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i think the Super gems turned N2 the Super Z Zords. & I think that when they stopped using the older zeo zords for a while it was so they could be boosted to deal with the new armor. also i think the super zords slaughtered all of the robots with the armor cause if i recall correctly, that neoplating armor or whatever it was called was not mentioned again. does any1 no if that is a correct though?

also do u remeber that billy said he needed a component so the Super Zeo MZ could be formed, he needed something from the old zords that were dismantled. what group of zords was it from? i thought at the time the ep first aired he ment the older zeo zords, but after they used them again i thought he ment the ninja or shogun zords. but mayB he ment the thunder zord remains or the dino zords or mayB dragon zord titanus & tor. i think that now cause i kinda remember they showed tommy's face when billy said that & i think he had a sad look on his face. but i haven't seen zeo since the last time it was on so i cant remeber 4 sure.
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