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Hmm... I'll have a go..

1. I always believed that the moon was where Zedd hid Serpentera the whole time. At the start fo Zeo, Rita, Zedd & Co. Rushed out of their quite fast. He either didn't get time to move it, or didn't want to use it considering its low battery life then.

2. The best idea I have heard yet is the Mirinoi Wormholes. Nearly everything was destroyed on Terra Venture, Surely they would have needed to have return flights and whatnot between Earth and Mirinoi.

3. Eh. He's was the original Red Ranger.. He's allowed to be cocky =P

4. Apparently, its solved by a PR Comic, I can't remember the specifics, but its brought up on nearly every FR Topic. Something about Zedd creating an evil morpher or something and Jason stealing it. I'm not sure, I haven't read anything about ti for along while. Tommy's Zeo Crystal never actually went inactive. And T.J most likely got his powers from Lightning Cruiser. Just like Justin got his powers from Storm Blaster in PRIS

5. He went through the middle of it. Basically destroyed its insides I guess.

6. Maybe they weren't active yet. Something could've been a catalyst for their activation?

7. It's not that he couldn't have been the Blue Space Ranger. It was Forever Red so he need to be a Red Ranger for Storyline's Sake.

8. We haven't seen him since he hurt his Back in Turbo. Maybe, he became paralyzed.

9. They were up against Serpentera. My best guess is that as it such an important meeting with the fate of the world at stake, they didn't just want any rangers, they needed the leaders, who had shown leadership throughout their respective teams. The only person I have a problem with in this situation is Aurico.

10. As far as I remember, Eltar built Alphas. I assume it's no different with Alpha 7.

11. The moon is pretty dry, and I'm not sure if they could survive without Water on the condition that they were in their suits.

12. I don't remember him specifically saying that he knew Wes & Eric... Did he? I remember him just walking past the line of them and telling how he knew certain people more then others. And hell... They travel through time. They could've seen him somewhere else. Not to mention, he's probably seen them on the Television and whatnot over the years.
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