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Default Forever Red

I wanted to bring this topic up as well as some questions in relation to it.

How did Serpentera end up on the moon and why is it small?
How did Bulk get back to Earth?
How did Jason get so cocky?
How did Jason,Tommy and T.J. use their powers?
How was Cole's Wild Force Rider able to destroy Serpentera?
How did the Machine Empire Generals escape the Z-Wave?
How did T.J. go from being the Blue Space Ranger back to the Red Turbo Ranger?
Where was Rocky, the second Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger?
Why were Red Rangers only chosen for this mission?
Who built Alpha 7 and where did he come from?
Why didn't Aurico unmorph?
How did Jason know Wes and Eric?

I do have my own thoughts in regard to most of these questions but I want to see what everyone else has to say about it first.
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