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Default Re: Rumored Rangers That MIGHT be returning next year

Originally Posted by MattEmily View Post
it's not Saban who decides on the union actors who come back or don't generally it's the Executive Producer who asks around and it falls on the actor then to decide if they want to do it or not.

Basically anyone from MMPR-Wild Force would be union. There's a few Disney Rangers who became union later on due to starring in certain shows like a few from RPM for example and I think Dino Thunder's Emma and S.P.D's Brandon are also union.

that's not too much of a shock
I know Saban can't decide on the union actors who come back. What I said I only meant it in a way so that Saban has a list of the union cast members who can and can't come back as a reference. He would only try to get the ones who can, but would skip those who can't. I know the union stuff has some rules that need to be followed, but that shouldn't stop Saban from having a "reference"-type of list. If that means that no-one who has the union membership can come back (or a very little number of cast members), than Saban can only do what is in his power to make the show go on.

Originally Posted by Nadiera Rocks View Post
Erin Cahill is not a true fan if she allows the union to come between her and PR.
Originally Posted by Massive Ego View Post
You're right. She isn't a fan. She is a professional actress and has a career to think about. Whether she likes PR or not is redundant.
That's right. Even if she would like to come back (and I'm sure she does want to), she can't. She has to do what she needs to do and that's her priorities. She has to think about her and her family, because if she looses the membership, she looses at least a part of her incomes.
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