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Default Fan Fic Idea:Sailor Moon And The Sailor Soldiers

The Sailor Soldiers ( Matdrsrs, Jupiters, and Mercury) protect Tokoyo from the evik forces of the negaverse. A young niave girl named Usagi is discovered to be Sailor Moon..But she seems to be bumbling and not as powerful as the others.

Sailor Moon

A Young Niave Girl who discovers she is Sailor Moon. She is very ckutz and gets distractrd. Mars doesn't think she is worthy of being a Soldier and pushes her hard. Usagi has a very strong carrying side. She wants to get to know the Soldiers personally. Even though Mars forbids them to even know each other's secret idenities..

Sailor Mars

The defacto leader of the Sailor Soldiers. She is very strict and dedicated. She refuses to let the girls become friends or even know each other's civilian id eities. She rides Moon hard and doesn't believe she is worthy of being a Sailor Soldier. Rei is a.temple priestess that has strong preconition powers and can ward off evil spirits.

More to come....
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