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Default Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi. I saw a link in a Yahoo group and joined. I was a member years ago (forgot username). I also have a forum of my own (link in profile). Ilove to keep track of the weather and the latest in wrestling and gaming,
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Default Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is John and I'm an aspiring writer and an RPer (para on the forums; script-style through instant messaging). Currently I'm trying to find a long term partner in RPing (will soon post details about it) and starting to watch Kamen Rider X. I enjoy reading, watching sports, playing video games, and watching films.
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Default Re: Introduce Yourself!

That's cool I like playing Video games, watching movies, and reading too.

I'm also something of an aspiring writer myself, I also want to learn how to make video games, I can make graphics but only on an 8 bit level, and I'm still trying to figure out visual basic, and C++

I never Role Played before but that's mostly because I don't know how.
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Cool Re: Introduce Yourself!

good evening Go Gos

Neil Burns is the name and I go by Neiltox. I am a 42-year-old
male warehouse worker who has watched the Rangers off and
on since they came on back in 1992. I like writing, theater,
sci fi, anime and photography. I hope to contribute often. until
then, (with apologies to Ron Burgundy) Stay classy Go Gos.
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Default Re: Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the board Neil.
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