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Power Rangers Online is your source for Power Rangers news and info.  The Power Rangers Franchise has a rich history that has inspired many sites like PRO. Power Rangers Online includes a databaseepisode guide, behind the scenes info,  a forumlinks, and more.  If you need to contact the webmaster , do so   here.

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MMPR Reboot Film Pushed Back

Lionsgate has pushed back the Release date of the new Power Rangers Reboot to January 13, 2017 from the original June 22, 2015 release date. Which takes it out of the busy summer movie season but also gives more time for production. The announcement comes just a few weeks after Dean Israelite was reportedly chosen to direct the film. With Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz set to write. Haim Saban is producing the film and continues to own the property.

Go to Superhero Hype for their story on the matter.

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MMPR Reboot Film Finds Director

Lionsgate has hired Dean Israelite to direct the upcoming MMPR Reboot movie, according to variety. Israelite got the job after a long search that included some name directors. Israelite is said to have blown Lionsgate away with his pitch. Which is why he got the job despite not having a lot of blockbuster film experience.

Israelite recently directed Project Almanac, a feature film that debuted earlier this year. Power Rangers the movie is going to be written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz . And will come out in 2016. The film is a reboot of the original series created and owned by Haim Saban.

Go to the Variety Article on the hiring.

Dark MMPR Fan Film

A dark and gritty MMPR fan film has been released online by producer Adi Shankar (known for "Dredd" and "A Walk Among the Tombstones") and director Joseph Khan. The film is a dark and gritty short based on what would happen when the MMPR characters grew up. The film stars Katie Slackhoff (Battlestar Galactica ) as Kimberly Hart and James Van Der Beek (Daweson's Creek, CSI:Cyber) Rocky DeSantos.

The film deals with the ramifications of a machine empire controlled world. Primarily focusing on the interrogation of Kimberly by turncoat Rocky . Featuring flash backs to the fate of some of the other Rangers and more.

The Film has no affiliation with Saban Brands and Lionsgate. It is not made for profit of any kind and is just a one time short.

Go to Youtube to watch the fan film

Richard Medina Jr Updates

Nothing really knew has broken in the Medina case. He is still released pending an official investigation. There has been a lot of talk that this may have been self defense or an unfortunate accident. Givening that charges haven't been filed yet and Medina is free before even appearing in court, it seems that this is far from an open and shut murder case. So its not fair to drag Medina's name in the mud here. The real tragedy is that Joshua Sutter is dead for whatever led to it. Only time will tell why but only time will tell on this tragady.

Medina was originally arrested after the stabbing death of roommate Joshua Sutter. He was released shortly after since the DA wanted futher investigation. Friends of Medina have contested that the whole thing was an unfortunate accident. The actor did stay to tend to the victim and call 911. Sutter was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The two had gotten in an argument that resulted in Medina retreating to his room with his girlfriend. Suitor tried to force his way through the door and was stabbed by the sword in Medina's hand on his way through. An alternate account from Suitor's sister claims that he didn't try and force his way through the door.

Richard Medina Jr Arrested For Charges of Murder

Update: Richard Medina has been released from jail due to the DA requesting further investigation in the stabbing death of his roommate. Friends of Medina have claimed that he stabbed his roommate in self defense. This could change the story below if charges are never filed.

Richard Medina Jr has been arrested on the charge of Murder after a fight with his roommate.

According to the story, Medina got in a fight with his roommate that resulted in him retreating to his room with his girlfriend. The roommate tried to bust through the door and Medina stabbed him with a sword.

Medina called 911 due to the roommates injuries. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. TMZ has picked up the story with many other news outlets.

Medina last appeared in Power Rangers Samurai as the villain Deker. He previously portrayed Cole Evans, Wild Force Red Ranger. The veteran Ranger Actor is 36 years old. 

Dino Charge First Episode is Online

Dino Charge's Premiere has been released online on the Nick Website. The episode is titled "Powers from the Past". The episodes features Keeper being pursued by Sledge. Sledge wants the power of the energems. Keeper hides them on Earth. We see two of our heroes Shelby and Tyler retrieve the gems. And a battle ensues with a monster. The episode marks the debut of the twenty second season of the Power Rangers Television Series. The episode officially airs on Nick on February 7, 2015.

First Clip of Dino Charge is released

The first clip from the Dino Charge Premiere has been released on youtube. It features the Keeper and Fury. Keeper has crash landed on prehistoric Earth and is trying to protect the energems. Fury is trying to find him so he can bring the gems to his master Sledge.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Silver Warrior

Lionsgate Entertainment is releasing Power Rangers Super Mega Force: Silver Warrior on Febuary 10, 2015. The release will be available in the DVD and Digital Download formats. It will be available for the suggested retal price of 14.98 in US Dollars. The DVD will be available in stores and other retail outlets.

The Power Rangers team up with the Samurai and Jungle Fury Rangers. As well as a new ally in Orion, the Silver Ranger.

Power Rangers Online is not associated with Power Rangers or Saban Brands in any way. This is just a fan site. Special thanks goes to Ranger Gallery, Jzt451, Rangerplex and the Viewing Globe  for supplying some of the pictures for this site.  Copyright 1999-2001, 2004-2014
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In Power Rangers Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake, and Orion are in for the fight of their lives as they battle their greatest enemies yet - dimension-hopping Professor Cog, Prince Vekar's mighty Armada Megazord, Emperor Mavro and his Royal Guard, and Damaras, the most lethal warrior in the universe! And when Vrak returns, transformed and more powerful than ever, he will turn one of the Power Rangers' most trusted allies against them. The Super Megaforce will never be the same after facing Dark Robo Knight!