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PRangerX 03/09/08 10:21 AM

Should Power Rangers attempt continuing casts?
I think Power Ranger's formula has become too stale and predictable. They have been following the Sentai route for years now. And many seasons since LR have heavily slaved to the Sentai in a lot of ways. NS and DT did try to be orginal in a lot of ways, especially DT.

I think PR needs to regain its sense of innovation. They need to stop adapting themselves to the Sentai Footage. Instead they should adapt the Sentai footage to their own story. Look at how they were able to tell their own story from MMPR-Lost Galaxy. MMPR season 1 is nothing like Zuyranger. Look at Megaranger and Lost Galaxy. Two Sentai's that aren't space series. Yet they were able to make them about Ranger's in Space. Megaranger at least had some space visuals, Gingamen wasn't set in space at all.

You can tell that NS and DT tried to be innovative. And they were, but I think we should take it even a step father.

I think its time they start going with continuing casts. Why do they have to reset every year? Because the Sentai does it? Thats not neccessarly what PR is. Why not try to do something innovative and keep a Ranger team around for a few seasons. You just have to make the power changes make sense. Which you could if you tell your own story and not slave to the Sentai. I'd like to see them commit to telling a three to five year story. Now I know long term planning is not what PR does. But I am saying plan on doing a three year arch and adapting to things as they go.

NS and DT would have been great series to do this. Unfortinaly NS has the crutch of the Rangers being part of that Ninja School. If they were just regular teens that were recruited to stop Lothor, it would make more sense. DT would actually be perfect for cast continuation. Since they were regular teens in high school. Its more beleivable that they would be able to take tottally unrelated powers. You'd probably have to think outside of the box to adapt Dekaranger to this concept. But it didn't stop old school pr from doing this.

But thats all in the past, as obviously those seasons weren't continued. But there is no reason why they can't take a PR season and start a new continuing arch. Set the Rangers back in High School. That opens up the possibility to do some interesting character stuff. And to tell stories that kids can really relate too.

Poweranimals 03/09/08 03:23 PM

I haven't read your thread, but yes. It should. Things have become stuck in a cycle that will repeat itself year after year. People get sick of the same cast after a while, but I'm starting to get sick of new cast every year. How many Power Rangers have there been now? Probably over 100. It's not as special anymore.

PrimoPiccolo 03/11/08 05:21 PM

Aside from Jackie, I barely trust the staff to tell a cohesive story through one season, let alone link multiple seasons together. While there are definitely casts I'd have preferred to see continue, I enjoy the renewed feeling of watching the same show with a different twist every year. It sucks as far as character development goes, but if I had to sacrifice RJ to get more Hartford, things wouldn't be nearly as much fun as they used to.

red timeforce ranger 03/22/08 01:39 PM

i like see new casts in new pr series every year

Kamen Rider Decade 04/04/08 08:17 AM

With the casts we have been getting of late hell fucking no they should not attempt continuing casts.

Get decent casts like we had in MMPR, Space, TF, then fuck yeah give us continuing casts.

RangerKing 04/06/08 12:06 PM

I would try and continue some select characters rather than continue full casts. For example continuing a mentor for a few seasons.

randy319 05/28/08 09:38 PM

Continuing casts like seasons 1-6 would bring a lot more storylines as well as character development people have talked about.

RangerKing 05/28/08 10:57 PM

Convince any show that practically reinvents itself each year that you should pay people to stay on a show for multiple years.

PowerOnyx 05/28/08 11:20 PM

Disney can't do the series for 1 year without screwing everything completely up. Do you really want them to write a continuing story arc when they themselves can't fill their own plotholes?

If this was Saban I would say Yes. Disney however, Can't keep from dropping the ball on one series.


PrimoPiccolo 05/29/08 04:50 AM

Let's remember, people, DISNEY told Kalish to make S.P.D. more episodic than he originally set out to do. If they don't want one season linking itself together, why would they want multiple seasons to do that same thing?

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