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Pink DinoCharge Ranger 07/05/15 03:24 PM

Disney Paradise
For any Disney Channel fans me and Hailey has been working to bring a new site, this one of a full blown rp site and i really want this time to not fail so plz help us give the site life. http://s13.zifboards.com/Disney_Paradise/index.php

PRangerX 07/07/15 05:42 PM

Re: Disney Paradise
Good luck!

Ranger Green 07/07/15 07:03 PM

Re: Disney Paradise
rp site.. not a big fan of them

i thought it was about Disney shows and movies like Girl Meets World and Frozen. don't badmouth Girl Meets World. i like it. it's a sequel to Boy Meets World you know yeah, Cory and Topanga are now parents to Riley and Auggie

Pink DinoCharge Ranger 07/08/15 12:24 AM

Re: Disney Paradise
actually i am a fan of Girl Meets World too

Ranger Green 07/08/15 10:17 AM

Re: Disney Paradise
Awesome :D

good thing about Disney Channel is- no commercials. although only shows promos of anything from Disney

Pink DinoCharge Ranger 07/09/15 02:24 PM

Re: Disney Paradise
can someone close or delete this one i think it was a bad idea

PRangerX 07/10/15 08:08 AM

Re: Disney Paradise
Topic closed

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