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Originally Posted by Mad Dragon View Post
I guess watching the first episode of Zeo and reading 3sentence descriptions of an episode isn't sufficient enough anymore aye? lol. I need to get around to finding some of these DVD's when they come out. =P To be honest, I just saw them run out of the moon palace. And then the next point of PR I saw was the Turbo Movie. Heh.
Indeed, they ran out of the palace however then they had to discuss where to go because Serpentera had limited energy which is when Rita called her Father.

There was a behind the scenes reason for Jason being cocky? And even so, If it wasn't shown on TV, You and me know nothing about it unless we know of that reason. We would need a more indepth description as to what Jason has done over the past few years that could have possible made him this confident. Jason wasn't Cocky in PRT:TM, so it must have happened sometime after then.
Actually I do know of it since I've read all kinds of topics relating to "Forever Red." Basically it's a side effect of Jason and Tommy growing apart because they both read an online slash Fanfic about them or some such like that. It's been years since I saw it so I don't recall if it was a Fanfiction about them actually being together or not.

Maybe the Sword of Light? There were two sets of each colour when Jason, Trini & Zack left and they didn't demorph once the power was transferred. We could maybe assume that Jason's Power Coin didn't have any side effects from the Orb of Doom and he was still able to use it? He never mentioned it in Zeo though... Or Turbo. So I'm not sure.
Indeed... that could be possible. Or we could use Zordon's death as the excuse. I mean look at how often he could recharge Tommy's Green powers.

*Checks Rangercentral*

Animus????? It's a Power Ranger's Motorcycle. Of course its going to go through anything. =P
Indeed, Animus. He's a God so of course anything he gives is going to be overly-powerful.

Sorry If I explained that wrong. That's what I meant. Maybe the Z-Wave itself activated them. It could be Anything. Maybe some Idiot from Terra Venture hit a button in the Lost Galaxy Somewhere and it activated them... the range of possibilities is endless. lol.
Indeed or perhaps they were just watching over the places that King Mondo had already conquered and therefore Zordon didn't consider them to be an active threat. I mean look at Serpentera. It was a zord that he could have destroyed but he didn't consider it an active threat so he left it alone.

Well... Another Reason is maybe that the Turbo Powers were never actually established as a power that was weaker then the Space Powers. Andros and TJ from the episode looked like they hadn't seen eachother in years. Andros probably didn't even bring his morpher which had probably been in confinement in the Mega-ship since the Galaxy Team-Up. Where they went after the Megaship was destroyed though, I have no clue.
Not likely. The first Megaship was destroyed during Lost Galaxy... and the Space Rangers left Terra Ventures in their Ranger suits.
Also Megaship Mark II was implied to be just made on KO-35.

However we definitely don't know which powers are the strongest.

I guess its just a case of putting a ranger to a face. when I say MMPR Red Ranger, Most people don't think of Rocky. They think of Jason (I would assume anyway). Having 2 MMPR Red Rangers there would have been silly.
Very true plus there's no way to tell the difference between the MMPR Red suits because they're exactly the same.

And to be brutally honest, when we ask questions like this that we all know no-one has no real answers for and the only way we can fill these holes in is through our own imaginations and facts from previous series', we can't really throw in the fact that "He was written into the episode". That's more suited for a question such as why wasn't Steve Cardenas in the Episode
Indeed but we know why Steve wasn't in the episode. They couldn't reach him. He had agreed to come back for the ep but he was moving at the time and he forgot to give them updated contact info for his new address.

From what I've seen and heard of TF (I know.... I haven't watched much PR at all), Wes wasn't a leader at the start, but by the end he was. Jen was still more knowledgeable about time and whatnot, but Wes was up top by the end. Aurico was just there because he was. He was put at the end of the line-up which to me implied that he probably wasn't planned to be there but rather, they just put him there cause he was red.
Correct with Time Force. Aurico was planned to be there, they just likely tacked him on at the end because his actor was unavailable otherwise they likely would have placed him in between Jason and Tommy.

I.......... knew that.... >.< I was just testing? Haha. Jks... I fail at this....

On the Building of a new one, I took at a look at Wikipedia: I doubt even the most intelligent human could do that. Andros, being the space traveller that he is, probably went to Edenoi in between Galaxy and Wild Force and got a new one built. His continued absence even after Forever Red leads me to believe that the Astro Megaship Mark II was his home and he likely traveled with Andros
You never know. I mean look at Billy. He constructed the Zeozords and he assisted the Alien Rangers in designing and creating the Red Battlezords.

About half way into writing this post.... I found this... Which works perfectly with this question:

Found it on the Power Rangers Wiki

So really... There was supposedly a setup for a prequel team-up with Time Force and MMPR possibly? showing how they got all their powers back. That's supposedly why he knew them.
Definitely sounded like it when I read it. and that whole post took you a whole hour to type? WOW.
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