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Zedd had to take it to get escape from the machine empire maybe he put back there before countdown to destruction
maybe he hitch a ride back to earth
because he is the most experience
technically they switch out the zeo power with the turbo and there was still available most likely lightning cruiser gave tj his powers back like mountaain blaster did with justin how Jason got his not sure
probaly it is hard to destroy since it was given by a god
possibily they were not near the wave of energy from Zordon
tj retired from being the blue space ranger after the teamup with the galaxy rangers because the space rangers wern't needed so that when he ask to go back to the red turbo ranger
his actor couldn't be reached
they stand out from the others they are the oneswho carry the team
Alpha was built so the rangers could get some help
like Rocky's actor the couldn't get him
it seems all the ranger teams seem to be in contact with each other and they all told of their adventures as rangers like when they got back to earth the rangers knew about tj being cook in that pizza
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