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Default Generator Rex

Okay I did a search, and didn't see a thread for this so I thought "why not".

So who else saw it last night, and what did you think?

Me I like it so far, I thought the weapons, and things he could grow from his body were cool, I liked Bobo Haha, and Agent Six, and I liked how creepy the bad guys looked.

I'll admit I like how even though they're supposed to be the "good guys" there's something seemingly sinister about Providence like maybe they themselves had a hand in causing the explosion that released the nanites in the first place.

It's like with Van Kleiss as creepy, and evil as he is you get the feeling he may be right about a few things, that and I'm just gonna say it right here right now I think Van Kleiss is Rex's dad or at least his uncle or something.

Anyway yeah I liked it, and I want to see how it all turns out.
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