped his fingers, Nokbots appearing by the dozens. "Remember, trust your instincts!" Samurai Red spoke, the two Ranger teams rushed forward, splitting off into duo groups to fight the robots.

Samurai Pink swung her Sky Fan around her, creating a breeze to lift the robots up into the air, as Legacy Pink slammed her Spark Staff into the ground, sending a bolt of lightning down from the sky to electrocute them all, falling to the ground. Legacy Blue and Samurai Blue both stood back to back, firing off shots from their respective weapons, taking out a small group, the two high-fiving each other. Samurai Green ran forward with his spear, gathering up Nokbots between the blades and with a grunt, tossed them into the air, Legacy Green jumping after them to slice them up rapidly, the robots falling to the ground in pieces, while cheering "Just like a real Samurai!". The Yellow Rangers took turns slicing the Nokbots that ran at them, with Samurai Yellow back flipping and throwing her Earth Slicer at a small group, Legacy Yellow following suit to nail the last two. Ghost Ranger and Samurai Gold became blurs of speed, both yelling out "Barracuda Bite!" while Nokbots were slashed from both Rangers, exploding once the two sheathed their blades. Finally, Samurai and Legacy Red powered up their respective swords, letting out a battle cry as they sent out a wave of fire and a wave of energy, the rest of the robots exploding.

"You may have beaten those worthless robots, but you will not beat the Musashi Blade!" Ronin yelled, running forward and slashing each Ranger with a red lightning cut, causing them to fall to the ground in pain. "This guy is just too powerful with that weapon! We need to take it up to the next level!" Samurai Red commanded, the Rangers getting up, with the five main Samurai each pulling out a black Spin Disk and Black Box, attaching it to their Spin Swords. "Super Samurai Mode!" they called out together, each getting a white and gold long tailed vest. "Not bad at all, let's show them we do it Legacy style!" Legacy Red spoke, all six Rangers calling together "Legacy Battleizer Mode!" and each transforming into their respective Battleizer! "Hya!" they all charged toward Ronin as one group. "Hya! Ha! Waa!" The twelve Rangers all attacked, the warrior blocking their attacks with the Musashi Blade, sending them back with a burst of red lightning. The teams were driven back by his onslaught, but they would not give in. "Hit him with your attacks as one!" Legacy Red commanded, the Samurai Rangers powering up their swords as the Legacy Rangers powered up their weapons, Ghost Ranger and Gold Samurai powering up their fists and Barracuda Blade. "Blazing Strike!" "Dragon Splash!" "Forest Vortex!" "Seismic Swing! "Airway!" "Barracuda Bite!" "Phoenix Shot!" "Collateral Shot!" "Lightning Smasher!" "Blade Storm!" "Thunder Cut!" "One Thousand Phantom Fists!" The attacks flew out, combining into a giant kanji that represented 'Unity' and slammed into Ronin, who shouted "You may have defeated me, but there are more Royal Guards who will fight for the Tul'Van Empire!" Letting out a yell, both him and the Mushashi blade turning to dust.

Back at the Shiba House, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily, Mike, and Antonio stood infront of Jerome, Zeke, Diane, Vanessa, Spike, and Jake. "In honor of our alliance and victory of Ronin, we represent you these as a sign of our friendship and camaraderie." said Jayden, each of them holding out a different colored Spin Disc that, when the Legacy Rangers took with a bow, would turn into energy and shoot into their Morphers. "Whoa, what was that?" asked Kevin. "I think we just earned the right to use the Samurai powers." said Zeke, who held his fist out toward them, each Ranger stacking a fist on top of the other and calling out "Friends together, Rangers forever!" "But before you go, you have to try a dish prepared by Mia." said Mike, Emily shooting him a look of terror. Mia brought out six plates, serving each a portion of the meal she cooked. "Looks pretty good!" said Jake, taking a bite, his friends doing the same, only for them to each rush from the living room and into the kitchen, yelling "Water!" " I cant get the taste off my tongue!" "How can anyone eat this!?" with Jayden, Mike, Emily, Kevin, and Mentor Ji laughing, and Mia sighing.

On the Tul'Van ship, Luven bowed before the Emperor, speaking. "Your Excellency, though the Musashi Blade is gone, I come to inform you that your plan is ready." Emperor Tul'Van stood, his guards removing the screen to reveal him as he said "Send in everything.."

-To Be Continued-
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Chapter 19: Preservation of Legacy Part One

"This is Amy Jennings reporting for Channel Ten News! I'm live at the scene of a fight between what appears to be an invasion of some sort and the Power Rangers, and- oh my God! Their Megazord just blew up! They landed nearby, Johnny, come on, let's get a closeup!" Amy and her cameraman walked over some of the small rubble to get a shot of the Rangers unmorphed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have video of our heroes unmasked.."

-Earlier That Day-

"Class, today I am going to ask you a question that your parents and friends have asked you many times throughout your life; What do you want to be when you grow up? You only have a year of high school left before you graduate, and it is time to be thinking about the future." Mrs. Peabody spoke to her class with a smile, looking for anyone who would volunteer, when Jerome raised his hand. "Yes, Jerome?"

"I want to be a senator for Crystal Harbor. Nowadays, we see people blaming our government on matters that they feel can be easily fixed; some of the people that are in power do not care, or are corrupt. I want to make a difference with what I can do." "That's a long term goal, very impressive! Anyone else?" Zeke raised his hand saying "I want to be a video game designer." Vanessa then said "I would like to be a professional chef." Diane spoke up next saying "I want to be a museum curator, working in the store made me appreciate history." Spike was next after some thought, speaking "I want to help people, so I might end up becoming a volunteer for groups." Other students started to answer as well; "Fashion designer!" "Actor!" "Architect!" "Football player!". Mrs. Peabody then looked at Jake, who hadn't said anything after all the students gave their answer. "Jake, what about you?" "I..I just want to be able to grow old and live in peace. I know that may sound weird but I have my reasons for wanting that." "Everyone has something they wish to do, so its not as strange as you think. Your assignment for today is to write one paragraph about your long term goals." The bell rang, class ending.

After school, the six were on the bus home, chatting it up when Cliff the bus driver heard something strange on his radio, "Hey kids, can you all quiet down a sec?" he asked, turning the radio up. There were shouts in other languages coming through the speaker, asking for help or shouting orders, as well as gunfire and explosions. "What on Earth could that be?" the bus driver asked himself, when he looked up an slammed onto the brakes; traffic was at a standstill with people getting out of their cars. The students looked out the bus windows, when the sky would go from sunny and bright, to eclipsed in darkness by vast amounts of flying ships.

"It's the Empire, they've finally made their move.." Jake said in a whisper, eyes glued to all the ships flying overheard, firing lasers in every which direction . "There must be thousands of them." said Diane. "Everyone off the bus, get to safety!" Cliff yelled, the students all evacuating as the six teens stood beside one another, Jerome speaking into his watch "T.K, we got a problem here!" "Understatement of the year! There are Tul'Van ships attacking all over the world, their military forces are trying to hold them off, but I'm not sure how long they'll last!" T.K said through her headset microphone, various videos from news all over the world showing the Tul'Van warships firing on the people.

"We have to protect Crystal Harbor, no matter what!" Zeke declared, when a bright light shot down from the main ship, with two alien like beings wielding scimitar like swords. "We speak for Emperor Tul'Van. Surrender and we will spare your lives! Refuse and you will be annihilated!" Jake looked from his friends to the Kings men, holding up his Morpher. "Tell your Emperor that the Power Rangers will fight back til the very end! Ready guys?!" The other five held their own Morphers up, declaring "Legacy Power, Activate!" The six Rangers stared the Royal Guards down, who charged forward, sending forth beams of power at the team, causing a cloud of smoke to rise. "Legacy Transcendence! Go Go Samurai!" When the smoke cleared, they had Transcended into the Samurai Rangers, bringing out their swords to fight their enemies, the two guards crossed their scimitar's and send out an X shaped energy blast, the Rangers jumping over it and charging forward.

"My Emperor, our forces are too spread out to make a coherent attack on the Rangers, we need to regroup all our attack ships on their city to defeat them." Luven stood beside Emperor Tul'van, who wore a Resolution Blue and Gold battle armor, consisting of jagged shoulder pads that had twin 'flags' hanging off of the back, the same color as his armor, bladed gauntlets and boots, his face obscured by a helmet with a blue mouth guard and gold visor. "Luven, out of all my trusted warriors, soldiers, and scientists, only you have survived. K'Turi, Chosav, Zachex, and the Black Phantom Ranger have all failed me. You will be rewarded well for your efforts and completion of my plans. Recall our forces, and have them annihilate Crystal Harbor."

"Hya!" Legacy Samurai Red brought his spin sword to clang loudly against the first guard's sword, who let out a chuckle and heated his scimitar up, his weapon starting to melt through the Ranger's weapon. "What the?!" "Hang on Jerome!" Legacy Samurai Blue firing arrows from the Hydro Bow at the first attacker, only to be sent flying by the second one, reverting to his base suit with a grunt. Legacy Samurai Pink and Yellow ran forward while sending out their elemental attacks, the second guard being pelted by rocks and lifted off the ground, letting out a growl as he flew at the two ladies, slashing them with enough force to send them flying into the abandoned bus, reverting them to their base suits, crying out "Agh! "Ahh!".

The skies soon darkened, by both all the ships that had joined the attack, and a thunderstorm that began to rage, rain pouring down. Legacy Samurai Green's body began to glow with a light aura, spinning a green spin disk and turning the Spin Sword into the Forest Spear. Letting out a yell, he charged the Royal Guard who had sent Legacy Samurai Red to one knee, and drove the spear into its back, sending forth a vortex of earth that made the enemy fly forward, exploding. "Thanks, Spike." "Anytime, friend." the two powered down to their base suits, helping Legacy Blue, Pink and Yellow up while Legacy Samurai Gold was trying his best to keep the second Royal Guard at bay, the two circling one another before the monster held its hand out, the first scimitar flew to its hand, slicing the Ranger in an X shape and sending him flying back right as the Barracuda Blade cut his arm.

"Jake!" Legacy Yellow helped her friend up, the six of them looking at the warrior in front of them with fury. "Time to take it to the next level! Battleizer Mode!" Legacy Red yelled, the others calling out "Legacy Battleizer Mode!" The six transformed once more into their armored forms, the Royal Guard shouting "Say goodbye to your planet!" "For Earth!" Ghost Ranger declared, the six running at their opponent, yelling.

"The instructions to its building were followed to the letter, per your command, my Emperor. All the items we acquired on this planet aided in its completion." Luven spoke as he lead the Emperor down many corridors down to the docking bay of the ship, lights turning on to show Tul'Van a massive robot designed in his image. "It is to your liking, your Excellency?" "Very much so, Luven. Very much so..Is it battle ready?" "Yes, sir. " "Good, I wish to use it on the Rangers. Prepare for aerial battle!"

The Royal Guard slammed its twin scimitars' into the Legacy Rangers, the warriors falling to the ground in pain, but they kept getting back up, attacking with their weapons . The rain poured down harder then before, causing them to lose their footing in the mud. "Ahhhhhh!" Legacy put his Shot Blaster point blank at his chest, screaming "COLLATERAL SHOT!" pulling the trigger and blasting the Royal Guard back, with Legacy Yellow and Green following up with strikes from their swords, Legacy Pink and Ghost slammed their weapons into the Guard's chest, sending him into the air. Waiting for him was Legacy Red, Falcon Summoner in hand and pulled back, shouting "PHOENIX SHOT!" the arrow sending the opponent back to the ground with a tremble, lightning striking the spot where he landed.

However, the Royal Gaurd stood up, pulsing with energy. "I'm taking you with me! GOODBYE, RANGERS!" The enemy exploded in a burst of energy, the Rangers flying back in different directions. After a few moments, they stood and regrouped, tired, sore, but still willing to fight. "Good job guys, that's two down, a lot more to go." Legacy Blue said, breathing hard. "Just one problem, that last attack completely destroyed your Battleizers" T.K said through the watches, Legacy Pink sighing slightly. "What do we do now?" asked Yellow. "We keep fighting." Ghost said.

"Uh... Guys?" Legacy Green spoke up, pointing to the sky. More ships arrived to help conquer Crystal Harbor! "T.K, are the Zords operational?" Red asked into his watch. "Yes, but against a force that size, I'm not sure what type of damage you'll- Hang on just a sec." At the Garage, there was a forceful pounding on the door, T.K looking around and grabbing a bag, stuffing it with a few data discs and other things including a laptop computer. Then she grabbed a bicycle and headed out a back entrance, peddaling as fast as she could when the main door exploded, Nokbots entering the base and starting to blast the Legacy Cycles, the main computer, everything.

"T.K? T.K?!" Ghost yelled into his watch, Pink grabbing him gently. "I'm sure she's okay, but right now we have to worry about that fleet. "She's right. Wanna hitch a ride with us?"asked Blue, looking at their sixth warrior. "I would like that, thank you." "Alright guys, let's summon the Zords! Red Phoenix Legacy Zord!" "Blue Bear Legacy Zord!" "Pink Chameleon Legacy Zord!" "Green Stingray Legacy Zord!" "Yellow Wolf Legacy Zord!" They all jumped into their robots, Ghost standing beside Red's seat as they all formed the Legacy Megazord.

"We're going to need to be able to fly to take out those ships." said Pink. "I think we got just the thing." Blue replied, the team spinning their watch hands to 10:04 and calling out "Legacy Megazord Transcendence! Wings of Titan Megazord!" Wings of the Mystic Garuda appeared on the robots back, taking flight into the sky, shooting straight for the ships. Laser fire shot at them from all around, the robot dodging close shots as it summoned a glowing chain, the axe in the wolf hand lowering on it as the robot swung it around on the chain length, the Rangers calling out "Legacy Chained Kunai!". Many ships were cute in half, exploding, the Rangers decimating the invaders until finally, all that was left were a few battleships and the Emperor's ship. "Let's end this!" Legacy Red declared, the Legacy Megazord flying towards the main ship, only to be kicked in the back from out of nowhere. With effort, the team stabilized the robot. "What was that?!" Flying beside them was another Megazord; Egyptian Blue and Gold in color, with six angelic like wings on the back, arms folded. A voice spoke from an intercom inside the robot.

"Hear me, Power Rangers! I am Emperor Tul'Van! You've one chance to surrender and become part of my collection, or perish as dust in the wind!" "We won't stand down to you or your army! We will never stop fighting to protect our planet!" Legacy Yellow yelled back. "I see...You have chosen utmost defeat then. Prepare for destruction!" The Tul'Van Megazord flew at the Legacy Megzaord with lightning speed, hitting it repeatedly with punches and kicks, grabbing the wings on its back and ripping them off, alarms going off in the Megazord cockpit. The Rangers went for a stab using the Chameleon arm, only for the enemy robot to grab it, and with a yell, tore it off the robot, crushing it in its grip. "NO!" screamed Legacy Pink, a hole in the robot where the arm had been. "Farewell, you meddlesome pests!" the Yul'Van Megazord punched the Rangers' robot away, one of its hands turning into a cannon as the six wings lit up, a crest appearing behind its back. Emperor Tul'Van then screamed out "AMBITION OF THE EMPIRE!", the cannon shot out a mega sized beam of energy.

The world went silent for the heroes; the fall went on for what seemed like eternity. The Legacy Megazord exploded, the robots disconnecting from each other and crashing to the ground, the Rangers all landing on the street where rubble from the earlier attacks had happened, knocked out and powered down.

-Current Time-

The Rangers woke up, unsure of how long they had been passed out. They were dirty, bruised, clothing slightly torn. They tried to get up but it was a struggle. "I can't believe we lost the Megazord.." Diane said, her voice was small, almost on the verge of crying. "It's worse then that...I think we lost our Powers.." Jerome said, holding up his fried watch Morpher. The others did the same, Jake taking a deep breath. "It can't end like this, we've fought too hard!" said Spike, he and the others sitting on a small piece of road that had been blown up when they heard a female voice. "Johnny, come on, let's get a closeup!" Amy and her cameraman walked over some of the small rubble to get a shot of the Rangers unmorphed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have video of our heroes unmasked.." the cameraman focused on the six teens, their faces full of fear and unsureness.

-To Be Concluded.-
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Final Chapter: Preservation of Legacy Part Two

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Crystal Harbor, this is Brock Lessner reporting for Channel 3 News. We've just been informed that the Power Rangers have been defeated. Our affiliates at Channel 10 have live footage of the Rangers out of their suits, so let's take it to field reporter Amy Jennings, Amy?" Ms. Trejo dropped her plate that contained the dinner she had prepared, the glass breaking once it hit the floor. On her TV screen she saw something that both shocked and frightened her; Vanessa and her friends were on the news, exposed to the entire city that they were the Power Rangers! "I've got to get to her!". Ms. Trejo ran out of her house, when Mr. and Mrs. Pai slowed their car down in front of her. "Get in, we saw the news, Diane is out there with your daughter!". Nodding, she got into the back passenger seat and the car sped off.

"I tell you Bulky, life's been good ever since we found that winning lottery ticket. Spike's been doin good in school too, can you believe that?" Bulk wasn't paying attention to his friend Skull, the two at the latter's mansion. Bulk instead had his eyes glued to a TV news report. "S-Sk-Skull? Look.." "Huh?" Skull looked at the TV, eyes going wide, the two men looking at each other and yelling "SPIKE!!!" "Jeeves, get the car ready, no wait! Bulk, c'mon we'll take yours!" The two friends crashed into each other at the front door, grumbling and running to the mans car, getting in and peeling out.

At the Johnson household, Jerome's mother was sipping on the a cup of hot cocoa as the storm raged outside, watching the TV. She had been feeling much better ever since her son gave her that bottle of water, her strength slowly returning and the cancer going into remission. When the cameraman focused on the six warriors on the ground, she let out a soft gasp, speaking to herself. "My son, a Power Ranger? Looks like right now he needs his mothers help." She stood up slowly, setting her mug down and calling out "Henry, we need to go downtown! Get a move on, hun!" Mr. Johnson came down the stairs, putting his coat on and helping his wife into hers, going to their car.

At Crystal Harbor Penitentiary, Mr. Simmons was hauling feet to the wardens office with two guards behind him, knocking on the door. "Come in." said the Warden, Mr. Simmons entering with a wild look in his eyes. "How may I help you, prisoner?" "Sir, you saw the news, right?" "The one about the Power Rangers, you mean?" "Yes, that one. Sir, my son is one of those Rangers, and he needs my help." "Please sir, let me go to him." "I'm afraid that's out of the question, prisoner. Your sentence ends in only a few weeks, why risk more jail time?" "Because my son is out there, with his friends fighting a war that Humanity is losing! If you want me to stay here for another ten years, or even twenty just so I can help Zeke? It would be -worth it!-. The warden paused in thought for a moment, then spoke. "While we cannot allow you to leave, there may be another way to help your boy. Guards, take him to the computer lab, make sure he isn't disturbed." Mr. Simmons stepped away from the desk, nodding his head in understanding. "Thank you, sir."

"Luven, that Megazord handled superbly! You've done well. Is my ground army ready for battle?" Tul'Van asked his scientist, watching as Nokbots made repairs to his battle robot. "Yes, your Excellency. Every single piece of data has been used for the ground army. Victory will be yours." "Excellent, send them down to attack." Emperor Tul'Van said, making his way back to his throne seat in the bridge area. "Victory will be mine.."

"First we lost our Battleizers, then our Megazord, and now our Powers. This has not been a good day.." said Zeke, shaking his head. "Not to mention the whole city knows who we are now." said Vanessa glumly, wincing as she stood up from her rubble spot. "Hey, we're not out of the game yet guys. We have to believe in ourselves! We're the Power Rangers, we don't give up!" Jerome said, looking his team over. "Sure, things may be bad now, but we still have a fight to win." "He's right, we're not throwing in the towel just yet." said Jake, standing beside the Red Ranger. "Jake, there is something I've been wanting to ask you for a long time." said Diane, walking over to him. "Why did you recruit us to become Power Rangers?". The Sixth Ranger looked at the ground for a few minutes before speaking up once more.

"I chose you to be Rangers for specific reasons; Jerome, you're tactical knowledge on the field is invaluable. Zeke, your computer expertise has saved us and helped with the Archives. Diane, you're determination has kept us from losing multiple times. Vanessa, you have become the heart of this group; your caring for every single member has touched all of us. Spike... I admit at first I didn't want you on the team, due to how I saw your father act as a teenager. However, you've improved both as a Ranger, and as a student, and for that I am proud of you. I am proud of -all- of you." The teens went in for a group hug, when a group of Nokbots appeared around them.

Jake let out an irritated growl, saying "I have had it with you guys!" The six of them went to work against the robots, Spike grabbing a piece of rebar and holding it in his hands like a sword. Letting out a Kiyah, Spike struck one of the Nokbots in different areas with his makeshift weapon, eventually impaling it through the chest. Vanessa and Diane entered teamed up, going into their stances and went for the attack, the Pink warrior went for strong palm strikes, ducking onto the ground as Vanessa scissor kicked a robot that had tried to tackle her friend, the Nokbot flipping into the air with Diane jumping back to her feet and spin kicking it away, the robot short circuiting. "J-Man, Double Dragon?" asked Zeke, standing beside Jerome as the two went into their stances. "You know it!" his friend replied, the two assaulting a group of Nokbots with a combo of Tae Kwon Do and Karate attacks, Zeke rolling off of Jerome's back and delivering a snap kick to a robots chest as Jerome spun in front of his friend, thrust kicking another into a pile of rubble, the two giving each other a high five. Jake attacked his opponents with fiercely strong punches, taking one of the Nokbots down with a leg sweep, punching it in the back. When more approached, he slammed his fists together, shooting out his Wolf Beast Spirit to finish them off.

"See? Even without Powers, we can still fight to protect our planet." Jerome said proudly, when T.K peddled up to them on her bike, hugging them all tightly. "Thank goodness you're alright!" Vanessa said relieved. "Bad news: The Garage has been completely over ran and toasted. Good news: I managed to save the Legacy Archives." she said, holding up the discs.

"T.K, can you repair our Morphers?" asked Diane, their tech assistant nodding. "I could, but I'm not sure if I could reconnect them to the Grid. I'm also not sure about your Zords." The Rangers looked defeated for a moment, until Zeke's phone rang, he picking it up. "Hello?" "Son, please tell me your safe!" "Dad?!" he looked at the others in shock, everyone gathering around him as he put his Father on speaker. "I'm fine, Dad. What are you doing?" "Everyone's seen the news reports, I'm helping in my own way. I've hacked my way into the the Legacy mainframe." "You what?!" T.K asked in a slightly angry voice, Zeke giving her the sign for quiet. "I'm sorry, miss, but this is all I know to do to help. Your Zords have enough energy to go back into hiding, even the one that was damaged. It'll be a while before they're operational again though. My guess is an hour or two tops." "Dad, I...Thank you." Zeke said quietly. "Hey, you and your friends have been protecting this planet for a while, and I'm proud to call you my son for that. I gotta go, keep up the fight, you guys!" he said, hanging up.

The sounds of car engines shutting off would grab their attention, getting out of them with umbrellas' would be Mr. and Mrs. Pai, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Skull, Bulk, and Ms. Trejo, who all ran over to their children, with the Johnsons hugging Zeke tightly like he was their own son. Jake stepped away quietly, eyes on the ground. "Jerome, why didn't you tell me you were a Power Ranger?" "We couldn't tell anyone, Mother. We had to keep it secret to protect the city." "Spike, you should have let me known, Bulk and I were worried sick about you!" "Dad, Uncle Bulk, I'm fine, really! I'm actually doing something good for once, with people I can call friends!" "Are you okay, my daughter?" Ms. Trejo asked, Vanessa whispering "Si, madre." as they hugged. Mr. Pai was less pleasant, starting to yell at Jake. "You, this is all your fault! You dragged our children into this mess, your war! You endangered their lives! My daughter could have been hurt because of you!" Diane stepped between the two, starting to yell at her father in Chinese, explaining that the six of them chose to become Rangers, and how their mentor, friend, their family had fought alongside them and protected them. Jake clasped a hand onto Diane's shoulder, speaking softly. "Your Dad is right..This is my fault. This was my war to begin with, and if I have to finish it alone, so be it...Go home, guys. You'll be safe with your families."

The five teenagers looked at him in shock, wanting to protest, but he shook his head. "Even if there is a ninety-nine percent chance of failure, I will fight." he said, an explosion going off behind him in the distance. "Jerome, Zeke, Diane, Vanessa, Spike. Thank you, for everything." he said, turning to walk towards the explosions source, T.K following him as the five stayed back with their parents.

"T.K, you should stay with them, you can't even fight." Jake said, hands in his pockets as he and his friend headed towards the explosions, the rain still pouring down. "I've been in this with you for over two years, Jake. I can at the very least provide moral support." she said, still riding her bicycle. They arrived on a destroyed street, and the sight below them made them freeze; Putties, Tengas, Piranhatrons, Quantrons, Stingwingers, Batlings, Cyclobots, Putrids, Kelzacs, Tyrannodrones, Krybots, Hidiacs, Chillers, Lava Lizards, Rinshi, Grinders, Moogers, and Nokbots numbering past the thousands were gathered, with Emperor Tul'Van standing atop a building, dozens of Royal Guards standing behind him, with the Emperor shouting "My mighty army! Now is the time to strike at this planet, to shove fear into the hearts of the Humans, to tear down every edifice that is not in my honor! Today, we declare victory over the Power Rangers! Today, WE WILL CONQUER EARTH!". Every single member of the army below cheered in their own way. "How could he have gotten so many?" asked T.K, shocked. "They must have gotten some data on the past as well.." Jake responded, gulping.

"Mother, I understand you're worried about our safety, and we thank you. But right now our leader, our friend...Our family needs our help." said Jerome, hugging his parents and backing away from them slowly. "We're all he has left." Zeke said, joining his friend. Vanessa gave her mother one more hug, whispering "I love you, madre." before walking to the others. Skull turned Spike to face him. "Son, I am extremely proud of you. Come back home safe, okay?" Bulk hugged Spike, saying "You've used the training I taught you well, go get them." Mr. Pai looked down at his daughter, then to the others who stood as a team. "Your mother and I wish you luck, Wilhelmina. Go, and help your friend. Protect the planet with all that you are." Diane winced at being called that name, but still hugged her parents tightly, the five of them running off to meet their friend and ally.

"T.K, in case I don't make it out of this fight, there's something I want to tell you." "You can tell me when you're done, because you will make it back, I have faith in you." Jake gave T.K a tight hug before the footsteps of five people reached their ears. Turning, the two saw the five Legacy Rangers approach them, Jerome and Jake locking eyes and giving a nod to each other. "It's the end of the world as we know it, and you wanna fight it alone? Fat chance on that, bro!" said Zeke, smiling. "We're with you until the end, good or bad." Spike said. "We're your friends, you're our leader. Power Rangers are a team, Jake." said Vanessa. Diane walked over to him, looking like she was about ready to deck him, but instead hugged him, blinking back tears and whispering "I love you..". The Sixth Ranger looked them over, extending his hand to Jerome, the two shaking hands. "Friends together.." Jerome started, the others finishing "Rangers Forever!" holding up their wrist watch fried out Morphers.

Suddenly, their Morphers began to glow, getting brighter and brighter; when the glow vanished, they were shocked to see they were repaired! "How in the world did -that- happen?" asked Spike,when a deep voice behind them spoke up. "Your willingness to do battle with your greatest enemy, in your darkest hour without any aid is commendable; You are true Power Rangers indeed." The six of them turned around to see a golden knight standing behind them. "Sentinel Knight!?" Jake exclaimed, eyes wide. "Yes, but it is not just myself; behold!" he said, waving an arm in a sweeping gesture. Standing on the rooftops around them were nineteen groups of people wearing specific colors, some of them were already transformed or were robots. all in teams. Approaching the teens were two men; Tommy Oliver and Wesley Collins. "Oh no way!" said Zeke, almost exploding in pure fan boy goodness. "Hows it goin, guys?" Tommy asked, smiling at them. "You've done well in your battle against this enemy; You held up the Legacy of the Power Rangers with both pride and honor. If there was ever a team worthy of succession, it is your team." said Wes. "But you don't have to fight this war alone anymore. We're here to fight by your side." spoke Tommy. "There are allies who have lost their powers in their own fights against evil, but you can release those powers back to them for this final battle." said Sentinel Knight.

T.K opening up her laptop and typing onto it. "Dig deep! Tap into the Morphing Grid as much as you can, just keep focused." she ordered, the Rangers looking at each other. "Let's give it a shot!" Jerome said, the Rangers holding their hands out as their Morphers glowed again, the six calling out "ULTIMATE TRANSCENDENCE!" Multiple lights shot out of their Morphers; they flew in different directions, hitting Tommy three times, as well as Aisha, Kimberly, and Billy. the Robot copies of TJ, Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley. Mike Corbett regained his powers. Shane, Dustin, Blake, Hunter, and Cam. Connor, Ethan, Trent. The last of the lights finally hit Scott, Flynn, Summer, Dillon, Ziggy, Gem and Gemma.

"Your powers have Transcended through both time and space, bringing us warriors from both the future, and other worlds, look." said Wes, pointing to a nearby rooftop to show them both the Time Force Rangers, and the SPD Rangers. "Wait a sec, who are those guys?" asked Diane, nodding to two groups in Ranger uniforms. One group of six wearing Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Pink, with a silver robot beside them.. The second group had dinosaur motifs, with Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Gold, Silver, Gray, Aqua Blue, Purple, and Dark Blue. "One from another world, and the second? Are your successors.." T.K said, looking at her laptop with wide eyes. "This is amazing!" Zeke said in amazement.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting someone?" asked a familiar voice, Jake whirling around to see Eve standing beside two people, a man and a woman wearing Eltarian clothes. "Eve..Aquatina? Seamus! How!?" "I told you I'd be with you guys in the final battle, and I keep my promises." "We'd be honored to fight alongside you once again, old friend." Seamus said, Aquatina saying "Rangers fight together no matter the cause, forever and always." Jake slowly removed the Phantom Legacy Morpher from his left wrist, handing it to his sister. "This belongs to you.." he said, she putting it on. Vanessa tapped Jerome on the shoulder, glancing around at all the assembled teams. "Guys? I think you should give a little speech." The Red and Ghost Rangers glanced at one another. with Wes teleporting to join the Time Force team on another roof, Sentinel Knight and Tommy watching the two Rangers start to speak.

"Fellow Rangers! For over twenty years we've all fought in a long, never ending fight against evil! Ranger teams have come and gone, but the Power has always lived on inside all of us!" said Jerome, calling out to the older warriors. "The Tul'Van Empire wishes to destroy our planet! They out number is with over one thousand soldiers from our histories! But here we stand tall, at one hundred and forty Rangers and allies!" said Jake. "We ask you to join forces with us! To fight by our side and save Earth once again!" yelled Jerome. "Rangers, we wish to preserve the Legacy of you that came before us, and make a better world for those that will come after! WHAT SAY YOU?!" Jake raised his fist into the air, the Ranger teams yelling their responses with raised fists, Tommy clapping a hand onto Jerome's back, saying "Lead your team with courage, Red Ranger. Fight together and we will win." Tommy then teleported beside the original team, his friends who fought against Rita, Zedd, and many monsters. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Jason Lee Scott asked, smiling at those gathered. All the Ranger prepared themselves for one final battle, Karone looking at her Galaxy Transmorpher and speaking softly "Thank you for letting me fight, Kendrix." Emily and Mike looked down to their successors, she saying "Ready to help them out again?" "Please, like they'd let us miss this!" Mike said with a grin.

Jason reached behind him, yelling out "It's Morphin Time!" "Dragonzord!" "Mastadon!" "Pterodactyl!" "Triceratops!" "Saber-Tooth Tiger!" "Tyrannosaurus!" Prince Dex called out "Ectophase, Activate!" Adam Park gave the Zeo team a nod, summoning their Zeonizers and yelling out "It's Morphin Time!" "Zeo Ranger One: Pink!" "Zeo Ranger Two: Yellow! Zeo Ranger Three: Blue! Zeo Ranger Four: Green!" "Gold Ranger of Triforia!" "Auric the Conqueror!" "Shift into Turbo!" "Let's Rocket!" "Go, Galactic!" "Magna Power!" "Lightspeed! Rescue!" "Titanium Power!" "Time for, Time Force!" "Quantum Power!" "Wild Access!" "Ninja Storm, Thunder Storm, Samurai Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!" "Dino Thunder, Power up! Ha!" "White Ranger, Dino Power!" "SPD, Emergency!" "Magical Source, Mystic Force! "Overdrive, Accelerate!" "Sentinel Knight!""Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!" "RPM, Get in Gear!" "Go Go Samurai!"

The veteran Rangers, as well as the two mystery teams all leaped down off the rooftops to land in front of the massive army. Jerome glanced to his friends, yelling "Ready?!" "Ready!" They all answered in return, all Six Legacy Rangers, Aquatina and Seamus spinning the watch faces as Eve hit the main button of her own Morpher, "Legacy Power, Activate!" "Proto Power!" The nine transformed, joining the Rangers on the ground as they went through a team roll call. "Mighty Morphin!" "Zeo!" "Turbo!" "Space!" "Lost Galaxy!" "Lightspeed Rescue!" "Time Force!" "Wild Force!" "Ninja Storm!" "Dino Thunder!" "SPD!" "Mystic Force!" "Operation Overdrive!" "Jungle Fury!" "RPM!" "Samurai!" "Megaforce!" "Dino Charge!" "Legacy!" Explosions of multiple colors went off behind them, Emperor Tul'Van and his Royal Guards crashed down in front of the massive army. "Rangers, it ends here!" Tul'Van roared. "You're right, it does end here, for you!" Legacy Red declared, Ghost yelling at the top of his lungs "FOR THE LEGACY!!!!" The gathered Rangers let out a roar as the two sides charged each other, with Blue Water, Blue Sky playing in the background, both sides crashing into each other.

Legacy Red charged into a group of Nokbots with his Red Legacy Saber, witnessing Mighty Morphin Red slamming a fist into a puttie patroller, slashing another with his Power Sword, while Lightspeed Red blasted at the Batlings with his Rescue Blaster, while ordering "Chad, Dana! Help the new guys!" Lightspeed Blue and Pink took out their Rescue Blaster Batons, rushing over to Legacy Blue and Pink who were surrounded by Quantrons and Tryannodrones, smacking them away as the two Legacy Rangers windmill kicked the rest to the ground. "Thanks, guys!" said Legacy Pink, Lightspeed Pink giving her a thumbs up, saying "Anytime!"

Mighty Morphin Green ran forward with the Dragon Dagger, placing a hand onto Mighty Morphin Black's back to lend him the Dragon Shield. In a flash of light, the Green Ranger turned into Mighty Morphin White, bringing out Saba and jumping into the air, bringing the sword down on a group of Hidiacs that Wolf Warrior had been fighting, the two giving each other a nod before going back to the battle.

"Hey guys, let's show them what it means to fight at Turbo speed!" Turbo Blue called out, the five Turbo Rangers, Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger all ran forward in a blur with their weapons out slashing, shooting, and punching multiple Pirahanatrons, the mooks exploding when the seven of them appeared on the opposite side.

Legacy Green and RPM Green had stood side by side, Stingray Katana and Turbo Axe in hand. "So uh, do you think we can impress chicks with this?" asked RPM Green. "Never thought about that, but it's a good idea!" The two ran forward to a group of Grinders and Nokbots, both tripping and swinging their weapons wildly, amazingly taking the enemies out.

The war raged on, Wild Force and Time Force teaming up as they had before to take on a few Royal Guards, both teams using their combined weapons to cut and shoot them down. Tommy turned from Mighty Morphin White to Zeo Ranger Five: Red, he and Zeo Green going for a double Zeo Flying Power Kick against another Guard. "You're a good leader, Adam. Keep up the good work" his friend said as he ran over to join the Dino Thunder Team as Dino Thunder Black, the team calling out "Super Dino Mode" with the SPD team yelling "S.W.A.T Mode!" A large group of Cogs and Crybots, the teams taking turns in attacking. Masked Rider and Space Silver teamed up to take out a smaller group of Rinshi, with Galaxy Pink and Space Red charging forward and using their respective weapons on a group of Lava Lizard and Chillers.

"Dynamic Victory Charge!" The Megaforce team had brought their weapons together, shooting off a three symbol blast that sent a large group of Putrids and Cyclobots into dust. "Earth's defenders, never surrender!" the team said in unison, while the Dino Charge team plowed into a group of Stingwingers, taking them out with a large Tyrannosaur energy attack. Eventually, Ghost Ranger and Phantom Legacy Ranger charged at Emperor Tul'Van together, the warrior blocking their attacks and kicking them away as Proto Solar Ranger and Proto Aether Ranger jumped over their friends, nailing the Emperor with kicks to the chest, followed by Mighty Morphin Blue and Alien Ranger Blue going for strikes with the Power Lance and Alien Blue's sword.

"Ghh Luven! Prepare the Megazord, its time we take these pests down for good!" "Tul'Van Megazord launching, your Excellency!" Luven said from the ship, with the Emperor leaping high into the air as the robot was launched, getting into the pilots seat.

"We have to stop that robot!" Legacy Blue yelled. That's when the inside of his helmet was filled with his dad's image. "Zeke, Dad here! I got your Zords recharged, but you'll need to be careful, if they take a beating like last time, there's no telling what'll happen." "Thanks, Dad!""You guys go ahead and take care of Tul'Van! We got ground side covered!"Galaxy Red told them, shooting a fireball at a charging Nokbot. "Eve, Jake, you two wanna ride with us? You're part of the team after all." said Legacy Yellow, the two siblings giving a thumbs up as the seven Legacy Rangers leaped up to their Zords, combining them into the Legacy Megazord.

The thrusters on the Legacy Megazord's legs powered up, flying at the Tul'Van Megazord, the two crashing into each other and trading blows, neither gaining the ground until Tul'Van revealed the same cannon that took them down before, the wings lighting up. "Not this time!" Legacy Red yelled making their robot headbutt the other one, the shot grazing the Megazord, but the impact had caused damage to the Rangers' helmets, the warriors removing them as they kept fighting.

White Mystic Ranger looked up to the sky as the last of the Royal Guards and foot soldiers were defeated. "Everyone, they need our help! Focus everything you have within you!" Every Ranger held their hand up to the sky, turning into light and flying up to the aerial battle. The Legacy Megazord began to glow from the energy the Rangers gave off. "This is just what we needed! Thank you, Rangers!" Ghost Ranger said as Legacy Megazord flew forward, turning into different incarnations as it struck the Tul'Van robot; Dinosaur, Thunder, Zeo, Turbo, Astro, Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Storm, Thundersaurus, Delta Squad, Mystic, Drivemax, Jungle Pride, High Octane, Samurai, and back into the Legacy Megazord as the seven Rangers let out a mighty battle cry, slashing the Tul'Van Megazord repeatedly with its axe, kicking the robot away. On the main Empire ship, Luven let out a cry of 'NO!' as the robot collided, both exploding in an amazing fireball, the Tul'Van Empire was no more.

On the ground, the Veteran Rangers stood before the new team as they prepared to leave, smiling proudly. "The future is in excellent hands, thanks to you," said Jen Scotts, standing beside Wes. "It was an honor to fight beside every single one of you." said Zeke. "The honor was all ours, friend." said T.J. "If you ever need us again, just let us know. We'll come running." Connor said. In an explosion of light, the Veteran Rangers, their allies, and Sentinel Knight vanished. Eve, Aquatina, and Seamus all approached Jake, putting their hands over his Morpher, the male saying "The curse of the Ghost Ranger is over." said Morpher glowed, falling off his wrist and into his other hand, looking up as the the two Proto Rangers walked away, Eve hugging him and handing back to her brother the Phantom Legacy Morpher. "We'll be watching over you, Brother." she said as she turned to look to her allies, smiling. "Take care of each other, and keep the world safe." Eve then walked over to her two allies, the three of them vanishing.

"It's over.." said Zeke, falling to his knees and starting to laugh. "What do we do now?" asked Vanessa, looking around at the destruction, Diane side hugging her. "We rebuild, and we move on." "Will Crystal Harbor still need us?" asked Spike, unsure. "It all depends on the situation" said T.K, joining them. "As long as the world needs help from those that wish to harm innocents? We'll always be needed." said Jerome, the six of them looking into the sky as the sun started to rise over the city.

A few weeks later, there was a knock at Jake's apartment, he opening the door to see Diane, who smiled. "Hey, I was wanting to ask if you'd like to join us all for a Christmas party at the Garage." After the war had ended, they worked hard on rebuilding their head quarters, repairing the Legacy Cycles and making it look pretty. Jake hesitated for a moment, before hugging her tightly. "About what you said at the final battle." "I-It was the heat of the moment, I was scared, we were losing and-" Jake leaned in to kiss her lips gently, her eyes widening and cheeks turning pink. "I love you too, Diane. I'd be honored to join you at the party." Grabbing his jacket, the two headed out, laughing.

-The End-

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