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Default Re: Power Ranger Empire

While it sucks what happened, and I'm not happy about at all, I decided to try something different.

I brought back the PRE from just before I killed it in 2007. Avatars, sig banners, PRE skins with their banners, posts, threads, users, etc are all still there. What you will be seeing is the PRE that was thought lost in time. Honestly, it's pretty much like PRE never left.

However before I re-open it I've had to make some fairly minor changes to adjust with the change in time. Some of the forums have been archived. However ALL of their content is still there. They were archived because their content is no longer relevant and in some cases contain a lot of dead links.

After looking at what was originally planned, I've decided to make the Power Ranger and Sentai sections much larger. They each will now gain their own areas. You'll see what I mean when I re-open it. But Sentais role will now be equal to Power Rangers on PRE.

If you were a member of PRE before you can sign in with your old info. I would however suggest re-setting your password. If your email addy has changed, let me know through PM on here what it is and what your old username is. I'll change it so you can reset your password.

This is using the old VBulletin 3 (RC uses VB4). I'd like to go back to IPB 4, however after this last incident I don't know that that will ever happen or happen anytime soon. However I will now give a choice to the members. Keep the forum as it is, or upgrade to VBulletin 5. But more will be given on that later.

Even after I re-open PRE I will still be adjusting stuff. But there is NOTHING being done that will affect your user experience on PRE drastically and nothing that will cause a shutdown. Honestly, if it means keeping things as they are forever, so be it. I'm just as tired, if not more so of all of the headaches caused by any sort of downtime.

Long story short, when I re-open PRE prepare to be surprised a bit. It will be open likely within just a few short hours as I finish tweaking some of the content to bring it to modern times. Prepare to be surprised.

Some of you were upset the new PRE had fewer forums. You will be happy to know then I am keeping most all of the forums the old PRE had and just adjusting things to modern times and actually expanding the number of forums based off the old PRE content.

Oh yeah, and feel free to bump old threads you're interested in when it re-opens.
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