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MattEmily 04/22/12 01:47 PM

A Suit Actor's Take
Here's something interesting that I saw on RangerCrew

I have to warn you ahead of time that I edited the quote just to include the main parts of the story that relate to the Power Rangers series however the article that RangerCrew linked to features more swear words so read it at your own risk.


Okay, you asked for it. Here's one of my stunt jobs as a villain on second season of Power Rangers.

Guess which one I am. Hint: "Your power now belongs to Lord Zed."

At 4:39 I almost died.

They said "Run until you see the edge of the cliff, then stop." But I had Putties flipping all around me and only a two inch eye hole to see out of and it was down by my navel. See the edge of a cliff as I run? Not likely. Fun times. During that Spring I played Stag Beetle, Invenusable Fly Trap and Octophantom. All bad-to-the bone villains. Even posed for Stag Beetle's action figure which I still have Mint In Box.

I would come home to find phone messages from my roommate like "John called, he needs you to destroy the Power Rangers tomorrow."

The gig ended when I said no to getting high with John one night after work. I was young and he was NOT, and I never heard from The Power Rangers again.

As Octophantom I stole the Green Power Ranger's powers. It was at the height of the show's worldwide popularity and it was "THE" storyline. Kind of a big coup for me. To be feared and hated by children everywhere.

mbozzo 05/08/12 02:05 PM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take
All these Power Rangers villains and we don't know his real name. the guy who wrote this post forgot to give us his name. :mad:

MattEmily 05/08/12 08:39 PM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take
Indeed but the name was linked to in the RangerCrew thread. The person who at least told the story, not necessarily the person that wrote the story although it's possible the lady wrote the story herself as well.

MattEmily 12/20/17 05:17 PM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take
It's nice to know that we found out the identity of the suit actor who did Stag Beetle, Invenusable Flytrap and Octophantom likely all of them being their debut eps well Flytrap would have to be the debut ep since it didn't come back much.

Calamity Kimberly 12/20/17 08:16 PM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take
Thats very interesting.

Doomsday 12/20/17 08:22 PM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take
Too bad Rangercrew closed its vbulletin and started over. This thread is interesting though.

MattEmily 09/20/20 03:31 AM

Re: A Suit Actor's Take

Originally Posted by Doomsday (Post 70879)
Too bad Rangercrew closed its vbulletin and started over. This thread is interesting though.

Yup that is unfortunate since the link to their article no longer works and the odds of finding it through an archival would be very slim since those sources donít do well with archiving message boards

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