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Pink DinoCharge Ranger 05/31/15 10:14 PM

Ranger Talk
Ranger Talk is working on reviving but needs your help and support to do so, so come and join us and get involved, we encourage all true PR fans to help bring the site back to its popular ways it use to be long ago. We hope to even get the roleplay section back up once activity starts to grow again, so if your interested come join the fun http://www.rangertalk.com/forum.php

mbozzo 08/17/15 09:58 PM

Re: Ranger Talk
I just check it out. I might join it sometime in the future. :cool:

PRangerX 11/04/15 11:12 PM

Re: Ranger Talk
Rangertalk was shut down but I recently have bought the domain from the owner and it now leads to PRO.

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