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Originally Posted by ShadowForceBlue View Post
Does anyone remember in Zeo when king mondo got that new armor for the monsters and Zordon said that they would be even more powerful so Jason used the golden power staff to bring the super zeo gem's to bring the super zeo zords to life do you think that they gave the Zeo power a boost?
Originally Posted by MiChaos View Post
I think the Super Zeo Gems gave the powers a slight boost, but except for calling the Zords, no-one ever mentioned what the Super Zeo Gems were actually for or where they came from. I wonder if anyone could actually morph with those gems? Imagine it, Power Rangers Super Zeo....
Yes, I do remember the Gems but Zordon never said anything in regards to the Gems or Mondo's monsters in those episodes in regards to their newfound extra strength.

Trey just said that the Gems had been in their care for over a millennium, waiting to be returned to its rightful owners.
Zordon referred to them as the Super Zeo Gems, saying he was certain they were lost forever.

Originally Posted by BT20 View Post
i think the Super gems turned N2 the Super Z Zords. & I think that when they stopped using the older zeo zords for a while it was so they could be boosted to deal with the new armor. also i think the super zords slaughtered all of the robots with the armor cause if i recall correctly, that neoplating armor or whatever it was called was not mentioned again. does any1 no if that is a correct though?

also do u remeber that billy said he needed a component so the Super Zeo MZ could be formed, he needed something from the old zords that were dismantled. what group of zords was it from? i thought at the time the ep first aired he ment the older zeo zords, but after they used them again i thought he ment the ninja or shogun zords. but mayB he ment the thunder zord remains or the dino zords or mayB dragon zord titanus & tor. i think that now cause i kinda remember they showed tommy's face when billy said that & i think he had a sad look on his face. but i haven't seen zeo since the last time it was on so i cant remeber 4 sure.
Originally Posted by MiChaos View Post
OK, Mondo gave the monsters neo-plutonium. He had this stuff mined from somewhere and used it on some fully-grown monsters (Drillmaster, Silo, and others I cannot remember at present). The extra component, a power booster, was from some fleet of Zords Billy dismantled and sent for recycling - I would guess this refered to the destroyed Thunderzords/Dinozords, as the other Zords were still functioning, just dormant ("gone" as Tommy put it in A Zeo Beginning, Part II The Super Zeo Gems (IMO) didn't turn into the Zords, but the Zords were merely formed from them. The Zeo Megazord wasn't used for a few battles as the Rangers (IMO) felt their new Zords were more adequate for the battles in question.
Originally Posted by go galactic View Post
the super zeo gems were just a key to activating super zeo zord IMO
Indeed, the Gems were just apparently the required key. Trey told Jason to use the power from his Staff to bring the jewels to life. Based on that, it could mean anything. The Gems themselves were just used to summon the Super Zeozords or it could mean the Gems had turned into the Super Zeozords.
I do not believe the Gems themselves had anything to do with giving the Rangers, their Zeozords or the Battlezord a power boost though.

However I do think the Gems did turn into the Super Zeozords themselves because after Jason used his Staff to bring the Gems to life, Alpha made it clear that the "Super Zeozords are forming" and he was clearly referring to the Gems themselves.

Also King Mondo referred to the Super Zeozords as being "brought to Earth."

The Neo Plutonium Armor had been fitted on various old monsters but the only old ones that had went down to do battle in the episode in which the Super Zeozords debuted in are Silo, Hose Head, Mechanizer and Drill Master.

Billy explains that they've got one problem with the (Super Zeo) Megazord unit explaining that it still needs 1 more part to work at its maximum effiency.
He explains how it's a Power Booster from 1 of the old zords, explaining how he dismantled some of the pieces and sent them to the Angel Grove Junkyard for recycling.
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